Silver the Hedgehog Age: 14powers: ESPLikes: Blaze, world peace, Edmund, Mammoth Mogul, Sonic, Amy, Shadow, his future.Dislikes: Mephiles, Iblis, Dr. Eggman

Silver was born sometime in the future, and grew up living in the ruins of Central City. Silver's friend Edmund, the great-great grandson of Knuckles, took care of Silver along with the future Mammoth Mogul after Silver's parents died when he was 3 years old, due to some kind of illness. Silver was trained by both Edmund and Mogul to do ESP. Silver met Blaze the Cat when he was 14, and the both of them became good friends and agreed to figure out why everything is in ruins. Silver and Blaze met Mephiles the Dark a month later, and were told by Mephiles that a blue hedgehog named Sonic the Hedgehog was responsible for all the destruction in the world. Mephiles took Silver and Blaze to 200 years in the past, and showed them where Sonic lives. Silver was most determined to destroy Sonic, but was stopped a couple times by Amy and Shadow and began to question if killing Sonic was the right thing to do to save the future from never ending destruction. Silver and Blaze went to the floating island and used the time stones to see if Sonic is responsible for the destruction of their world. They discovered that it was actualy Mephiles who was responsible for the future being in ruins. And Silver discovered that Sonic isn' the iblis trigger, When Sonic was killed by Mephiles in front of princess Elise, Silver and Blaze helped revive Sonic and went home after Mephiles was destoyed. Silver was suprised but happy when he saw that the future was no longer in ruins, but Edmund and Mogul didn't seem to notice that time had change except for Silver and Blaze.

His sister is Majorythem,Who is a princess (she appeared in ojamajo adventure:Naisho no Maho),But she is a witch who magic crystal broke.