We see planet Earth as the camera zooms up and moves closer to the moon. On top of the moon there's a glow. Now we see the glow as a meteor as it got bigger and bigger. Now we see the meteor as a snowy place until a figured appeared. She was a blue woman with white hair and clothing. She must be Princess Snow Kaguya.

"The beautiful planet Earth." Princess Snow Kaguya said. "With the touch of my cold hands, I see an icy future. I shall perfect its beauty, and then it will be all mine!"

Princess Snow Kaguya laughs evilly until she speards her arms and six crystals flew towards into Earth.

On Earth, it was night time and we see the city next to a ocean. Now we see an old restraunt until it shows inside where a window is open and a small telescope. The person looking at it was a teenage diclonius girl with long pink hair, deep reddish-pink eyes, white short horns in her head, and wears a black tank top over a short-sleeved shirt, two blue ribbons in her hair, a black skirt, red slipper and black/gray striped stockings; she's Lucy.

"Hmm. Wonder if I'll see anything interesting tonight." Lucy asked herself. In the telescope, she's sees the meteor. "Hello. What's this?"

The crystals from the meteor were heading to Earth as Lucy examines it. Lucy gasped and backs up. She puts her hand on her head and walks off. The crystals are now separated. Back with Lucy, she runs outside the restraunt but stops and breathes hard as she sees the crystal heading towards a beach.

Later, Lucy is running down towards where the crystal landed.

"Gotta find that object that fell to Earth. I just know it's important." Lucy thought.

She stops running and sees the object. Later, she went on the crash land and looks down. Now we see a red glow with vibrations as Lucy gasped in a amazed. It stop glowing until it revealed a snow crystal.

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!

*I'm waiting for everyone's help

So let's go forward and shout together

Yes! Go! Go! Our feelings are one!

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!

A dreaming flower bud never gives up

Even when it seems she'll fail, she believes and goes

These pure single drops of tears

Like the smiling morning dew

On a newly bloomed rose

Now! A gracefully flying chance

With our cute hearts we'll combine our strong courage

Now you and I will aim for it, because the future is here

We'll try to finally obtain it!

But that's the eternal, indestructible Pretty Cure

**A daredevil full throttle

There are no absolute limits

Yes! Go! Go! Let's go, girls!

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!

If someone steals the hope from your eyes

Even your character will stop being cute

These beautiful single sweatdrops

Something in my body I'll protect forever

A smile that will never fade

Now! The shape and color of freedom

Let's all tie flower buds and make a bouquet hand in hand

Now you and I are connected because we have a wish

So we'll cross a rainbow and send our love!

That must be the Pretty Cure of dreams and hope (repeat)

If you're ever lonely or sad

When we're grateful, quietly

We can reminiscence

You and I both still

Possess an unknown power!

The seeds of dreams are always nearby

Let's fill up our hearts, that's Pretty Cure!

Trapped in a corner full throttle

We'll create a never-failing storm together

Yes! Go! Go! Following our own paths

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! (repeat)

Yes! PreCure 5 GoGo!...

Hearts in Ice

We see bus on a TV screen and we see a classroom full of students and a familiar boy with black hair and eyes, and wears a school collage uniform as a News Reporter reports.

"From the Japanese local university today, the most recent man to be selected as a member of the next trip to America to go see a Space Station to go to the moon is Kohta of Japan. He's been chosen to be part of a select team of scientists. They've been working on a Science project and are making final preparations for their trip to the station and flight to the moon, which is approaching quickly."

Now we see familiar girls watching the TV from a building. It was Nozomi and Erin. Nozomi wore a pink jacket over a white shirt, a pink skirt, black leggings, and red shoes. Erin is wearing a coat over her pink t-shirt with a bubble in the middle, black cargo pants, blet with a heart buckle, and white sneakers with pink, green, and blue patterns. With them is Erin's Shugo Charas, Chestnut, and Sonic.

Nozomi's hand with a tooth pick picks up a chocolate covered hot donut from the box and eats it. Erin is eating too. We see the other girls on the fountain. Rin is wearing a red beret, a red jacket over a purple top, black pants, and brown boots. Urara is wearing a white fuzzy scrunchies in her hair, a yellow dress with a brown jacket and white dress shoes.

Komachi is wearing a green jacket, a purple skirt, black pantyhose, and dress shoes. Karen is wearing a black beret, a blue jacket, a long light blue skirt with pink and white frillies on the bottom, and pink slippers. Kurumi is wearing a red bow, purple short sleeve jacket which is unzipped over a white long sleeve shirt which has a bunny on it, a black-and-white plaid skirt, pink pantyhose, and black boots. With the girls is Amy Rose and Natts.

Nozomi and Erin gasped with smiles

"Way cool! That spaceship's going to the moon with the students!" Erin said.

Nozomi smiled and made heart eyes as she backs up into a corner and we see a space fantasy as a space ship with Nozomi and Coco in space suits. "Oh…I wish I could fly to the Moon with Coco on a spaceship." Nozomi sighed.

"And Tails." Erin sighed.

"You don't even have to fly to the Moon, Nozomi. You're spacey enough. Even Erin is." Sonic said as the fantasy stops and tthe girls' eyes were normal as they look at Sonic. "Yah know, High School is soon coming to an end, and you have to start thinking about your collage entrance exam."

Erin and Nozomi sweatdrop and a dull look as Erin spoke, "Blah, blah! Who are you supposed to be? My conscience fairy? Maybe if you knew something about love, you wouldn't be such a aloof, impaitent, short-tempered, goody-two shoes, stick-in-the-mud."

"Mmm-hmm." Nozomi nodded.

The girls ate their donuts but it was kinda hot so they cool it off by air.

Sonic shrugged and asked, "What's to know?" then Sonic sneezed and his cheecks were red and his face became sweaty. "I'm a hedgehog. Hedgehogs don't fall in love."

Erin noticed Sonic sneezed.

"Oh Sonic, are you sick?" Erin asked.

"I caught a cold yesterday." Sonic answered, sickly then sneezed. "See you later, girls. I'm going to go home."

Amy walked to them to see what's wrong.

"Okay, Sonic." Nozomi nodded.

Sonic was about to walk home until Amy spoke, "I'll walk you home if you like."

"No thank you." Sonic answered.


"You worry too much, Amy. I'm just going home. I'll be all right."

Sonic sighs as he walks off and Amy watches. Sonic goes into the crowd.

The camera sees the sky and goes down on a street as Sonic walks up from a far.

"I can't wait to get home. I feel so weak, and a nice, hot bowl of soup would be nice, too." Sonic sighed.

Sonic stops at a stoplight.

"Hurry and change, light" Sonic said, impaitently.

The light changed to green walking sign. Sonic then looks down and said, "Oh, I'm so dizzy." Sonic said, with his vision blurry. "Not so way pass cool."

Sonic walks into the walking pass until he fell over. He tries to get up but he's too weak. The light turns into red light as Sonic gets up. There was a car noise as Sonic looks up to see a car coming towards him. He screams as the car comes closer until Lucy jumps up and grabs him.

"Gotcha." Lucy called.

Lucy holds Sonic as she rolls over to the street. Lucy got up and breathed hard as Big Nose yelled, "What are you? Crazy?" and drives off.

Lucy breathes hard as Sonic open his eyes and sees Lucy until his eyes closed.

The black scene opens like eyes to see Lucy looking at him.

"So you're awake hedgehog." Lucy smiled.

Sonic is on a bed with a fuzzy blanket on him. Sonic tries to get up a little but Lucy get sup and says, "You shouldn't move. You have a fever." Lucy pets him on his back. "You stay here for the night and rest."

Sonic lays back down as Lucy puts the cover under his chin. Sonic smiles as Lucy pats him on the back lightly. Lucy's hands are in a bowl full of water and ice as she soaks a towel, rinks it, and wipes Sonic's forehead. Sonic enjoyed at he fell asleep.

Now we see the restraunt as a view until we saw the blinds shone from the sun. Sonic woke up and yawned as he gets up. He saw Lucy asleep on the chair with a book in her lap.

Sonic gasped and thought, "I can't believe it!" Lucy is still sleeping. "She sat up all night long just for me?" Sonic then remembers when Lucy saved his life from the car. The flashback ends with him in tears, "She even risked her life for me!"

At Nozomi's house, the girls gathered up with Amy, Chestnut, Erin's charas, and Natts.

"Hey, where's Sonic?" Amy asked.

"You mean he hasn't come home yet?" Erin asked.

"I wonder where she is." Komachi asked.

"She was sick yesterday! I hope she's not all by herself: somewhere in need of food and care!" Kurumi said as Nozomi looks at her.

"I should've walked her home. Poor Sonic." Amy said, concern.

"I'm worried. I sure hope he's okay." Erin asked worried.

"Hey…maybe he's run away from home." Urara told Komachi.

Komachi gasped while Erin is surprised.

"Well, Erin, do you think that's possible?" Karen said.

"Weren't you being mean to him?" Rin asked.

Erin sweatdrop until she got made and yelled, "OOH! Of course not! What are you talking about, Rin?"

"I'll bet you and your big mouth made him leave!" Rin yelled.

"OOH! I'm more mature!" Erin yelled, then stick her tongue at her.

"Get real!" Rin yelled, then stick her tongue at her too.

They stick each other's tongue with sweatdrops and anger.

"Enough fighting!" Amy yelled.

They both stop and stares at Amy with sweatdrops.

"We must look for Sonic! Let's split up!" Amy said.

"Right!" Everyone nodded.

They ran off into different directions.

Back at Lucy's home, Sonic is looking at the things Lucy has in her room; space stuff, fairy tales, and more. He look to his left to see a picture of the moon. Sonic gets up as Lucy comes in with a tray.

"I hope you'll be able to eat something." Lucy asked.

Sonic just sat on the bed as Lucy puts a tray on his lap. It was a glass of milk, chips, and soup. Sonic takes a spoon and eats it.

"You look much better today. Do you like your food?" Lucy asked.

Sonic nodded making Lucy smiled until she heard the bell ring.

"Yes?" Lucy asked. She got up and walks to the door.

Sonic stared but shrugs as he eats and thought, "I was hoping chilidogs but this is better."

"Surprise! It's me!" A male's voice called.

"Kohta! Welcome back!" Lucy smiled.

The male's voice giggled as Sonic heard it and looks up. Lucy comes in the room with the boy from the TV yesterday.

"When did you get in?" Lucy asked.

"I flew in early this morning." Kohta answered.

Kohta stops in front of Sonic and looks at him, "Huh?". Kohta smiled but turns to Lucy. "Have you seen the news about my new…Moon Project?"

"Of course. Congratulations." Lucy said.

Kohta smiled but said, "Is that it?"

"Huh?" Lucy asked.

Kohta shook his head and said, "Nothing."

Kohta then walks to a window as he spoke, "I've been away a long time. What's new with you?"

"Uh, actually, I do have news. I just discovered a new comet." Lucy answered.

"You have?" Kohta asked.

"Yeah, when it was near the moon. I came up with the name Princess Snow Kaguya." Lucy answered.

"So you found it while you were observing the moon? That's funny. I don't recall hearing about it at the news. Are you sure you saw it?" Kohta asked.

"You doubt me? I saw it with my own eyes! I found something that may be a piece of the comet!" Lucy yelled, she takes something from her desk and shows it to Kohta. In the case it was the crystal shape like a snowflake. "It fell from the sky right after I saw it! Check it out!"

"Wow." Kohta said in aw.

Sonic walks to them and looks at them.

"Okay, there's one problem, though. The comet disappeared right away, so my colleagues at school are doubtful of its existence. You believe what I said, don't you?" Lucy asked.

"Uh…" Kohta was confused.

"I'm sure I saw it!" Lucy shouted.

"Well, I'm not sure what to believe." Kohta answered. "You also claimed there was a prince who lived on the moon. You're alone so much when you're studying. Maybe you've lost perspective."

Lucy yelled, "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! Whenever I observe the Moon, I feel some strange but powerful force!"

"You make it so hard to believe you're a well-respected girl." Kohta sighed.

"So you don't believe me then." Lucy yelled.

"Lucy, I believe you're a highly intelligent woman. You've studied Physics, Biology, Medicine, Space Engineering, and other subjects when you attended collage. You'll have various degrees, including a Ph.D. I'll tell you what I find very difficult to believe. Even with your extensive, studing background, you still live by these unscientific stories!" Kohta yelled.

The crystal begins to glow which makes Lucy weak as she holds her head. Sonic notices this until the crystal went dim. Kohta went to Lucy and asked, "What's wrong?"

Lucy pushed him a little and answered, "Sorry. I'm not feeling well at the moment. Look, maybe you better go now."

Kohta was shocked.

"Okay?" Lucy asked.

Kohta is now hurt as his eyes went googly. Sonic looked concern at this.

"Try and understand this, Lucy. I've come all the way home just to spend my one-week holiday with you, and now you're telling me to leave?"

Lucy turns around and said, "I'm sorry."

Kohta was shocked but he got mad and said, "I'll go then."

Kohta then runs off to the door and the other corner. Sonic then looks at Lucy as he walks towards her. Lucy turns around and picks him up.

"I'm such an idiot! Why couldn't I have been happy for her success?" Lucy asked.

Sonic looks sad at him.

"I knew it'd been her lifelong dream to go up in space, and I shot it down!" Lucy said but she didn't know that Kohta is listening and he was shocked. "Anyway, what should I call you?"

"So-… ah" Sonic paused in panic.

Lucy got confused, "Huh?"

"I better be careful not to talk." Sonic said.

Lucy then begins to think of something. "Blue-y? Rocket? Or maybe your name should be Comet? But there's a spike on your head. Let's see…Spikey?"

"Sonic." Lucy spoke.

Sonic smiled and nodded.

"All right! It's Sonic! I guessed the right name!" Lucy smiled.

Sonic nodded and thought, "You got it!"

"Luna is a perfect name for you. You must have a very thoughtful and clever owner to have chosen a name that suits you so well." Lucy said.

Sonic gasped and then thought of Erin and Nozomi who are laughing in a thought bubble.

"Sonic…" Lucy called taking a bowl of starflakes of the tray. "here, try some star flakes."

Sonic nodded and ate some and thought, "Man, I never taste these before. They're delicious."

"Since these are the closest things to a shooting star, I'd like to wish for a Prince to appear someday." Lucy said."I've believed there was a prince on the Moon since I was a child. What do you think, Sonic? Do I sound crazy for thinking there's some mysterious life force on the moon?"

Sonic shook his head in reponse. Kohta is still listening.

"Well, it's nice to know someone believes in me." Lucy said.

Sonic nodded as Kohta looks down sadly. Now we see the view of the ocean outside a window.

"I know I'm a diclonius who goes to school, but the other side of me loves fairy tales. Could it be a combination of my love for fairy tales and my school work that give me such a strong feeling about the moon?" Lucy asked.

They heard footsteps as Sonic and Lucy came out and look until they saw Kohta putting on his shoes and leaves the house.

"Kohta…" Lucy sighed.

Sonic is outside looking at the water's view and the sky as he thought in his head and sees Lucy breathing hard.

"What is this strange feeling I have?" Sonic asked then he sees Lucy asleep in his head."I've never felt quite like this." The he sees her talking to him. "She's so good to me, and she's so kind and gentle."

Sonic sighs and looks down trying to think.

In outerspace near the moon, there was the glow again and the meteor again. Princess Snow Kaguya stares at the Earth after she appears.

"Beautiful Planet Earth…the ultimate treasure in this universe that I've been coveting since the beginning of time! At last, it is all mine!" Princess Snow Kaguya smirked.

She vanishes until we see the planet Earth and the grey clouds until Snow Kaguya appeared over the city. She speards her arms and blows snow from her breath but it sounded like singing. In the snow, the snow spins into girls which are white in white dress and hair.

"Yes, my lovely and talented Snow Dancers. You may proceed with my plan to freeze up planet Earth!"

Snow Kaguya laughs as her Snow Dancers speards across the town.

In the city, Nozomi and Erin were still looking for Sonic as they stop and look. They still looked around.

"Sonic!" Erin called.

"Sonic-kun!" Nozomi called.

Erin gasped as she spreads her arms.

"It's snowing!" Erin gasped.

"What the?" Muto asked.

"Oh my goodness." Duck said.

"This is strange." Daphne said.

That's when one Snow Dancer came down from the sky.

"What is that?" Fred asked.

The snow dancer giggled until she used her powers and it freezed the people. Nozomi and Erin gasped. The Snow Dancers keeps using her powers to freeze everyone. The Pretty Cures with Amy and Natts.

"What is that?" The girls asked.

The girls held up their phones and shouted, "Pretty Cure Metamorphose!"

The girls transformed into Pretty Cures with their hair and eyes in brighten and have their Pretty Cure GoGo uniforms.

"The Tranquility of the Green Earth, Cure Mint!" Komachi yelled.

"The Red Flame of Passion, Cure Rouge!" Rin yelled.

"The Blue Spring of Intellingence, Cure Aqua!" Karen yelled.

"Skyrose Translate!" Kurumi called and transformed into Milky Rose. "The Blue Rose is The Secret Mark, Milky Rose!"

"The Effervescent Scent of Lemon, Cure Lemonade!" Urara called.

The Snow Dancer goes straight towards the girls. She used her magic at the girls but they jumped up, screaming. The Snow Dancer zooms away until the scene shows a blue robot monkey sipping tea.

"Get away from me!" A man yelled.

"Leave me alone!" A woman cried.

Inside where the blue robot monkey are the others only they are red, yellow, black, and green. With them is a boy and girl. The boy had black hair, blue eyes, and wears a red shirt, blue jeans, and black and white shoes. The girl had pigtails with white tips, green eyes, and wears a green dress with orange puffy sleeves, a pink heart, white socks, and green Mary Janes. They all look to see what's going on until a man freezes and the ice broke through their window as they back up and gasped.

They ran outside to go fight.

"Monkeys Moblize!" Chiro yelled.

Chiro used his commucator and transforms into his Hyper Mode. Jinmay turns into a robot and her Hyper Mode appeared. The monkey team were in front of the Snow Dancer. She used her magic again at the Monkey Team but they dodged.

"Boom-Boom WAKE-UP!" Nova yelled.

Nova used her attack as she screams towards the Snow Dancer and hits it. Chiro has his hand in the air and shouted, "MONKEY-FU!"

That's when green energy strikes at the Snow Dancer and it got destroyed back into snow.

The snow dancer with the Pretty Cures attack until Karen and Urara dodged it.

""The rock-crushing power of a young girl's outpourings, take this! Pretty Cure Aqua Stream!" Karen yelled as a blue stripe of water strikes the Snow Dancer's face but she continued to fight until Urara shouted, "The effervescent power of a young girl's sparkle, take this! Pretty Cure Lemonade Flash!"

The power hits the Snow Dancer's arms and she fell onto the ground.

"Well she's no Venus de Milo!" Urara said.

The Snow Dancer got up which made the girls shocked. The Snow Dancer strikes towards Karen and Urara.

"The earth tremors of a young girl's anger, take this! Pretty Cure Mint Protection!" Komachi yelled.

Her sheild strike at the monster, holding it in place.

"The powerful flame of a young girl's pure heart, take this! Pretty Cure Rouge Fire!" Rin yelled as fire strike out and attack the monster as it screams and disappears.

Back with Nozomi and Erin, they scream as they ran for their lives from a Snow Dancer with Erin's charas and Chestnut.

"HELP! I'm getting cold shivers up my baaack!" Erin yelled.

They dodged the snow attack while running. They stop, yelled, "Whoa, look!" and they pointed up which made the Snow Dancer stop and look up. Nozomi and Erin with her friends ran to the other corner.

The Snow Dancer looked and saw they weren't there which a question mark in a thought bubble was in making her confused.

We see Erin pulling the key off and puts it, puts it on the hole which the key fades and the locket turns into a bubble orb.

"Unlock Power, Pretty Cure! Unleash!" Erin called.

Erin transforms in a light pink blended blue light. After the transformation, the light swirls around her and disappears to reveal Erin as Cure Bubble.

Nozomi held up her phones and shouted, "Pretty Cure Metamorphose!" and she transforms into Cure Dream.

Now we see the people running away as the Snow Dancer chases them until... "Hey, Ice Witch!" A voice called.

The Snow Dancer turns around to see Cure Dream and Cure Bubble.

"You sure have nerve! Our people have warmth and heart and won't tolerate the cold shoulder from you!" Nozomi yelled.

"So look out!" Erin yelled.

"We're Pretty Cure 5…"

"…and we stand for love and justice!"

"The Great Power of Hope, Cure Dream!" Cure Dream shouted.

"The bubbles have unlock into love! Lovely, bubbly, Cure Bubble!" Cure Bubble called.

"And in the name of the all Cures, we shall…"

"…chill your jets!" They both shouted.

The Snow Dancer spins around until more came out and goes around the girls.

"Hey. Hey, how'd she do that? Woah." Erin yelled.

"Excuse me. Pardon me. Help. You're starting to make me dizzy." Nozomi cried.

Nozomi's eyes followe dthem until her eyes are swirls.

"Please stop the ride." Nozomi said.

"Dream, don't let yourself get dizzy." Erin told her.

Nozomi stops and closes her eyes, "You're right."

Nozomi held her Dream Tourch and yelled, "Okay, freezer freaks!" The Snow Dancers stop as Dream Cure hold her Tourch on the other side. "Stop right there!"

The snow Dancers smirked and disppeared making Nozomi freak out, "Huh? AH! They're not listening to meeeeeeee!" and the real ones behind them.

The real one attacks but the girls dodged causing Dream to drop her Tourch. Dream notices this until the Snow Dancer is in front of them. The girls gasped at her but they glared. The Snow Dancer was about to attack until a rose hits her.

The rose was next to the Tourch and the girls gasped.

"Hooray, it's…!" Erin paused as she and Nozomi looks up to see Santa's sleigh.

"Saint Nick?" Nozomi asked.

"Santa Claus?" Erin asked.

The sleigh was attached to a balloon bliff and the reindeers were ballons until we see Santa.

"Merry Christmas! And …" Santa Clause yelled until he pulled his costume off revealing... Coco as a human. "…a Happy New Year!"

"Coco, it's you/Yah, it's Coco!" Nozomi and Erin cried.

"Winter for us is a long and difficult season, but that's okay. We expect it. Your evil, permanent winter, however, is wrong!" Coco yelled.

"You don't say." The Snow Dancer shrugged until it threw it's magic at him but he jumps up and dodges. He throws a top and it spins on her face. Coco lands on his feet.

"Cure Dream, Cure Bubble, your turns!" Coco called.

"Right!" The girls nodded.

Dream runs towards to her Tourch and graps it. Erin gets out her Bubble Arrow after thinking of it.

"With the energy of my love and power, I will unlock it! Bubble Arrow!" Erin said, then pulls the string with the arrow turned into a light of energy.

"The potential of a young girl's dreams, take this!" Cure Dream yelled. "Pretty Cure Crystal Shoot!"

"Pretty Cure Bubble Animation Shoot!" Erin yelled.

A pink light of crystals and the arrow is inside of attack in the middle. The Snow Dancer screams as it blocks the light on her eyes until it hits her and she transforms into snow. The ice faded into people and everything back to normal. The people walked off and the cars drive off. We see the Cures and Coco on top of the building.

On the snowie meteror,

"I guess I underestimated the people of Earth." Snow Kaguya said. Four of her Snow Dancers appeared in front of her. "My lovely Snow Dancers, were you able to locate the crystal that I deposited on Earth?"

They nodded and cried in their laughing language.

"Once we find that crystal, we can freeze up the Earth! Now, go find it!" Snow Kaguya yelled.

The four Snow Dancers flew off back to Earth.

Snow Kaguya narrates as we see the Earth and Moon in yellow. "Long, long ago, I almost reached you, planet Earth, but a great light forced me back!" There was a bright light striked at something. "Ever since then, I've been stuck on a long journey in space, and all I've been able to think about was how and when I could return to claim you. Now that I'm here, I've implemented a plan to slowly but steadily take you as my very own, once I find that Crystal! Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha!" Snow Kaguya laughed evilly.

Now we see the crystal in the case, it begin to glow making Lucy grunt in pain as Sonic watched in concern until she breathes hard.

Back with the girls, they were on the bridge with the Pretty Cures and the Monkey Team.

"I wonder what our strange new enemies are." Urara asked.

"Yeah, where do they come from and what do they want?" Karen asked.

"Whatever they are, we better take them seriously." Antarui spoke.

The Monkey Team nodded while the girls stared. Erin gasped with Amy and yelled, "Sonic!"

The girls came over to see what Erin meant.

"Sonic!" Nozomi gasped.

"Really?" Urara asked.

"Where?" Karen asked.

The girls saw Sonic walking down the street with a light purple ribbon on his neck.

"Sonic!" Erin yelled and hugs him. "I've been so worried."

Erin then cried and hugs Sonic. Nozomi notices the ribbon on Sonic's neck.

"Where'd you get the purple ribbon, Sonic?" Nozomi asked.

"Oh…you mean this one?" Sonic asked.

Now we see a flashback of sonic as Lucy ties a ribbon on his neck but not in a bow.

"Come and see me again sometime?" Lucy asked.

Sonic shook his head and went to his normal self. "It doesn't matter. What really matters is that an unidentified comet is getting closer to the Moon!"

"A comet?" asked Nozomi.

At Karen's house, they were raking leaves and burning them while Nozomi and Erin were roasting marshmallows.

"I just did some research, but there's no record at all of the comet Luna mentioned." Komachi spoke.

"Yeah, and even Komachi's computer didn't have any information on it." Rin answered.

"These monsters are probably the cause of the comet, but where are they? Maybe they gave up." Karen asked.

We see Urara coming towards them with Amy and Natts.

"My bad I'm late, guys." Urara called.

"So what's new? You're always late." Rin said.

"Hmm…" Amy wondered, looking around.

"Actually, I met this really cool guy on the way here, and he…" Urara explained.

"Hey, where's Sonic?" Amy asked.

"He didn't come. He said he had something else to do. Is this ready yet?" Nozomi answered, she takes her marshmallow and blows the steam.

"Sonic's been acting really weird lately. He's been reading a book for doctors on medicine and eating star flakes for dinner." Erin explained while eating smores.

"That's right. She asked me if she could borrow my medical textbook the other day." saids Komachi.

"I saw him hanging around the old restraunt which became a house the day before yesterday. I called to him, but he didn't hear me. He didn't quite seem to be himself." Urara nodded.

"How about that new purple ribbon? What does it mean?" Rin asked.

"I'll say he hasn't been himself. He hasn't nagged me about my schoolwork for days." Nozomi spoke. Nozomi gets up and says, "I think she has a problem." Nozomi takes a bite on her marshmallow but she yelled because it was hot."YEOW!"

"What a dork!" Rin sighed.

"Nozomi…" Komachi sighed.

The girls laughed at that.

Inside, Sonic is on Erin's bed reading the book.

"Too much." Sonic said as he turns the page. "How will I ever know what is wrong with her?"

Sonic runs in his speed at the restraunt and looks at the window. Inside, Lucy is coughing as Kohta comforts her. Sonic tries to open the window. Kohta notices this as Sonic tries to get in until Koha was in front and he opens the door.

"I'm sorry, little hedgehog. No hedgehogs in here today. Come another time." Kohta told him as he closes the window.

"But… Oh, I guess I'm just a hedgehog." Sonic thought as he looks down.

It was dusk and we see Nozomi with Coco and Erin with Tails but the boys are reading.

"And so ever since that day he went missing, she's been acting very strangely." Nozomi explained.

"Tails, what do you think?" Erin asked.

"Nozomi, maybe Sonic would just like some time away to be all on her own. You and Erin should probably stop hanging around him so much and respect his privacy."

"Uh, what do you mean hanging around?" Nozomi asked.

Nozomi and Erin then made googly eyes.

"Oh, we get what you're saying. Thanks a lot." Erin said.

"Huh?" Coco and Tails asked, confused.

"You think that we're just hanging around you, too, don't you? I'm just annoying." Nozomi said.

The girls cried while Coco and Tails tries to calm them down.

"Uh, No, no, Nozomi. We didn't mean that!" Coco explained.

Now we see Sonic walking as he had his head down. He thought, "If I were only human, windows wouldn't be shut in my face, and I could actually help Lucy."

"You totally misunderstood us, Nozomi." Coco explained.

Sonic looks up and sees Nozomi with Coco and Erin with Tails who are standing up.

"I still feel like I'm just a big bother to you all the time." Nozomi said.

"Me too." Erin nodded.

"You've never ever bothered me! I love to be with you! You gotta believe me!" Coco explained.

"I do too." Tails said.

"You do?" The girls asked.

"More than anything else on Earth!" The boys said.

Nozomi hugs Coco and so does Erin to Tails.

"Oh Coco…" Nozomi sighed.

"Oh Tails…" Erin sighed.

"Nozomi/Erin…" The boys smiled.

Coco pushes Nozomi lightly as they go closer, Nozomi steps on her toes to reach him, and they kissed. So does Erin and Tails.

Sonic saw this with his eyes googlie.

At Nozomi's house, Nozomi is brushing her hair. Sonic walks up to her and we see Erin is already asleep next to Nozomi's bed. Sonic then sniffs something and asked,"Nozomi, what's that pretty smell?"

"It's just some potpourri." Nozomi answered.

Nozomi picks up the jar and opens it so Sonic can smell at it.

"Um…when you and Coco are together, what do you actually talk about?" Sonic asked.

Nozomi laughs and answered, "What do we talk about? That's a good question. Anything, I guess, but he's mostly too busy reading something."

Sonic smiled and understood as he listens.

"When he talks, he speaks with such intelligence and passion about the things he's interested in. Then after that…" Nozomi explained as she moved her fingers.

"After that?" Sonic asked, then he remembers Nozomi kissing Coco and Erin kissing Tails. This caused his cheecks to turn red..

"He usually just falls asleep on the sofa." Nozomi answered.

"Oh brother…" Sonic sighed with a sweatdrop and falls over.

"Are you all right?" Nozomi asked.

Sonic was on the floor dizzy. "Yes, I'm okay."

"My favorite conversations with him…" Nozomi spoke as she giggles and walks to her bed. "…are when he confides in me." Nozomi finishes and sits on her bed.

"Oh…" Sonic nodded.

"When he does fall asleep, he looks like such a sweet little child." Nozomi smiled.

Sonic blushes and asked, "Uh, um…when you guys kiss…what's it like?"

Nozomi was confused "Huh?" but smiles with gleaming eyes. "Oh, it's the most sweet and wonderful feeling. It feels like you're melting."

Sonic was still red and said, "Sweet and melting? Sounds like an ice cream cone."

Nozomi is asleep with Erin next to her bed as they snore and roll over. Sonic jumps off his bed and goes to the counter were the jar of potpourri. Sonic tries to open it but it was tight.

Erin, in her sleep, said, "Tails…"

Nozomi, in her sleep as well, "Coco…" as Erin and Nozomi rolled over.

The jar lid open into his face and he falls over. The porpourri fell on him and the jar hit his head making him yell, "Whoa... Ow!" and the lid went inside the jar's mouth. (A/N) Like in 101 Dalamations when Hoarce hits Jasper's head.)

At the Lucy's restraunt home...

Lucy opens her eyes and turns to see Sonic next to her.

"Sonic, how nice to see you." Lucy smiled.

Sonic smiled and chuckled.

"I was dreaming. Same old dream about becoming an astronaut. I always wanted to fly to the moon in a rocket, but I was never really healthy enough…and now" The gem in the case glowed more. "…it's even worse."

Lucy groaned in pain making Sonic gasped. The gem stopped glowing. Lucy got out a picture from under her pillow and looks at the picture. It was Lucy, Kohta, Yuka, Mayu with Wanta, Nana, and Nozomi at a school but focused on Kohta and herself.

"Oh my love, I wish I could at least watch you lift off." Lucy said to the picture

Sonic gasped and was confused.

"Kohta can make my dreams come true for me. Oh Sonic, I hope it's an exciting trip for her and that she comes back safely."

Sonic nodded with her.

Lucy talks as she pets Sonic's chin. "It's funny…but when I talk to you, it seems like you really understand me, like you're almost human."

Sonic was enjoying this and he is smiling because of what she said to him.

"It would be an amazing thrill to see the Earth and Moon from a different perspective in space. I wish I could show you, Sonic." Lucy said.

Lucy opens her arms, Sonic goes under her, and she hugs him. "Come here." Lucy said to him. "What a pretty scent. It reminds me of…potpourri." Lucy then fell asleep.

Sonic gets up and looks at her. Nozomi's voice said in his mind, "When he does fall asleep, he looks like such a sweet little child."

Sonic smiled and thought, "Oh Lucy, I'd love to go up in space with you. If only I weren't stuck in this hedgehog body."

Sonic got out and goes to Lucy's head and goes to her face. Sonic goes closer to her but he hesitates because his cheecks turn red. Sonic closes his eyes and kisses her. Sonic sighed but he gasped and his eyes went goggly. Sonic turns down the hill, panting but he smiles and blushes.

At Karen's house, Rin was speaking.

"I saw Sonic early this morning! He was so happy and seemed to be on Cloud Nine!"

Everyone is at the table with their school work with Amy, Chestnut, Erin's charas, and Natts.

"Really?" Komachi asked.

Karen smiles and said, "Ah, sounds like its love to me."

"Love?" Nozomi and Erin asked.

"It's gotta be love. Just think about it." Karen answered.

Amy was shocked as she looks down sadly. Urara seems to notice as she spoke, "Ah, but you can't tell she's in love just from seeing her happy one day."

"There are other signs. What about the yellow ribbon?" Karen asked.

"I think Senior Karen's right." Erin said, getting up and Rin nodded.

Amy looks down and walks out of the room. Urara notices this and turns to the others, "Oh no, you guys. I think we might've hurt Amy's feelings!"

"You're right." Rin nodded.

"Say what? I don't understand." Nozomi asked.

"Nozomi, you mean you…haven't…noticed?" Komachi asked.

Nozomi was confused as she stand up. "Noticed? Noticed what?"

"Duh! Amy loves Sonic!" Karen spoke.

"Oh!" Nozomi spoke but then giggles. "Get outta here!"

"You haven't noticed?" Kurumi asked, sighing.

"I guess it's obvious I didn't notice. I always thought they were just friends." Nozomi said with a sweatdrop.

"You're a dweeb." Kurumi told her.

This made Nozomi fall on the table

"Oh, love… I envy him." Karen sighed.

"Yes, I suppose it would be nice to fall in love now, but better after the entrance exam." Komachi said.

The girls sighed and nodded.

Nozomi smiled with two fingers up and hearts in a pink background. "You must envy me, too…'cause I have Coco."

"Come on over here, guys." Kurumi said.

"She makes me sick the way she brags." Urara spoke.

Nozomi then made a sweatdrop again.

"I wonder if I'll ever meet some wonderful guy who really cares for me." Komachi sighed.

Karen sighs as she lays on the floor. "Do you remember my ex-boyfriend? He was such a hunk."

"I know what you mean. I miss my first boyfriend, too." Urara spoke laying on the bed side.

"Boyfriends are nice." Rin smiled, blushing.

Erin and Kurumi is sighing too. Now we see outside of Karen's house and it's snowing.

Now we see Gibson was stirring his ice orange drink with a straw.

"So, our icy friends haven't come back yet." Antuari spoke.

"It's been quiet." Gibson spoke.

Now we see the HyperForce, chiro, and Jinmay still at the restraunt drinking and eating.

"Not for much longer, I'm afraid." Antuari said.

"Why is that? Do you sense anything?" Chiro asked.

"Not really…but I still have an… uneasy feeling." Antuari answered.

"Me too, but I can't explain why." Chiro said.

"You know, it almost seems like time has stopped." Jinmay spoke.

The Hyperforce just keep drinking and eating while Gibson looks outside.

In the comet, the Snow dancer spins around

"Ha ha ha! Oh, that's it, PreCures and the HyperForce. Just relax. You haven't even seen the tip of my iceberg. Ha-ha-ha!" Snow Kaguya laughed as we see ice growing in a black scene.

At Nozomi's house, Sonic is running out of the house until he saw Amy.

"Long time no see, Sonic." Amy greeted.

"Uh, yes, sorry." Sonic smiled uneasily.

Amy hesitate but spoke, "Sonic, if you ever need me for anything, I'm right here."

"Excuse me…but I have to go now." Sonic said as he runs pass Amy.

"Uh, uh, but…" Amy called.

"I'm sorry, Amy." Sonic thought.

Sonic ran pass Nozomi and Erin which the girls notice and runs after him.

At Lucy's restraunt home, Sonic goes up the stairs and opens the window as Nozomi and Erin snuck on him. Sonic closes the door. Nozomi and Erin looked through the window. They saw Sonic with Lucy who is petting him.

"Can this be the girl Sonic's in love with?" Nozomi thought.

"That's Lucy? So Sonic's in love with Lucy, Carly's sister." Erin thought.

Nozomi and Erin hide as the door inside opens to reveal Kohta.

"Lucy, are you here?" Kohta asked.

Lucy gets up as Kohta goes to her.

"It's time. I'm leaving today, and I thought I'd say goodbye." Kohta said.

"Time flies, Kohta. I hope you have a great flight." Lucy smiled.

"Thanks a lot." Kohta said, then he looks down and asked, "Lucy…as soon as I return from my trip to space, I-I'd like to stay here with you."

"It just wouldn't work." Lucy answered.

"Why?" Kohta asked.

"We're different. We think differently…and we live in different worlds." Lucy explains.

This shocks Kohta while Sonic looks sadly at her.

"I can't accept the fact that you think the Moon is nothing but just an object that floats around the Earth! It just can't work!" Lucy continues.

Kohta gasped as his eyes goggle like he was about to cry.

"I'm sure there are lots of other guys around for you." Lucy said.

Kohta begins to shake and said, "Oh…so that's it, then. We have one obstacle, and it's over. There's nothing else about me or our relationship that's worth hanging onto? Is that true?"

When Sonic heard this and looks down but saw Lucy's hands on the blanket holding it tightly.

"Well, is it?" Kohta asked as Nozomi and Erin watched. "I know I don't quite share the same feelings about the Moon that you do, but we share other interests, and…"

"NO! IT'S OVER!" Lucy yelled holding her head making Kohta gasped.

Sonic looks at this sadly. Kohta got mad but he cried and runs off which Sonic gasped at. Lucy took the picture out and looks at it. Then tears went on the picture which Sonic notices. Lucy is crying as she hears Kohta's voice, "You break my heart."

"Poor Lucy. She really does love him." Sonic thought.

Outside, Sonic is walking downstairs while it still snows but he stops when he sees Nozomi and Erin in front of him.

"Nozomi? Erin?" Sonic asked.

Nozomi and Erin are looking sad for him as Nozomi spoke, "Sonic-kun…"

Sonic stops and sits down looking sad and there was silence until Erin spoke, "You okay?"

Sonic looks down and answered, "Yes, I'm okay. She tries to hide her true feelings and illness from Kohta…" Sonic looks up with tears in his eyes. "but she shouldn't. She loves him so."

"Sonic…" Erin spoke sadly.

"Sonic-kun…" Nozomi spoke sadly.

"Silly of me, but she was so kind and caring. Even though I'm a hedgehog, I still thought we might be destined to become soul mates who understand each other. I guess not." Sonic explained.

Nozomi and Erin look really sad for him.

"I know. Now I know what true love must feel like…and I wish I didn't." Sonic said looking up still with tears.

"Oh…" Nozomi and Erin gasped in shock and look down sadly.

Sonic closes his eyes for his tears to drop. "I really wish that I was a human being…but even if I was, it still wouldn't matter because she's truly in love with Kohta. Still, it would be nice to tell him how I feel. Maybe I'd feel better about things."

Sonic then begins to cry as he pounds his fist lightly to the steps. Erin walks to Sonic with tears and hugs him, "Oh Sonic, it'll be okay."

Nozomi goes to them and stands next to them upset. Sonic still kept crying as he hugs Erin. Nozomi sighs and said, "It's all right."

A Snow Dancer flew towards the sliding door which made Erin and Nozomi gasped and Sonic turns to see it. The Snow Dancer flies up.

"Lucy!" Sonic gasped.

"Oh no!" Nozomi gasped.

Inside, the gem glowed making Lucy scream in pain even more. Her whole room turned into snow and it was snowing in her room. Snow Kaguya appeared and saw the cyrstal.

"At last, I've found it!" Snow Kaguya smirked.

Lucy is breathing hard while staring at the snow woman. Erin, Nozomi, and Sonic gasped when they saw Snow Kaguya as they tried to open the door. The case broke the crystal free and it float to Snow Kaguya.

Snow Kaguya laughed evilly. "Ha-ha! Perfect. This crystal seems to have increased its power by sucking away your life energy. Ha-ha!"

Erin, Nozomi, and Sonic watched after Snow Kaguya turns to Lucy.

"I was right! The comet and Princess Snow Kaguya really exist!" Lucy explained in pain.

"Princess Snow Kaguya? Ho-hoo. Catchy handle." Snow Kaguya explains as we see the comet of ice heading to Earth. "As we speak, my Ice Force is slowly creeping closer to the Earth." Kaguya saw Lucy breathing hard while she listen. "What a shame. You, along with your entire planet, shall be packed on ice and then become part of my exquisite collection. Ha-ha!"

Snow Kaguya laughed as she disappeared and so did the snow in Lucy's room. Nozomi gasped.

"The ice monsters are back! We have to hurry and tell the others! Come on, Sonic! Let's go!" Nozomi spoke.

Sonic then said, "That crystal from the comet was the cause of his suffering all this time!"

"Uh, yeah, but it should've stopped now." Erin said.

"Wrong!" Sonic yelled.

"Wha-… ah?" Nozomi and Erin gasped and looked to see Lucy is still in pain and grunting.

"Why not?" Nozomi asked.

"As long as that evil crystal exists in this world, she'll continue to suffer!" Sonic explained.

Now we see the Snow Dancers flying around.

"Now comes the fun part. It's time to cover the Earth with my lovely and cozy blanket of ice!" Kaguya said, as she throws the crystal which went into the water and onto the crystal on the bottom. Smoke came out as the ice grew bigger.

Back with Lucy, she screams in pain becuase of what's going with that crystal until the scene shows Chestnut.

"I just remembered!" Chestnut called.

"Huh?" The Cures were confused.

"About a prehistoric event that Erin told me! There was an evil planet that rained ice crystals!" Chestnut explained. "It existed millions of years ago! The crystals covered up the Earth and froze the land until the darkness dominated the globe! But Pretty Cure Silver Crystal Power, the power of love and friendship, melted the icy darkness and released the Earth! Sound familiar?"

"Hah, so the comet Sonic mentioned must be connected to this frigid planet!" Rin said.

"Whatever Pretty Cure Silver Crystal Power, the power of love and friendship, is, could it work again?" Urara deteremined.

Komachi answered, "Don't know, Urara, but no doubt that planet is coming to Earth after a long time. It's time for a meltdown, Pretty Cures."

Karen slams her fist on the table. "I'm ready! Let's melt them!"

"Yeah!" Kurumi yelled.

At a building, the other students bid farewell to Kohta.

"All the best to you, Kohta." Yuka said.

"Be careful." Mayu said.

"Thank you." Kohta bowed.

As Kohta walks off, Erin and Nozomi walks to him.

"Excuse me." Erin said.

Kohta smiled when he saw Sonic in Erin's arms. "Hi there. I know you. Is he your hedgehog?" Kohta asked.

Erin nodded but spoke, "Listen."

"Huh?" Kohta asked.

"You must postpone the Science Project for your own safely." Erin said.

"Uh…what do you mean?" Kohta asked.

Nozomi then explained, "There's a comet approaching the Earth. It was sent by an evil being to freeze the entire planet!"

"What are you talking about?" Kohta asked.

"I know you probably think I'm some nut, but…but there really is a comet on its way." Erin said as Kohta walked by her. "It'll be too dangerous for you in space."

"You're out of your mind." Kohta snapped as he got in a car.

"It's true!" Nozomi said.

"I'm a scientist student. I don't believe in evil beings in space." Kohta yelled and he closes his door.

"Hey! What are we gonna do?" Nozomi yelled.

With Lucy, she's groaning in pain with her eyes closed.

"Maybe…" Sonic paused.

Nozomi and Erin were confused.

"I wonder if she were to meet the prince she's been dreaming about all her life, Prince of the Moon, she might recover her energy and rise above this evil crystal's power." Sonic began.

"Prince of the Moon?" Nozomi asked.

"If I could change into a human, I could pretend to be the Prince of the Moon for her." Sonic said.

Nozomi turns to him and said, "Sonic, even if you could turn into a human being, you still couldn't be her boy."

"I don't care about that anymore. Really, I don't. I just want to save her life!" Sonic then turned to the girls. "You see, she's been dreaming about this prince ever since she was a little child, and she believes he exists. Meeting him might be the one thing that could give her strength to beat the evil crystal."

Nozomi and Erin understood this, "Oh…"

Sonic then looks down. "But I guess I'm the one who's dreaming now, aren't I, Nozomi, Erin?"

"Hmm…" Nozomi and Erin sighed.

Now we see a TV with places everywhere with snow as the News Reporter spoke, "A freak cold front has encircled the entire globe. Even equatorial countries such as those in Africa have received heavy snowfall."

"What?" Nozomi asked.

"It has to be caused by that snow witch!" Sonic spoke.

"According to the latest local weather forecast, there will be freezing rain and snow overnight." News Reporter finishes.

Nozomi heard her phone ring and answered it.

"Nozomi, I've located our enemy's operation base." Komachi answered.

"Oh…aha!" Nozomi answered with a determined face at Sonic.

At the Snow Kaguya's base, the Snow Dancers kept flying around as the giant ice crystal grew bigger with Snow Kaguya on top, laughing evilly. The Snow Dancers helped freeze the city and every innocent people and citizens with there powers.

Kaguya kept lauguing as she yelled, "Every little thing must be frozen!"

Petals passed her which confused her. She looks down to see the HyperForce with Chiro in his HyperForce snow suit hile Jinmay is in her HyperForce and robot form.

"Lured by the new epic, we're the Robot Monkey Team, and I gorgeously protect this planet!" The Monkey Team yelled.

"Lured by the new epic, I'm there Leader Chiro, and I graciously fight for what's right!" Chiro yelled.

"I'm Jinmay, new member and a robot! The Earth shall not turn to ice! Time will tell!" Jinmay yelled.

"For trying to freeze Erin's only home planet, we will stop you the same way our planet was almost turned to ice!" Chiro yelled. "For Erin!"

"For Erin!" The Monkey Team and Jinmay yelled.

"Ha-ha! Just in time for our Winter Carnival, HyperForce." Snow Kaguya laughed as the Snow Dancers appeared. "A little late to stop it, though!"

The Snow Dancers attacked with their magic but the HyperForce jumped up and dodged it. The Snow Dancers flew up and headed straight towards them.

Nova's hands turned into her Robo-Fist and yelled, "STING RING!"

Yellow sting rings came from Nova's fist and it destories the Snow Dancers. Kaguya laughed evilly and made more with power of the crystal. This shocked the HyperForce as more comes towards them. The Snow Dancer threw their snow magic at Antauri but he keeps dodging them.

"MONKEY MIND SCREAM!" Antauri yelled and mind screams strike at the Snow Dancers, destoring them in the process.

Gibson keeps dodging the attacks of the Snow Dancer until he turns to see them about to strike them. He summonds his Cyber Back Drills and spoke before he attacked, "This is for you, Miss Erin. SPIN SHOCKER!"

Blue energy shot at the Snow Dancers and they disappeared. Otto is dodging the Snow Dancer until his Energy Saws appeared and he yelled, "SCRITCH-SCRATCH DOOM THOWER!" Green energy hits the Snow Dancers and they disappeared.

Sparx keeps dodging until his magnets appeared and he yelled, "MAGNA-TINGLER BLAST!" A red blast of magnet traps them and then they were destoried.

Chiro fights them until he yelled, "MONKEY FU!" The green energy attacked the Snow Dancers and destoried them. Jinmay used her laser eye vision while screaming and destoried them too.

Kaguya laughed and sarcastically spoke, "Ha-ha! Oh no! What am I going to do?"

She raised her arms, the crystal glowed, and hundreds of Snow Dancers appeared.

"What?" The HyperForce yelled.

The Snow Dancers laughed at them which Jinmay went to Chiro.

"Snow Dancers take your time and let them suffer before you freeze them!" Snow Kaguya told them.

The HyperForce get ready for the worst part and they were about to attack until...

"Pretty Cure Fire Strike!" Cure Rouge called and kicks the ball in a high speed. The butterfly surrounds the enemy and the Snow Dancers got destoried.

"Huh?" Snow Kaguya asked.

The HyperForce looked and saw the Pretty Cures come to them.

"Don't worry about these new upstarts, Snow Dancers! Just enjoy your game!" Snow Kaguya yelled.

The Snow Dancers begin to attack the group.

Cure Mint makes a giant green energy sauser and yelled, "Pretty Cure Emerald Sauser!"

The Emerald Sauser hits the Snow Dancers like a frisbee and destories them.

Cure Lemonade summonds a yellow butterfly which turns into chains and yelled, "Pretty Cure Prism Chain!"

The Prism Chain went around the Snow Dancers and destoried them.

Cure Aqua summonds a blue acharey arrow at the enemy. "Pretty Cure Sapphire Arrow!"

The Sapphire Arrow attack through the Snow Dancers and destories them.

Milky Rose used her Milky Palette at the enemy and shouted, "Let burst a snowstorm of roses, and envelop the evil power! Milky Rose Blizzard!"

The Blue Rose strikes turns into petals rose and they surrounded the Snow Dancers into a Blue Rose and it and the Snow Dancers exploded. The Snow Dancers charged after the Team as they get ready to fight.

Sonic comes in but gasp when he saw Lucy is not in bed. Sonic looks around on her bed and then runs off to another door.

"Lucy?" Sonic called.

Sonic saw the door standing open and he said, "She's way too sick to go anywhere."

Sonic runs out of the door and into the snow offscreen. Amy came in and asked, "Sonic?"

Somewhere, we see Lucy's barefeet walking in the snow. She is walking in her white tank top with green shorts with a huge white blanket.

"Kohta…you mustn't go. Princess Snow Kaguya is going…to…freeze the Earth. Someone…please…warn her…of the danger." Lucy then falls onto the ground on the snow.

With the Team, things weren't looking well.

"Pretty Cure Fire...!" Rouge yelled.

"Magna-Tingler...!" Sparx yelled.

But they got hit by the Snow Dancers and they knock them to the ground.

"Pretty Cure Prism...!" Lemondade yelled.

"Monkey Mind..." Antauri yelled.

Beofre they did, Snow Dancers grabbed their arms and pulled them away. Mint keeps getting hit by the snow Dancers while Milky Rose tries to beat them until she saw Mint getting hurt but she got hit into the ground. Chiro and Jinmay tried to hit them until they grabbed their arms and the Snow Dancer hits them into the ground. Karen try to attack them but they hit her and send her into the ground. Otto, Gibson, and Nova try to fight them but one grabbed Nova and threw her into Gibson and Otto.

Snow Kaguya smirks and said, "Our carnival is over…for you, Pretty Cure and HyperForce." Snow Kaguya summonds her snow powers and yelled, "Say goodbye."

"Stop right there!" Nozomi's voice called.

"Who are you?" Snow Kaguya yelled.

We see Nozomi as Cure Dream as everyone shouted, "Cure Dream!"

"So, they saved the smallest one for last." Snow Kaguya laughed. "Take a look. Beautiful, isn't it? The Earth is turning into a frigid, snowy world without love, and soon, it will be part of my collection."

"Collection? Who do you think you are? We'll never be one of your ornaments! You're nuts!" Nozomi yelled.

Back with Sonic, he runs from a corner and keeps running to find Lucy while still panting.

With Nozomi...

"Come on. I know you feel tired. I'm offering you the best sleep of your life. You'll be covered with a blanket of ice, and you'll be in a deep, peaceful sleep with no suffering. So what do you say, my dear?" Snow Kaguya asked.

"Never ever!" Cure Dream yelled.

"Huh?" Snow Kaguya asked.

"Sometimes we have love, and sometimes we lose love!" Dream explained.

Back with Sonic, he keeps running until gasped when he saw Lucy in the snow. Sonic runs to her and looks down as he puts his hands on the snow.

"Kohta…" Lucy called.

"Kakeru…" Sonic thought, terafully.

With Nozomi, "Sometimes love can hurt terribly, like a deep wound!" Dream said, then remembered Sonic crying with his eyes closed making Erin shocked with tears too. "In our world, we have lots of ups and downs, pleasures and pains, but that's life, and we learn to accept the bad with the good!"

Snow Kaguya just glared at her while the others watched this.

"Without the bad times, we wouldn't appreciate the good times! Life is precious, and I cherish every living moment!" Dream yelled.

Snow Kaguya laughed."Well, speaking of bad moments, cherish this, little girl!" Snow Kaguya summonds her magic and throws it at Dream but she jumps up and dodges it.

"I'm on my way up, and you're on your way down!" Snow Kaguya yelled.

"You're evil and selfish, and you've never been loved or known how wonderful it is to love someone!" Dream yelled.

Dream then remembered what Sonic said to her and Erin. "I don't care about that anymore. Really, I don't. I just want to save her life!"

Dream looks sad as Snow Kaguya makes an attack.

"I have no choice. SHINING DREAM 'METAMORPHOSE'!" Dream yelled.

Cure Dream transforms into Shining Dream and says, "The miraculous light of courageous feelings, Shining Dream!"

"Huh?" Snow Kaguya asked.

Shining Dream glared at Snow Kaguya but she closed her eyes and thought of what Sonic said, "If I could change into a human, I could pretend to be the Prince of the Moon for her,"

Shining Dream opens her eyes and glares at Snow Kaguya who's ready to attack.

"I'll get you!" Snow Kaguya yelled.

Shining Dream summonds her Starlight Fleuret and Shingin Dream flies into the air as the Starlight Fleuret shoots out light of different colors. The lights surrounds Shining Dream and, pointing the Cure Fleuret at the villain, shoots at Kaguya. "STARLIGHT SOLUTION!" Shining Dream then separates into several light particles to follow the colorful lights. Each light particle strikes at Snow Kaguya but the snow attack went through the particles which turns back into Nozomi, she got hit, she falls slowly in the light screaming and hits the ground.

Everyone gasp at this because her attack didn't affect on Snow Kaguya's attack.

"This should finish you off, you little ice flake!" Snow Kaguya yelled.

Shining Dream gets up weakily.

"How could you change our beautiful world filled with love to a hateful, cold world of death?" Shinging Dream asked.

"You're in pain. Let me eliminate the pain for you right now!" Snow Kaguya yelled summonding her ice magic in the center of her body.

Shining Dream gets up to her feet but wobbles and she yelled, "This fake and still world of yours…has no heart."

Shining Dream summonds her Cure Fleurent again and then a silver butterfly shaped crystal appeared and was about to use it.

"Stop it, Shining Dream! Don't use the Butterfly Crystal, or you'll die!" Lemonade begged after she got up.

Antauri yelled as he got up, "I won't let you die!"

Everyone got up as Rouge yelled, "We must all protect her!"

Cure Mint then remembers what Chestnut said, "Silver Crystal Power, the power of love and friendship, melted the icy darkness and released the Earth!"

"Of course! The ancient legendary power of love and friendship, Silver Crystal Power, can work!" Cure Mint told everyone.

Snow Kaguya gets ready to use her attack on Shining Dream. Shinging Dream holds the Crystal with her Cure Fleurent. The others were going to her but the Snow Dancers went after them but a blast and attack them into snow revealed Cure Bubble, Tails, Coco, Natts, Knuckles, and the Sonic Heros.

"Cure Bubble! Go join them and protect Shining Dream!" Tails told Erin.

"Right!" Erin nodded.

Knuckles, Tails, Coco, Natts, and the other Sonic Heros fight off the Snow Dancers. Snow Kaguya is ready to attack as the Pretty Cures and the Hyper Force encompassed Shining Dream.

"Ready?" Shining Dream asked.

"Remeber what I told and showed you, Monkey Team!" Cure Bubble yelled.

The Monkey Team, Chiro, and Jinmay nodded. The Pretty Cures, the HyperForce, and Cure Bubble linked hands.

"For our world of love and life…" Shining Dream yelled.

Shining Dream's Starlight Fleurent with the Butterfly Crystal shone as Shining Dream held it in the air.

"Pretty Cure Silver Crystal Power!" The Pretty Cures and the Monkey Team yelled.

The Pretty Cures uniforms started to glow intensely and so did the Moneky Team's robot body and Chiro and Jinmay's uniforms. Shining Dream rose into the air and a pyramid-shaped shield of light, with each Pretty Cure and Monkey Team at a vertex, appeared.

The Snow Dancers tried to get them but the pyramid destoried them if they go in. Snow Kaguya yelled while Coco, Natts, and the Sonic Heros gasped.

"Now try this!" Kaguya yelled.

A big purple of dark energy and ice attack at the team. Shining Dream opens her eyes and a blast of rainbow with silver streak blast at the attack.

"Oh no!" Kaguya yelled seeing the light from the moon and from Sailor Moon. "Not the light again!" Kaguya screamed.

The ice power was pushing the Pretty Cure Silver Crystal Power back. Shining Dream closed her eyes as she thought and we see images of the flowers near a ocean."All I need to gain more strength is to think of our beautiful planet that gives us life." Now we see a bird in a feild of beautiful yellow flowers. "Life on Earth provides all of its creatures with a special place." Next we see a crab walking away as the ocean pushes up on shore. "We have a fascinating world under the sea and a wondrous world on land." Now we see a mongoose in the grass looking until we saw a sunset over a rocky place with birds. "In the big scheme of things, an individual life may seem to be insignificant, but it's the greatest gift we know, and I'll never let this world of life, love, and beauty, perish!"

The crystal glowed bigger and pushes the purple ice attack back to Princess Snow Kaguya. Snow Kaguya screams in pain as the light goes through and destories her once and for all! All of the Snow Dancers were sucked into the light and the ice cyrstal begins to shatter and collaspe until the light hits the comet and destories it! The light vanishes after all that.

Beauty and the Beast transformation music begins to play in the background as Shining Dream and Cure Bubble then thought in their heads together, "I wish…for just one night…that Sonic the Hedgehog could be turned into a human boy. Sonic, become the Prince of the Moon!"

The Starlight Fleurent with the Butterfly Crystal shone brightly as the clouds cleared up to reveal the moon. We see the city's view as a shone of light went down and shone on Lucy and Sonic. Sonic looks up when he realizes the light. That's when sparkles surrounded him, then he glowed with a circle around him, and he was rosed into the air.

"What's happening to me?" Sonic thought.

Sonic was spinding around slowly as the circle disappears into a silver light. The silver light shone brightly as Sonic's body magically turns into a human as he spins around still. Now Sonic's spikes turned into long blue spiky hair until we see his light green eyes turned into green eyes as he blinks.

Lucy opens her eyes as she looks up a little. Her vision was blurry until she saw Sonic... as a human but she didn't know! Sonic had long blue spiky hair, green eyes, a white short-sleeved shirt, a blue vest, blue jeans and his shoes. He still has his ribbon. He looks at his body until he looks at Lucy.

"Who are you?" Lucy asked.

"I'm the Prince of the Moon." Sonic answered.

"The Prince of the Moon?" Lucy asked.

Sonic smiled until we view his eye which we now see space as Sonic pulls Lucy into space.

"Am I dreaming? Could I really be out in space now?" Lucy asked.

Sonic stops near the Earth as Lucy watches. The sun rises up from the other side of the Earth.

"Oh wow! It's daybreak! Man, I never thought I'd see such a sight!" Lucy smiled.

Sonic chuckled as he looked at her. Lucy smiles as she looks at him but she gasped,

"Nyu?" She saw the spikey hair and the ribbon on Sonic's neck. "Sonic? It can't be!"

At a space ship, Kohta is in a space suit fixing something until he saw daybreak.

"Lucy…I made it. It's breathtaking! I wish you were here." Kohta thought.

That's when a shone of bright yellow light pass his helement making him gasp and look as the light shone through the moon.

"Oh…princess…could it be? Could Lucy have been right about the Moon Prince?" Kohta asked.

With Sonic and Lucy...

"Your suffering is over, Lucy. You could enjoy a normal life again, starting with your very own Moon Prince: the one you love, Kohta." Sonic told Lucy.

"Oh…" Lucy gasped.

"He loves you deeply, and you're destined to be together." Sonic said.

Lucy made an understanding face and nodded aking Sonic smile with tears.

"My dream's come true. Thank you…Sonic." Sonic puts his hand on Lucy's mouth.

"I'll have to leave you know, dear space diclonius." Sonic told her.

From far we see them as shadows in front of the moon as Sonic holds her cheecks and kisses Lucy. A bright light shones as Sonic calls, "Lucy, I'll never forget you."

The light disappears to reveal Lucy on the ground again with her jacket as she wakes up and gets up. She looks up at the night sky.

With the rest of the team, Shining Dream floats down from the air but she fell over. Luckily, Coco grabs her and helps her to him.

"Nozomi!" Coco called.

"Nozomi!" Everyone called.

Nozomi looks up and so does Erin as they said,"Sonic…"

The snow on the city melted to reveal the beautiful city again. Now we see the airplane flew by a window as Kohta walks by behind a group of people. A bunch of reporters came to him and hold cameras, notes, and microphones.

"Excuse me, Mr Kohta, how was your flight? What was it like? Please, Mr Kohta." The reporter asked.

Kohta didn't want to answer but smiles and said, "I saw the Prince of the Moon on the Moon."

Everyone begin to laugh as one reporter said, "That's a good one. Did you get some pictures?"

Kohta looks up and eye widen when he saw Lucy as the second reporter said, "As a scientist, what have you learned from this trip?" Kohta didn't answer and was shocked as we see Lucy with flowers and begins to smile.

Kohta smiled and runs pass the reporters and yelled, "Lucy!" Kohta runs to her and they both hugged each other as Lucy whispered, "Kohta...". The cameras flashed at them hugging.

"Look at them. They belong together. I'm glad." Sonic spoke as we see him on top with Nozomi and Erin.

"Sonic, are you sure you're okay?" Erin asked.

"Yes. I have to be okay…because I'm a hedgehog." Sonic smiled.

As Lucy gave Kohta flowers, a green bag fell into Kohta's hand.

"What's this?" Kohta asked.

We see the bag has... Sonic's light purple ribbon which Lucy notices. Kohta opens the bag by taking the ribbon off and he saw star flakes.

"Star flakes." Kohta said softly.

Lucy then smiles and laughs a little knowing the star flakes are from Sonic. We see Sonic walking off until he stops to see Amy coming from a corner. Sonic looks down sadly.

"Welcome home, Sonic." Amy greeted.

Sonic looks up because he notices what Amy said as she smiles.

Sonic blushes as he asked, "Dear Amy, but why…?"

Amy giggles as she blushes and answers him, "I'll always be near you because you're my soul mate."

Sonic made tears in his eyes and he smiles as he said, "Oh…Amy!" Sonic slowly goes to Amy and hugs her.

Nozomi and Erin comes up and smiles for them. One hand went on Nozomi's and the other went on Erin's which surprise the girls as they looked up to see Coco and Tails.

"Coco…" Nozomi sighed.

"Tails…" Erin sighed.

The couples looked at Sonic and Amy as Amy blushed knowing Sonic loves her as he hugs her near him. Nozomi and Coco smiled at each other and so did Tails and Erin as they took hands and watched the happy couple together.

Coco: Let me be your wings
Let me be your only love
Let me take you far beyond the stars

Nozomi: Let me be your wings
Let me lift you high above
Coco and Nozomi: Everything we're dreaming of will soon be ours.

Coco: Anything that you desire,
anything at all. (
Nozomi: Anything at all!)
Everyday I'll take you higher
and I'll never let you fall.

Let me be your wings
Leave behind the world you know
for another world of wonderous things. (
Nozomi: Wonderous things are sure to happen)
We'll see the universe and dance on Saturns's rings.
Coco and Nozomi: Fly with me and I will be your wings.

A scene shows Sonic as a human again dancing with Lucy who wore a long pink gown, with tank-top straps, a red ribbon on her waist, a beautiful golden rose locket around her neck, and her hair is in a high ponytail while the rest is down. They kept dancing until the light shone to reveal Amy dancing with Sonic now as a hedgehog. The Pretty Cures, the HyperForce, the Sonic Heros, Erin, Coco, Natts, Syurp, Chestnut, and Erin's Shugo Charas.

Sparx takes Nova's hand making her blush, Coco pulls Nozomi next to him and so does Natts to Komachi, Syrup to Urara, and Tails to Erin as everyone kept watching Sonic dancing with Amy happily.

Nozomi: Anything that you desire,
anything at all.
Everyday I'll take you higher
and I'll never let you fall.

Nozomi: Let me be your wingsCoco: Let me be your wingsNozomi: Let me be your only loveCoco: Get ready for a world of wonderous thingsNozomi: (Wonderous things)Coco: We'll see the universe and dance on Saturn's rings.

Coco: Heaven isn't too far.Nozomi: Heaven is where you are,Coco and Nozomi: Stay with me and let me be your wings

Now we see Sonic and Amy's images in the moon and they kiss. Soon Lucy's other image comes to Amy's image and kisses Sonic which his image turned him into a human again!