The Chipmunk And Rabbit Musical 3 Chip-Sensation Poster

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The Chipmunk And Rabbit Muscial 3 Chip-Sensation


(The Chipmunks and Rabbits are back in the biggest 2019 3D Christmas Adventure with Sonic and the Gang, full of Music of Singing and Dancing!) When the evil scientest Dr Eggman Chase Sonic and the Gang, they have been leaded by the Chipmunks and Rabbits in the wrong way, witch is a cave where Eggman can't find them easliy. But when the 12 friends found 2 Emaralds in the icy ground that makes four, the icy ground breaks into a big Portal that Team Heroes Team Hearts The Chipmunks and The Rabbits fell down into a Christmas world called the North Pole. Sonic and the Gang are in Santa's big home, and the Chipmunks and Rabbits found 3 Emaralds that are high and stuck inside the biggest home in the North Pole where two giant Green friendly monsters live, named Bing and Bonica Crosby, the 2 Northern D'lite Sparkling Trees. So the 12 friends helped Santa ready for Christmas and get back home by turning the White Moon into the Red Moon and make the Portal work before Eggman finds them or Nat and Natalie King Cole as the Crosby's nephews and the team of Southern fights them against Northern.