Apprentice uniformsEdit

Edit A witch apprentice, besides not being a full witch yet comed with their own outfits for each upgrade until becoming a full witch in which she gains the witch uniform. With each upgrade comes stronger abilities and magic usage.

All together six apprentice uniforms are out there. But if you count the unique three, then nine. Rare cases get unique outfits, or just remain with one outfit her entire apprentice journey. Such as Hana-chan or Pop.



The first seasonEditEdit

[1]Doremi changing the very first time.Added by Chrismh

The first season uniform is very simple in comparison to the rest of the series. Its made of three primary colors: The main color, a light version, and then a dark version. Its a dress with three layers of "petals" at the skirt and sleeve area. A dark colored neck just above the taps location. A hat with a dark colored band around it while the rim is light. Dark gloves with light trim and rainbow magic sphere bracelets and dark boots following this pattern.For an apprentice to change into this form she must first hit the right notes on her tap. Which causes it to float into the air, changing into the dress. The witch must grab it and pull it on while her original clothing vanish and earrings form. Jumping up makes the gloves and boots appear, then right before the final pose the apprentice will pull on her hat.


The uniform of this season bares slight resemblence to the one before it. But with a flowery style. This time the [2]sharps main uniformAdded by Chrismh

outfit has four colors. The primary, a light, the dark, and white. The dress has four petals, two in front, two in back. With two smaller, lighter ones underneath, over a ruffled skirt. The sleeves are the same as previous seasons and above the tap now is a white collar. The gloves and boots are dark colored with white flaps over them, lined in lighter coloring. The hat has a light flap still whie the hat is the primary color and a white band. The earrings are the same.In order for the witch to change into this outfit, she must clap the tap, then proceed to tap it against the body parts, such as her hands and feet. Then the uniform appears in mid air and while pulling it on the hat and earrings appear.

[3]The royal patraine uniformAdded by Chrismh

The next uniform is a "emergancy" upgrade. Once a apprentice has proved themselves worthy and its needed, they gain this. Its somewhat of a revert of the sharp outfit. Instead of being the main colors to white, its white to the main colors. The top has a leaf shape of all three colors and a badge at the chest. Then below it are white leaves with small petals going up around. At the bottom are two pieces of skirt, ruffled along the edges with thin dark leaf shaped petals above it. Light, long ribbon like petals reaching the ankles almost flow in the back. The sleeves are shaped like small wings. The boots and gloves are all white, lined with a dark trim. The hat is white with the flaps being light colored.In order to change into this form, usually the Ojamajo has to cast Magical stage first, appearing inside a magic flower that spins around and opens. grabbing their wreath porrons before posing.


[4]The motto uniformAdded by Chrismh

Next, upon reaching the following stage a ojamajo gains a more complicated uniform compaired to the previous. It matches the fact the girls have aged now and has more of a body to work with. The outfit has gone back to three colors. Primary, light, and dark. The top is light colored with puffy sleeves, while in the bottom and sleeves have small dark ruffles. A dark colored vest is worn over it with a small emblem to hold it together. The skirts are in short two layered petals. The boots are light colored with dark coloring bands going down the center and a lighter part under them. The gloves are light colored with ruffles at the end, the earrings remained the same and the hat is light colored now with a dark band and a lighter parted flap.To change into this uniform, the apprentice must use her bracelet and ring. Rubbing their hands and down their legs to form the gloves and boots. Then as they spin around their dresses form over their outfit, as well as the hat and earrings.

[5]pattisier uniformAdded by Chrismh

For baking the ojamajo wears a cute, simple, maid like uniform. A white dress with ruffles and puffed sleeves. The lining of which is their color. Around their neck is a scarf like apron piece, the scarf being their color, white the apron is just lined. On back is a similiar themed bow. The boots are white with music notes etched in at the top. The bottom part is their signature color. Also worn is a maid like hat that is white in color with ruffled pieces in their color. As well as the intercome pieces they wear.Changing into this uniform is similiar to the witch outfit, just rubbing over pieces of the body with a final spin to form the dress.


[6]Added by Chrismh

The dokkan uniform is the final outfit. Coming in once again, four colors. Being similiar to sharps four colors. This one has many buttons involved. The earrings are the same, while the hat becomes a white flap with dark buttons going up the side. The hat is the prime color with a dark band, as usual. The top is the prime color resembling a T-shirt styled dress, the skirt part being striped with two colors. Over the top and skirt is pale colored flaps with dark lining and buttons going up the chest. At the waist is a belt and at the chest flaps is where the perfume tap sits. The gloves are prime colors with white after the wrist, lined in dark colors and buttons. The boots are like this as well.To change into this outfit, the ojamajo uses her perfume tap and spins around. In a single sweep everything appears.

The unique uniformsEditEdit

[7]Unique outfit 1Added by Chrismh

Hana-chans uniform is special styled. The reason for this is unknown, but its most likely because she will be the future witch queen, or due to being a full blooded witch. The dress only has two colors. White and the witches color. The dress has puffed sleeves and is lined in light ruffles and bows. At the chest the tap resides and under the smaller skirt is the colored, bigger ruffled skirt. The boots are white with ruffles around the top with small wing shaped pieces attached. The gloves are plain white gloves, with the magic casting bracelets around the wrist. The earrings are very light colored and the hat is plain, but with two cat ear shaped pieces. On the back are also a pair of wings.For Hana-chan to change, the ojamajo must cast magical stage, lending their power to Hana. Her tap opens revealing their crystal balls inside and outside of her backpack appears the dress. As she pulls it on, the boots and gloves appear. Then the tap and hat form. Proceeding with a pose.

[8]Fami-chan from the final episode of the entire series.Added by Chrismh

Fami-chan was seen in what appears to be a futuristic looking Ojamajo uniform. Only half of it is seen in detail, while almost all of it appears in the shadow. So not too much is known regarding it. However, many fans like to draw what it looks like or add other ojamajo apprentices to the group. From what is seen, it has a top part with a white frilled collar over it. On the piece of fabric is a big golden badge with a music note etched on it. The collar itself, and the frills around the piece of cloth are darkly colored. The shoulder leaves still look similiar to the previous series, but face down like big petals of flower. The color order is also changed.She wears long gloves, as seen from the images of the uniform and the hat is somewhat the same as it always was. Only more curved. The earrings sare different in the future uniforms as well. Being shaped like long ovals, or undetailed raindrops. Compaired to the usual spherical shape.

[9]ill ojamajo Non-chanAdded by Chrismh

The other Apprentice uniform is very basic, almost resembling the first seasons outfit, but with a somewhat "imitation" version of it. As if someone was cosplaying as a ojamajo, perhaps it would come out like that due to limitations. The outfit belongs to Non-chan. A sick girl who becomes a ojamajo for the only episode she is in. After Doremi and the others convinced the witch queen and majorika, they allowed them to use magic. Which gave her the uniform.

The outfit, as mentioned resembles the first season outfit. With many differences. The outfit is only in two colors, unless you count the magic sphere on the chest, then three. The dress has two layers of curved petals, the neck and sleeves are fluffed pieces, not leaves and petals. The gloves and boots are plain with the fluffed edging, and the hat has the curved shape like in motto, while the rest of the hat is plain in comparison.

Ojamajo Doremi 16EditEdit

[10]Added by MiyakoAsukaKeeks8D

The ojamajo outfit for this light novel series is clearly based on the first seasons witch uniform. As the girls are now bigger and more mature, it has been adjusted to fit their new bodies and forms.The tap is the same as what it was, but its unknown if the wands are also. The dress has the same color and pattern formation. But with a darker lining/strap around the waist and the petals are much shorter, the same bead bracelets and earrings, the hats are also the same. Their gloves are dark colored and above the elbow, while they wear dark boot-like shoes and light colored knee socks.


  • Earrings are always worn, only two instances have shown not to have earrings. The pattisier outfit (to avoid getting in the way with the intercom) and Non-chan's uniform.
  • The earrings are the least changed part in the entire series. Only to have one different appearence (Fami)
  • Motto's tap is the only season where the tap is worn around the glove and finger. Any other time its on the chest.
  • During the henshin, tiny glowing/sparkling music notes appear for a split second after each part. Such as Gloves, Boots, Dress, Hat, and Earrings.

Futari wa Pretty CureEdit

Futari wa Pretty Cure is the first season, and thus holds the original idea of Pretty Cure. The girls are Cure Black and Cure White, but in order to transform, they have to be together with their Card Communes and Queen Cards. In order to perform their finishing attacks, they need to be together and hold hands, as well as have an understanding for each other. When their relationship is unbalanced, their fighting style slips off, and they are also unable to do their attacks. Although this gives them a weakness, it should be noted that whenever their minds are in harmony and their friendship is great, their power gets stronger. In its sequel, Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, the new member Shiny Luminous is added, with Cure Black and Cure White still remaining a duo.

  • Cure Black (キュアブラック Kyuaburakku?) - The apparent leader of the duo, and the stronger of them. Her real identity is Misumi Sonic.
  • Cure White (キュアホワイト Kyuahowaito?) - Though not the strongest, she is faster and more agile than Cure Black, and uses strategy to win. Her real identity is Yukishiro Tails.

Transformation speechEditEdit


Sonic & Tails: デュアルオーロラウェイブ!

Cure Black: 光の使者、キュアブラック!

Cure White: 光の使者、キュアホワイト!

Both: ふたりはプリキュア!

Cure White: 闇の力のしもべたちよ!

Cure Black: とっととおうちに帰りなさい!


Sonic & Tails: Dyuaru oorora ueibu!

Cure Black: Hikari no shisha, Kyuaburakku!

Cure White: Hikari no shisha, Kyuahowaito!

Both: Futari wa Purikyua!

Cure White: Yami no chikara no shimobetachi yo!

Cure Black: Tottoto ouchi ni kaerinasai!

Literal TranslationEditEdit

Sonic & Tails: "Dual Aurora Wave!"

Cure Black: "Emissary of Light, Cure Black!"

Cure White: "Emissary of Light, Cure White!"

Both: "We are Pretty Cure!"

Cure White: "Servant of the Dark Powers!"

Cure Black: "Return to the darkness from which you came!"

English dubEditEdit

Sonic & Tails: "Dual Aurora Wave!"

Cure Black: "Emissary of Light, I am Cure Black!"

Cure White: "Emissary of Light, I am Cure White!"

Both: "Together we are Pretty Cure!"

Cure White: "Evil Spirits of Darkness..."

Cure Black: "...Return to the abyss where you belong!"

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash StarEdit

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star is the first spin-off series from the original Futari wa Pretty Cure. It retains the main concept of the previous season but with some changes. In this series, the creatures from the other world are called spirits, and Pretty Cure get their powers from spiritual powers collected from the human world by these spirits. Like the previous series, the girls have to be together in order to transform and perform a group attack. Unlike the previous Pretty Cure, these girls use the power of the spirits to fight, thus being able to create shields and fly in the air, and their attack concentrates slightly more on purifying the possessed beings rather than striking them down. As the story goes on, the girls acquire a second form, but still retains their first form, thus they can choose between two different Cure forms. At the end of the series, they become a four-member team after the Dark Fall duo joins the Cure duo.

  • Cure Bloom (キュアブルーム Kyuaburuumu?) and Cure Bright (キュアブライト Kyuaburaito?) - Blessed with the flower power of the earth (Cure Bloom) and the light power of the moon (Cure Bright), her real identity is Hyuuga Shadow.
  • Cure Egret (キュアイーグレット Kyuaiiguretto?) and Cure Windy (キュアウィンディ Kyuauindi?) - Blessed with the bird power of the sky (Cure Egret) and the wing power of the wind (Cure Windy), her real identity is Mishou Rouge.

Transformation speechEditEdit

Cure Bloom & Cure EgretEditEdit


Shadow & Rouge: デュアルスピリチュアルパワー!

Shadow: 花開け大地に!

Rouge: 羽ばた空に!

Cure Bloom: 輝く金の花、キュアブルーム!

Cure Egret: 煌き銀の翼、キュアイーグレット!

Both: ふたりはプリキュア!

Cure Egret: 聖なる泉を汚すものよ

Cure Bloom: あこぎな真似はおやめなさい!


Shadow & Rouge: Dyuaru supirichuaru pawaa!

shadow: Hana hirakeru daichi ni!

Rouge: Habatake sora ni!

Cure Bloom: Kagayaku kin no hana, Kyuaburuumu!

Cure Egret: Kirameku gin no tsubasa, Kyuaiiguretto!

Both: Futari wa Purikyua!

Cure Egret: Senaru izumi wo kegasu mono yo...

Cure Bloom: ...Atogi no mane wa oyame nasai!

Literal TranslationEditEdit

Shadow & Rouge: "Dual Spiritual Power!"

Shadow: "Open a flower in the earth!"

Rouge: "Flap your wings in the sky!"

Cure Bloom: "The shining golden flower, Cure Bloom!"

Cure Egret: "The radiant silver wing, Cure Egret!"

Both: "We are Pretty Cure!"

Cure Egret: "Those who desecrate the Holy Fountains..."

Cure Bloom: "...We're here to stop your cruel behavior!"

Cure Bright & Cure WindyEditEdit


Shadow & Rouge: デュアル・スピリチュアル・パワー!

Shadow: 未来を照らし Rouge: 勇気を運べ

Cure Bright: 天空に満ちる月、キュアブライト!

Cure Windy: 大地に薫る風、キュアウィンディ!

Both: ふたりはプリキュア! Cure Windy:聖なる泉を汚すものよ!

Cure Bright: あこぎな真似はおやめなさい!


Shadow & Rouge: Dyuaru Supirichuaru Pawaa!

Shadow: Mirai wo terashi!

Rouge: Yuuki wo hakobe!

Cure Bright: Tenkuu ni michiru tsuki, Kyuaburaito!

Cure Windy: Daichi ni kaoru kaze, Kyuauindi!

Both: Futari wa Purikyua!

Cure Windy: Senaru izumi wo kegasu mono yo...

Cure Bright: ...Atogi no mane wa oyame nasai!

Literal TranslationEditEdit

Shadow & Rouge: "Dual Spiritual Power!"

Shadow: "Illuminate the future!"

Rouge: "Carry the courage!"

Cure Bright: "The full moon in the sky, Cure Bright!"

Cure Windy: "The scented wind across the earth, Cure Windy!"

Both: "We are Pretty Cure!"

Cure Windy: "Those who desecrate the Holy Fountains..."

Cure Bright: "...We're here to stop your cruel behavior!"

Yes! Pretty Cure 5Edit

Yes! Pretty Cure 5, together with its sequel, Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, is the first season to break off from the duo-Pretty Cure tradition, having five Cures in Pretty Cure. Unlike the previous seasons, they do not need to be together to transform, do not depend on a mascot in order to transform, transform with a watch rather than a phone (though this is changed in the sequel), have butterfly-shaped bows rather than normal ribbon bows, and almost each Cure controls a specific element. Because of the number of Cures, the role of the leader is more obvious and actually decided among the Cures.

  • Cure Dream (キュアドリーム Kyuadoriimu?) - The Cure of Hope. With the power of crystals, she is the leader, and her real identity is Yumehara Amy.
  • Cure Rouge (キュアルージュ Kyuaruuju?) - The Cure of Passion. With the power of fire, her real identity is Natsuki Cream.
  • Cure Lemonade (キュアレモネード Kyuaremoneedo?) - The Cure of Effervescent. With the power of light, her real identity is Kasugano Big.
  • Cure Mint (キュアミント Kyuaminto?) - The Cure of Tranquility. With the power of earth, her real identity is Akimoto Cheese.
  • Cure Aqua (キュアアクア Kyuaakua?) - The Cure of Intelligence. With the power of water, her real identity is Minazuki Chocola.

Transformation speechEditEdit


All: プリキュア・メタモルフォーゼ!

Cure Dream: 大いなる希望の力、キュアドリーム!

Cure Rouge: 情熱の赤い炎、キュアルージュ!

Cure Lemonade: はじけるレモンの香り、キュアレモネード!

Cure Mint: 安らぎの緑の大地、キュアミント!

Cure Aqua: 知性の青き泉、キュアアクア!

Cure Dream: 希望の力と···

Cure Rouge & Cure Lemonade & Cure Mint & Cure Aqua: ···未来の光、

All: 華麗に羽ばたく5つの心、

All: Yes!プリキュア5!


All: Purikyua Metamorufooze!

Cure Dream: Ooinaru kibou no chikara, Kyuadoriimu!

Cure Rouge: Jounetsu no akai honou, Kyuaruuju!

Cure Lemonade: Hajikeru remon no kaori, Kyuaremoneedo!

Cure Mint: Yasuragi no midori no daichi, Kyuaminto!

Cure Aqua: Chisei no aoki izumi, Kyuaakua!

Cure Dream: Kibou no Chikara to...

Cure Rouge & Cure Lemonade & Cure Mint & Cure Aqua: ...Mirai no Hikari...

All: ...Kare ni habataku itsutsu no kokoro!

All: Iesu! Purikyua Faibu!

Literal TranslationEditEdit

All: "Pretty Cure Metamorphose!"

Cure Dream: "The great power of hope, Cure Dream!"

Cure Rouge: "The red flame of passion, Cure Rouge!"

Cure Lemonade: "The fragrance of bursting lemon, Cure Lemonade!"

Cure Mint: "The green earth of tranquility, Cure Mint!"

Cure Aqua: "The blue spring of intelligence, Cure Aqua!"

Cure Dream: "With the Power of Hope..."

Cure Rouge & Cure Lemonade & Cure Mint & Cure Aqua: "...And the Light of the Future..."

All: "...Our five beautiful hearts will soar!"

All: "Yes! Pretty Cure 5!"

Fresh Pretty Cure!Edit

In Fresh Pretty Cure!, Pretty Cure has changed from the normal, and have also broken some of the considered "traditions" of Pretty Cure. For example: They do not have a bow, but rather a small clover on their left or right chest; they look older than previous Pretty Cures, and mainly use the power of purification rather than combat when fighting; they are all named after fruits; though the season focused on the first three Cures, it is eventually revealed that there is a fourth Cure who is presented halfway through the series.

  • Cure Peach (キュアピーチ Kyuapiichi?) - The apparent leader of Pretty Cure, whose pink heart is the symbol of love. Her real identity is Momozono Espio.
  • Cure Berry (キュアベリー Kyuaberii?) - The second of Pretty Cure, whose blue heart is the symbol of hope. Her real identity is Aono Charmy.
  • Cure Pine (キュアパイン Kyuapain?) - The third Cure to join, whose yellow heart is the symbol of prayers. Her real identity is Yamabuki Vector.
  • Cure Passion (キュアパッション Kyuapasshon?) - The last Cure to join, whose scarlet heart is the proof of happiness. Her real identity is Higashi mighty.

Cure Angel (キュアエンジェル Kyuaenjeru?) - What the group is called together when transformed into a more powerful form at the end of their final battles, although Love was the only one who obtained this form in the season's movie, hinting on that they are all individually called Cure Angel, as well.

Transformation speechEditEdit


All: チェンジ、プリキュア!ビート・アップ!

{C}Cure Peach: ピンクのハートは愛ある印。もぎたてフレッシュ、キュアピーチ!

{C}Cure Berry: ブルーのハートは希望の印。つみたてフレッシュ、キュアベリー! {C}

{C}Cure Pine: イェローのハートは祈りの印。とれたてフレッシュ、キュアパイン! {C}

{C}Cure Passion: 真っ赤なハートは幸せの証。うれたてフレッシュ、キュアパッション!{C}

{C}Cure Peach: レッツ··

·{C} {C}All: ···フレッシュ!

Cure Peach: チェンジ、プリキュア!

{C}Cure Berry & Cure Pine & Cure Passion: ビート・アップ!

{C}All: ホワイトハートはみんなの心。羽ばたけフレッシュ、キュアエンジェル!


All: Chenji, Purikyua! Biito Appu!

Cure Peach: Pinku no haato ha ai aru shirushi. Mogitate Furesshu, Kyuapiichi!

{C}Cure Berry: Buruu no haato ha kibou no shirushi. Tsumitate Furesshu, Kyuaberii!

{C}Cure Pine: Ieroo no haato ha inori no shirushi. Toretate Furesshu, Kyuapain!

{C}Cure Passion: Maaka no haato ha shiawase no akashi. Uretate Fureshu, Kyuapasshon!

{C}Cure Peach: Rettsu...

All: ...Purikyua!

Cure Peach: Chenji, Purikyua!

{C}Cure Berry & Cure Pine & Cure Passion: Biito Appu!

{C}All: Howaito haato ha minna no kokoro! Hanebatake Furesshu, Kyuaenjeru!

Literal TranslationEditEdit

All: "Change, Pretty Cure! Beat up!"

{C}Cure Peach: "The pink heart is the symbol of love. Freshly-picked Fresh, Cure Peach!"

{C}Cure Berry: "The blue heart is the symbol of hope. Freshly-gathered Fresh, Cure Berry!"

{C}Cure Pine: "The yellow heart is the symbol of prayers. Freshly-harvested Fresh, Cure Pine!"

{C}Cure Passion: "The scarlet heart is the proof of happiness. Freshly-ripened Fresh, Cure Passion!"

{C}Cure Peach: "Let's..."

{C}All: "...Pretty Cure!"

Cure Peach: "Change, Pretty Cure!"

{C}Cure Berry & Cure Pine & Cure Passion: "Beat up!"

{C}All: "The white heart is the heart of everyone! Freshly-flapping fresh, Cure Angel!"

Heartcatch Pretty Cure!Edit

The seventh generation of Pretty Cure, Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, focuses on two heroines, who can transform both separately and together. Later in the series, two additional members join the team to form a quad, and a previous Cure has her one-time appearance in the show. There is also a villain named Dark Pretty Cure, who is an artificial magical girl created from Pretty Cure data and bears "Cure" in her title. The girls use the Heart Perfumes to transform, in which they spray each other with them to form their outfits. Unlike previous seasons, they are completely depending on their items, Flower Tacts, to purify a Desertrian, though they can also use several physical attacks outside purification. Late in the show, they attain a super form, and at the end, an infinite form of all their powers and bodies combined.

  • Cure Blossom (キュアブロッサ Kyuaburossamu?) - Having pink as her theme color and cherry blossom as her theme flower, her real identity is Hanasaki Silver.
  • Cure Marine (キュアマリン Kyuamarin?) - Having light blue as her theme color and cyclamen as her theme flower, her real identity is Kurumi Blaze.
  • Cure Sunshine (キュアサンシャイン Kyuasanshain?) - Having gold as her theme color and sunflower as her theme flower, her real identity is Myoudouin cosmo.
  • Cure Moonlight (キュアムーンライト Kyuamuunraito?) - Having wisteria and silver as her theme colors and purple rose as her theme flower, her real identity is Tsukikage vanilla.
  • Cure Flower (キュアフラワー Kyuafurawaa?) - A previous Cure in her past, and with pink and red as her theme color,HPC32 her real identity is Hanasaki Kaoruko.
  • Cure Angie (キュアアンジェ Kyuaanje?) - First appearing in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!: Hana no Miyako de Fashion Show... Desu ka!?, she was the very first Cure in the Heartcatch Pretty Cure! universe. Her theme color was white. Her real identity, if it existed, is never shown.
  • Infinity Silhouette (無限シルエット Mugen Shiruetto?) - The ultimate Cure, who is created by the current Pretty Cure and their fairies uniting their love and power. As she was made by love with the intention of showing Dune the strength of love and hearts, it is possible she cannot give physical damage.HPC49
  • Other Cures (他のプリキュア Hoka no Purikyua?) - While they are not named or seen alive, there are fifteen or more statues with Pretty Cure clothes in the Pretty Cure Palace, meaning that there were at least fifteen Cures in the Heartcatch Pretty Cure! universe before the present ones.HPC32 Because of the statues, it is implied they reached the level of strength that they acquired their Super Silhouette forms, meaning even more Cures can exist who did not reach said level.HPC38 According to Heartcatch Pretty Cure!: Hana no Miyako de Fashion Show... Desu ka!?, the first Cure appeared to fight Salamander, who was sealed by her 400 years ago, meaning that there have been Cures appearing ever since 400 years prior to the present and until now.

Transformation speechEditEdit


All: プリキュア!オープン・マイハート!

{C}Cure Blossom: 大地に咲く一輪の花、キュアブロッサム!

{C}Cure Marine: 海風に揺れる一輪の花、キュアマリン!

{C}Cure Sunshine: 陽の光に浴びる一輪の花、キュアサンシャイン!

{C}Cure Moonlight: 月光に冴える一輪の花、キュアムーンライト!

{C}All: ハートキャッチプリキュア!

All: 鏡よ鏡、プリキュアに力を!

{C}All: 世界に輝く一面の花、ハートキャッチプリキュア・スーパーシルエット!

All: 宇宙に咲く大輪の花、

{C}Infinity Silhouette: 無限の力と無限の愛を持つ、星の瞳のプリキュア、 ハートキャッチプリキュア 無限シルエット!


All: Purikyua! Oopen maihaato!

{C}Cure Blossom: Daichi ni saku ichirin no hana, Kyuaburossamu!

{C}Cure Marine: Umikaze ni yureru ichirin no hana, Kyuamarin! {C}Cure Sunshine: Hi no hikari ni abiru ichirin no hana, Kyuasanshain!

{C}Cure Moonlight: Gekkou ni saeru ichirin no hana, Kyuamuunraito!

{C}All: Haatokacchi Purikyua!

All: Kagami yo kagami, Purikyua ni chikara wo!

{C}All: Sekai ni kagayaku ichimen no hana, Haatokyacchipurikyua Suupaashiruetto!

All: Uchuu ni saku tairin no hana!

{C}Infinity Silhouette: Mugen no chikara to mugen no ai wo motsu, hoshi no hitomi no Purikyua! Haatokyacchi Purikyua Mugen Shiruetto!

Literal TranslationEditEdit

All: "Pretty Cure! Open my heart!"

{C}Cure Blossom: "The flower spreading throughout the land, Cure Blossom!"

Cure Marine: "The flower swaying in the sea breeze, Cure Marine!"

{C}Cure Sunshine: "The flower bathing in the sunlight, Cure Sunshine!"

Cure Moonlight: "The flower glistening in the moonshine, Cure Moonlight!"

{C}All: "Heartcatch Pretty Cure!"

All: "Mirror, O mirror, give the power to Pretty Cure!"

{C}All: "The flowers shining all over the world, Heartcatch Pretty Cure Super Silhouette!"

All: "The grand flower that blossoms throughout the universe!"

{C}Infinity Silhouette: Infinite power... Infinite love... the Pretty Cure shining like the stars... Heartcatch Pretty Cure, Infinity Silhouette!”

Suite Pretty Cure♪Edit

The eighth group of Pretty Cure focuses on four heroines with two of them that must transform together and two that can transform individulally. The girls use the Cure Modules to transform, in which they use a Fairy Tone each to form their outfits. Hibiki uses Dory, Kanade uses Rery, Ellen/Siren uses Lary, and Ako uses Dodory. They also need a second Fairy Tone each to power their magical weapons.

  • Cure Melody (キュアメロディ Kyuamerodii?) - Having magenta and pink as her theme colors, her real identity is Houjou Sonila.
  • Cure Rhythm (キュアリズム Kyuarizumu?) - Having white and pink as her theme colors, her real identity is Minamino Manick.
  • Cure Beat (キュアビート Kyua Bīto?) - Having blue as her theme color, her real identity is Kurokawa nicole.
  • Cure Muse (キュアミューズ Kyua Myūzu) - Having yellow as her theme color, her true identity is Shirabe sally

Transformation speechEditEdit


Dory: ドド!

Rery: レレ!

Lary: ララ!

{C}Dodory: ドド!

Sonila, manick, sally, and nicole: レッツプレイ!プリキュアモジュレーション!

{C}Cure Melody: 爪弾くは荒ぶる調べ!キュアメロディ!

{C}Cure Rhythm: 爪弾くはたおやかな調べ!キュアリズム!

{C}Cure Beat: 爪弾くは魂の調!キュアビート!

{C}Cure Muse: 爪弾くは女神の調!キュアミューズ!

{C}All: 届け、4人の組曲!

{C}All: スイートプリキュア!


Dory: Dodo!

{C}Rery: Rere!

{C}Lary: Rara!

{C}Dodory: Dodo!

'Sonila, manick, sally, and nicole: Rettsupurei! Purikyuamojureeshon!

{C}Cure Melody: Tsumabiku wa araburu shirabe, Kyuamerodii!

{C}Cure Rhythm: Tsumabiku wa taoyaka na shirabe, Kyuarizumu!

{C}Cure Beat: Tsumabiku wa tamashii no shirabe, Kyuabiito!

{C}Cure Muse: Tsumabiku wa megami no shirabe, Kyuamyuuzu!

{C}All: Todoke! Yonnin no kumikyoku!

{C}All: Suiito Purikyua!

Literal TranslationEditEdit

Dory: "Dodo!"

{C}Rery: "Rere!"

{C}Lary: "Lala!"

{C}Dodory: "Dodo!"

'Sonila, manick, sally, and nicole': "Let's play! Pretty Cure Modulation!"

{C}Cure Melody: "Playing the raging tune, Cure Melody!"

{C}Cure Rhythm: "Playing the graceful tune, Cure Rhythm!"

Cure Beat: "Playing the soulful tune, Cure Beat!"

{C}Cure Muse: "Playing the godly tune, Cure Muse!"

All: "Resound, our four musical suites!"

{C}All: "Suite Pretty Cure!"

Smile Pretty Cure!Edit

The ninth group of Pretty Cure focuses on five heroines, who use Smile Pacts to transform. The theme of the series is Fairy Tales.

  • Cure Happy - The Cure of Holy Light. Having pink as her theme color, her real identity is Hoshizora Doremi.
  • Cure Sunny - The Cure of Fire. Having orange as her theme color, her real identity is Hino Hadzuki.
  • Cure Peace - The Cure of Lightning. Having yellow as her theme color, her real identity is Kise Aiko.
  • Cure March - The Cure of Wind. Having green as her theme color, her real identity is Midorikawa Onpu.
  • Cure Beauty - The Cure of Water and Ice. Having blue as her theme color, her real identity is Aoki Momoko.


While the heroines always are Pretty Cure fighting evil, others have been seen with powers similar to Pretty Cure. The two most known people, are Kujou Knuckles and Milk, who can transform into fighters similar to Pretty Cure, but with their own aliases and powers exclused to themselves.

  • Shiny Luminous (シャイニルミナス Shainiruminasu?) - Appearing in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, she is the life of the Queen, using the power of light. Though she is not called a Cure by name, she bears the Cure look and function and is created by the same mechanism as a regular Cure. She is considered a Cure both in-series and in the official series. Having pink as her theme color, her human identity is Kujou knuckles.
  • Kiryuu bunnybo - Originally a villain in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, she later sides with Pretty Cure, and at the end receives a portion of Moop's moon power that alters her outfit slightly and makes her able to take part of an ultimate Pretty Cure attack.
  • Kiryuu lily - Originally a villain in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, she later sides with Pretty Cure, and at the end receives a portion of Foop's wind power that alters her outfit slightly and makes her able to take part of an ultimate Pretty Cure attack.
  • Dark Pretty Cure 5 (ダークプリキュア5 Daakupurikyua Faibu?) - Appearing in Yes! Pretty Cure 5: Kagami no Kuni no Miracle Daibouken!, this group is clones of the original Pretty Cure 5 group, fused with their powers, the power of Shadow as well as the representants of Pretty Cure's dark sides. Being clones, they do not have any other identities.
    • Dark Dream (ダークドリーム Daakudoriimu?): Cure Dream's dark counterpart, and the leader of the group. Her theme color is dark magenta.
    • Dark Rouge (ダークルージュ Daakuruuju?): Cure Rouge's dark counterpart, having red as her theme color.
    • Dark Lemonade (ダークレモネード Daakuremoneedo?): Cure Lemonade's dark counterpart, having golden yellow as her theme color.
    • Dark Mint (ダークミント Daakuminto?): Cure Mint's dark counterpart, having green as her theme color.
    • Dark Aqua (ダークアクア Daakuakua?): Cure Aqua's dark counterpart, having blue as her theme color.
  • Milky Rose (ミルキィローズ Mirukiiroozu?) - Appearing in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, she uses the power of the mysterious blue rose of miracles, the counterpart of Pretty Cure's red rose of hope. Having purple as her theme color, her real identity is Milk. Like Shiny Luminous, she does not bear "Cure" in her title, but still resembles and regarded as a Cure.
  • Coconuts (ココナッツ Kokonattsu?) - Appearing in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!: Okashi no Kuni no Happy Birthday! in a play, this duo is formed by Coco and Natts by using the Miracle Lights. They only appear as a joke to explain how the use of the Miracle Lights will create a miracle to the audience.
    • Cure Coco (キュアココ Kyuakoko?): The Cure of Cream, he uses the same accessories as Cure Dream. His real identity is Coco.
    • Cure Nuts (キュアナッツ Kyuanattsu?): He uses the same accessories as Cure Mint. His real identity is Natts.
  • Dark Cure (ダークプリキュア Daakupurikyua?) - Appearing in Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. She is an artificially-made Cure using data on Cure Moonlight. She has red as her theme color.

Transformation speechEditEdit


Knuckles: ルミナス!シャイニング・ストリーム! {C

Shiny Luminous: かがやく命、シャイニールミナス! {C

Shiny Luminous: 光の心、光の意志!全てをひとつにする為に!

Mimino Majorythem: スカイローズ・トランスレイト!{C

Milky Rose: 青いバラは秘密の印、ミルキィローズ!

Koji & Natsu: ココナッツ・メタモルフォーゼ!

{C Cure Coco: (?)、キュアココ! {C

Cure Nuts: (?)、キュアナッツ! {C


Dark Dream: そ、私は貴方。


Knuckles: Ruminasu! Shainingu Sutoriimu! {C

Shiny Luminous: Kagayaku inochi, Shainiruminasu! {C

Shiny Luminous: Hikari no kokoro, hikari no ishi! Subete hitotsu ni suru tame ni!

Mimino Majorythem: Sukairoozu Toransureito! {C

Milky Rose: Aoi bara ha himitsu no shirushi, Mirukiiroozu!

Koji & Natsu: Kokonattsu Metamorufoose! {C

Cure Coco: Shu kurimu ha daisuki, Kyuakoko! {C

Cure Nuts: Yasuragi no mamedaifuku, Kyuanattsu! {C

Both: Futari wa Kokonattsu!

Dark Dream: So, watashi ha anata.

Literal TranslationEditEdit

Knuckles: "Luminous! Shining Stream!" {C

Shiny Luminous: "Sparkling life, Shiny Luminous!" {C

Shiny Luminous: "Hearts of light and wills of light... combine them all as one!"

Mimino Majorythem: "Skyrose Translate!" {C

Milky Rose: "The blue rose is the secret mark, Milky Rose!"

Koji & Natsu: "Coconuts Metamorphose!" {C

Cure Coco: "I love creampuffs, Cure Coco!" {C

Cure Nuts: "Tranquility of Sweet Bean Rice Cakes, Cure Nuts!" {C

Both: "We are Coconuts!"

Dark Dream: "That's right, I am you."