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Sonic X Seasons Movies and SpecialsEdit

Season 1:Sonic a friend Chris (2003-2004)

Season 2: Adventure (2004-2005)

Season 3: Cosmo in Sonic real world (2005-2006)

Season 4:New adventures (summer 2013)

Season 5: Return of the Tokyo (2014)

Sonic's Kid (The Movie)(2015)

Season 6: The Evil Robot Part 1 (2016)

Sonic and the return of Eggman (2017)

Season 7: The Evil Robot Part 2 (2018)

Sonic Arena (2019)

Season 8: Tower-Castle is in Paris Part 1 (2020)

Season 9: Tower-Castle is in Paris Part 2 (2021)

Season 10: Tower-Castle is in Paris Part 3 (2022)

Season 11: The Metal Sonic (2023)

Season 12: Werehog (2024)

Season 13: Sonic dream of Doom (2025)

Season 14: Sonic must help all friend (2026)

Season 15: Black Knight and Secret Rings (2027)

Season 16: Sonic and Tails vs Dreamy Bowser (2028)

Season 17: Legends (2029)

Season 18: Knuckles is the police (2030)

Season 19: John Romero and Demon John Romero (2031)

Season 20: The Robot Monster (2032)

Season 21:Team heroes must kill Dr Eggman (2033)

Sonic the Hedgehog in the Real World Seasons the Movie .Edit

Season 1:Sonic the Hedgehog Costum

Season 2:Chaos Emeralds Making Power

Season 3:Making kid Costume

Season 4:Training

Season 5:Enemys Fighting

Season 6:Machine Robot

Season 7:Sonic,Shadow and Silver vs Nazo

Season 8:Dr Eggman's Lair

Sonic SoulEdit

Sonic Soul

Sonic Soul 2

Sonic Soul 3

Sonic Soul 4 (Japanse only)

Not now

Sonic GameEdit

Sonic Generations

Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure DX

Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic Adventure 3 Arena

Sonic the Hedgehog(2006)

Sonic and the Black Knight

Sonic and the Black Knight 2

Sonic and the Secret Rings

Sonic Heroes

Sonic Heroes 2

Sonic Doom

Sonic Doom 2

Sonic Doom 3

Omega's kid

Gamma's kid

Shadow's kid

Silver's kid

Sonic RPG eps 10

Sonic RPG eps 11

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