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Mika Waku is a 10 year old 5th grade student in Pop 's class and is Pop's best friend. Mika is very shy to the point where her sentence hardly go off without "..." indicating pauses.

She is given the nickname Kaku-chan by Sika. Most of the characters almost always refer to her as Kaku followed by some sort of honorific.This seems to annoy Mika a bit but she doesn't protest too much.

She is the sister of Nozomi Waku/Non-chan who was in Ojamajo Doremi Naisho.

When she was little she was sick with thoart cancer, Non-chan who was a special human born with magic power gave her magic ability to Mika upon curing her with her magic. This is the reason she is chosen.




Mika is a very very shy person. She rarely talks and if does pauses a lot during talking. Despite her shyness she is very loyal to her friends and will often be the first to stop someone from doing something. For example going after Sika during the level 4 exam and knocking Natasha's wand out Natasha's hand when attempting to bring back her father.

At school other students spred rumors that she didn't care that her sister died but the truth was that she hides sadness by being quiet, and is selectively mute during class (she never talks in class) she is able to talk outside of class well but is still shy.

She doesn't use honorifics at all, besides when calling her sister Non-chan, teachers Sensai.


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No matter what Mika wears she always wears a green bandanna that belonged to her sister. During the fanfic a doctor takes it off of her and it gets lost after the wizards attack, she gets a new one from Sara and Olivia as a birthday gift. She eventually gets the original one back. Mika's usual outfit is a orange shirt with light yellow selevees, her skirt is also light yellow. Her alternate outfit(She wears her altenate outfit more than others) is a green sundress with darker outlines. when the girls

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go to the beach she doesn't go swimming and wears her sundress. Her Pajamas are the same ones Non-chan wore in Ojamajo Doremi Naisho.

In the Manga she often has an odd eye style(or lack of style) dubbed Mika eyes in the manga, which Sika points out (though she says it's the look of her face claiming it's her eyes).

Her PastEditEdit

Mika is the sister of Nozomi Waku who in Ojamajo doremi Naisho dies. It is releaved(fictionally) in Ojamajo Symphonys that she got sick after using magic which is thought to be fake is actually real. Mika who was born with thoart cancer was healed by Non-chan and the sickness and magic power transfered.

While Non-chan is sick Mika moves in with her aunt to give her parents an easier time. During this time she is hurt by her aunt a couple times. Bceause of this she understands Natasha a bit more than others but it is no where near as bad as Natasha.

As well when she was 6 or so there was a fire at her aunts house(the reason why she moves back to Misora). During the fire she hides under the bed, a firefighter tries to save her but as they go through the house and the fire-man is almost crushed by a falling beam but Mika randomly summoned a magical barrier. The fireman fainted(he gave the oxygen mask to Mika).

As an OjamajoEditEdit

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Mika is an green Ojamajo and has the strongest magical powers, having inheriting Non-chan powers and developing her own. She can even keep up fairly well with the others when they are in chosen witch outfits and is even able to only have to say the first part of her spell to have it cast. Her crystal ball is a light green crescent moon, initally it's bigger than the other's(though not drastcially bigger but noticeble)

Mika's fairy is named Cece. Cece acts a lot like Mika and even uses the Mika Eyes. She is a bit shy but is a bit more childish than Mika is.

Her wizard counterpart is Ryo. He is the strongest and leader of the wizards and is seemingly the one in charge.

Her past counterpart is her sister because she is deceased at the time of ulimate magical stage initally Mika and Nozomi struggled with being able to keep the magical stage going. Then something happens and the magical stage works.

Her future counterpart is her daughter Nozomi. Despite being the same age Nozomi acts way more like a kid and is way more talkitive. She claims that she has no clue where it came from because both her parents are untalkitive.

Relationship with other SymphonysEditEdit

Mika does not really interact with people that much, she has a hard time considering people as her friends which is why it takes so long for her to get her chosen form.

Pop- She claims Pop is her best friend. Mika doubts this sometimes wondering if Pop would be her friend if she

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wasn't a witch.

Natasha- Natasha says Mika is one of her best friends. Mika feels as if Natasha is nice because she feels like Nat owes Mika for stoping her from using magic to bring back her dad.

Sara- Not much interaction is shown between the two. Though Mika is the first to realise Sara is older. Mika feels like Sara is just nice to everyone.

Sika- Sika really likes Mika as a friend though Mika missunderstands this for just hanging out with her because they didn't get their chosen forms for quite some time.

Olivia- Mika along with Pop walks home with Olivia(though it was suppose to be Natasha doing it). Mika thinks that she Olivia is just a kid and doesn't consider her a friend.

Yuki and Yuka- the twins respect her and look up to her. Mika thinks they just respect her like any kid.

Despite her be seemingly indifference to friendship she gets her chosen uniform from protecting all her friends, this causes her to get a bigger magic boost than the others.(however she does loose some of her inherited magic from her sister).


Parents- She loves her parents but she feels like she often compared to Non-chan and feels they love her less than they did for Non-chan.

Non-chan- She feels her sisters death is because of her(well she kinda is). She loves her sister despite her having passed.

Nozomi- Mika's daughter in Mirai. She cares for her daughter and raised her to not be as anti-social as her. She thinks Nozomi is the best thing to happen to her.

Love LifeEditEdit

Misaki- Pop's old friend and leader of the soccer team. Her crush is pretty short lived then only lasting until a few months after Ojamajo Symphonys.

Ryo- She first met Ryo when she was little and was her only friend for a while though she moved and didn't see him or realized it was the same person for sometime. He was already a wizard for quite sometime. She is the reason he stops being evil. She loves Ryo but isn't sure why or when she started liking him.

In MiraiEditEdit

She is a part of the queens council like the other symphonys. She has no problem with the kids going to the other world.


  • Her Fairy's name comes from her original name which was Cecilia.
  • Since she is the last one to get her chosen she only transforms into this form twice.

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Natasha SeleenEdit

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Natasha Seleen is a 9 year old 4th grader. She very althletic and seemingly carefree. She hyper active and is the youngest of the older 5 girls. Sara the oldest is 4 1/2 years older.

She is sometimes refered to as Nat, Nata or Natty by her friends.

She was chosen because she was realted to a previous queen of the witch world(though she doesn't know this right away)




Natasha is hyperactive and chlidish. She loves her family more than anything. Intially she acts cool and slightly rude but after others get past that she is very friendly.

When first entering the school she impresses people with her sports abilities and she even manages to beat the boys soccer team. She is a match-maker, she constantly tries to set one of her older brothers with girls all the time. Later in life she snoops around(with the use of magic) to see every romantic moment she can(that isn't too private)


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has mid-back length brown hair she wears a hat that her father gave to her before he died. She wears the hat backwards when she doesn't wear the hat she often has her hair tied in a red ribbon that used to be her mothers.

She wears a blue t-shirt, from the v-point of the shirt design splits and goes down in a v-shape and that area is coloured darker. The sleeves are also dark. She also wears a light blue under-shirt underneath. She wears blue jeans with light blue cuffs at the bottom.

Her Alternate outfit is a darker blue shirt with light blue sleeves, she wears a light blue skirt with a darker light blue section, she wears jeans underneath.

Her pajama's are a long sleeve blue top with blue stars, the pants are the same design. She sleeps with her hat off and wears her hair up in a ribbon.

Her swimsuit is a blue one piece similar to a school swimsuit.

Her pastEditEdit

As a

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very little kid she greatly admired and adored her father and oldest brother Liam, causing her 2nd brother Tsubasa to feel ignored. She played sports outside all the time with father and brothers.

When she was the age of 3 her father died after being sick for a long time. Her mother mourned for a 1 1/2 years. Until she decided to date again feeling Natasha and the boys needed a father figure and got remarried. While she was dating Natasha often lied to prevent her mother from getting married again.

When Natasha was 5 years old her step-father started mistreating young Natasha and after a while got abusive, physically abusing her for years after.

As an OjamajoEditEdit

Natasha is a blue Ojamajo.

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She is avaerage with her magic, she is not bad at magic but also not great at magic. Her speical power is to tell when something is about to happen, more or less like a 6th sense or really quick reflexes. Her crystal ball is a dark blue star.

Her fairy's name is Nana. Nana likes to tease the other fairies and giggles a lot.

Her wizard counterpart is Ozora, he also like sports. Attacking with sports themed magic.

Her past counterpart is Aiko. Both girls act really similar and Natasha starts to admire Aiko.

Her future counterpart is her daughter Ruby, who is quite different than Natasha being more girly and not being into sports as much.

Relationship with other SymphonysEditEdit


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Natasha is initally rude to Pop but they do become friends. They do however have conflicting personalities and sometimes fight.

Mika- Natasha gets along very well with Mika. She claims Mika to be one of her best friends if not her best friend. She is often seen putting her hands around Mika and someone elses neck.

Sara- She thinks that Sara is cute and tries to set up her with her brother Tsubasa. She teases Sara a bit when she realizes that Sara does like Tsubasa and calls her onee-chan(usuing it to mean Sister-in law).

Sika- As cousins they get along very well, Sika being the only person Natasha could trust until meeting the others. She treats Sika more like a friend than an older cousin and doesn't call her onee-chan.

Olivia- Natasha's oppinion of Olivia is different in the fanfic and in the Manga. In the fanfic thier is not much interaction between the two but a few years later they get along great and hang around eachother a lot. In the Manga Natasha is very friendly with Olivia and even call Olivia Imouto-chi(meaning little sister).

Yuka and Yuki- She cares about the twins because they are family(being the daughters of a cousin) and eventually(in Mirai) says she is very proud of both of them.

She gets her chosen form protecting Sika form Ozora's magic. She and Sara get the power upgrade 1rst at the same time.


Father- (Travis Seleen) She loves and misses her father and even once tried to use magic to revive him. She resembles her father and according to her mother acts just like him.

Mother- Since her mother got remarried she lost trust in her mother. However this fixed really quickly after her step-father is sent to jail.

Liam- As a little kid she admires Liam a lot almost comparable to her dad, however he trusted their step-father and believed him over Natasha and over time stopped trusting him. Natasha eventually does re-trust Liam after he figures out what happened. During Mirai Natasha misses Liam a lot.

Tsubasa- Since he is the only member of her family to trust her when she talks about her step-father. She gets along great with Tsubasa and admits in Mirai that growing her was like a father figure to her.

Ruby- Natasha's daughter. They get along well but Ruby feels she has too much responibility.

Diachi and Sora- Natasha's sons. They love thier mother and act like Tsubasa and Liam respectvely.

Rei and Hikari- Liam's future daughters. She loves her nieces despite not seeing them grow up. She often spent tonnes of time with them. She gets pictures of them from Onpu(thier mother).

Crystal and Mizuki- Natasha's granddaughters.

Despite troubles in the past her biggest fear is that her family would split up.

Love lifeEditEdit

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Ozora- He is a evil wizard but after Ojamajo symphonys they get along very well for sometime. Ozora ends up enrolling in school with her and they fall in love during highschool. Natasha usually calls Ozora Zora-chi. Ozora tells Tsubasa that he was attracted to Natasha for quite some time.

In MiraiEditEdit

Natasha is a member of the queens conucil and is also a nurse and helps majo-heart look after sick people. She seems to be the person most effected by having to move to the magic world, because of her strong family connection. She gets Onpu to give her pictures of her nieces Hikari and Rei.


  • Despite having the saddest backstory she remains the most happy acting.
  • She only wears blue the only thing different in colour is her red ribbion.
  • She is the only one of the Symphonys that has brothers, and as of Mirai is the only one to have sons.
  • She looks almost exactly like her dad did, despite some girly features.
  • Despite wanting to be part of a sports team as a kid she eventually decides to be a nurse.




Sara CaraEdit

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Sara Cara a 7th grader and is the oldest of the group. She is 13 and turns 14 by the end. She is very poilet. She is often mistaken as being younger than she is. She can speak french and Japanse flunetly and is also learning english.

She was chosen because her sister Olivia and herself were born with magic capibilites(though the answer why isn't explained into Mirai)




Sara is mature and very poliet she refers to everyone with the honourific -san even her friends after many years. The exceptions are her sister, Tsubasa, one of her cousins and Mika on one occasion.

Natasha at first thinks she would be the perfect wife but find outs Sara sucks at cooking, sewing and is clusmy thus making more messes than she cleans. She gets better at house work...over time.


Sara despite being 13 she looks quite a bit younger than she actually is. She wears her hair in pigtails and has pink streaks(not natural as her baby pictures she doesn't have them or when she is older). She is short for age being the shortest of the older 5(Natasha is a little taller).

Her normal outfit is a light orange top with white sleeves, She wears an orange skirt and pink mary-jane shoes. Her alternate outfit is a orange tank top and blue jeans. Natasha remarks how this makes her look older, possibliy older than 13.

Her pajama's are chinese style clothing that are orange and yellow. Her swinsuit is a orange biniki her mother forced her to buy...she is a little embarassed to wear it.

Her PastEditEdit

Sara was born in Japan after her mother fell in love with a man from france they moved to France until she was 12 and moved to Japan Sara lived in France, she is half french on her fathers side. Despite her mother being Japanese and not fluent in french Sara didn't learn to speak Japanese until she visited Japan at the age of 9 after she got a crush on a boy who helped her and wanted to meet him. She could understand what others were saying to some extent.

After her sister was born her father left her mother for reasons Sara didn't know and never did know. In Mirai her niece Akari finds out why.

As an OjamajoEditEdit

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Sara is an orange Ojamajo. Her speical power is to hear plants talk without the use of magic. She has to focus to do it. Her crystal ball is a orange sphere.

Sara's fairy is named Sasa. Sasa is a sweet heart and is very obient she also always uses -san when she gains the ability to speak.

Her wizard counterpart is Damien, he once tried to convince Olivia to go with him.

Her past counterpart is Hadzuki, she admires Hadzuki and they go to the same school.

Her future counterpart is a girl named Himeko who at frist says she is Tsubasa's daughter but eventually Sara figured out Himeko was her daughter aswell.

Relationship with other SymphonysEditEdit

Pop- The two get along well because of thier similar personalities.

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Later in life they watch chick flicks together alot.

Mika- Sara is friends with Mika and is the only person who points Mika's comments. She also calls Mika, Mika-chan once.

Natasha- Sara thinks Natasha is a very kinda girl and is good friends with her. Natasha playfully her a bit about being lolita-like.

Sika- Not much interaction is shown between the two. They are fairly good friends however.

Olivia- They are sisters and love each other very much. She looks after Olivia and is a very responable big sister. They do fight sometimes.

Yuka and Yuki- Not much interactions are shown between them. Sara eventually gets cooking lessons from them.

She gets her chosen from protecting Olivia, she gets the power up the same time as Natasha.


Mother(Suri)- She finds her mother a little embrassing but loves her mother. Despite being a little hyper-active the 2 act very similar.

Father- After Olivia was born he left his family.Sara doesn't remember him very well despite being 7 when he left.

Olivia- Stated above :D

Kelly- her cousin at first they didn't understand eachother but they still looked forward to see eachother.

Himeko- after trying to have a kid for 10 years (from 20-30) she got pragnet with Himeko and shes her as a miracle She loves Himeko and loves her very much.

Keiko- Her 2nd daughter who is born in 6 months after Mirai but Keiko travels from 6 years in the past. This means the news of being pragnet makes Sara very happy. (she sees her future child as a 6 year old its a bit schocking)

Akari and Ruby- her nieces she loves them.

Love LifeEditEdit

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Mystery boy- when she went Japan when she was 8 she tripped and a boy helped her. She gained a crush on the boy during the day they meet. It is revealed through different p.o.v that the boy is Tsubasa.

Tsubasa- Natasha trys to get the two together and claims that Tsubasa has a Lolita complex so they would be perfect together. Eventually they fall in love and start dating at when they are 14 and get engaged at age 19 and married at age 20.

In MiraiEditEdit

Sara runs the way the witch school, she finds out that she is carrying her 2nd child and sees her mother as a kid at the same time.


  • Yuka reveals to Sara that Sara was suppose to marry Damien, and Sara was going to have an affair to have Himeko. Yuka saw that if she didn't interfere then Sara and Tsubasa would get together instead.
  • Despite all having siblings Sara is the only one who is a big sister for a significant amount of time(Yuka is only 30minutes older than Yuki)
  • She gets angry on a date with Tsubasa(random people think she's way younger than Tsubasa) she cuts off her pigtails.




Sika SeleenEdit

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Sika is a 11 year old 6th grader. She is the cousin of Natasha and she got her tap at the same as Natasha.

She lives in Osaka which is about a 2 hour train ride from Misora. She comes to maho-dou via magical cellphones. She lived in Misora until about a month before the story starts.

She was chosen because she was realted to a previous queen of the witch world(though she doesn't know this right away)




Sika is sorta rude to people when she first meets then a trait she unintenonally gives to Natasha however Sika remains rude for quite sometime, while Natasha doesn't.

She is an upcomming child idol and Onpu's apprentice in idolhood(according to Onpu). She is a huge Onpu fan own a bunch of Onpu themed stuff. She plays Onpu in a tv show about witches. However Sika is held back by her fear of performing live.


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Sika has blue hair that is shoulder length. She has thick side bangs similar how Onpu had. As well she has dark blue eyes. Hana remarks how much Sika looks like Onpu, she gets her to put her hair in a pigtail like Onpu. Sika's also have fairly pale skin. She is the tallest of the group.

Sika often wears a lavender shirt with white slevees and a pink ribbon on it.(the ribbon is sew on and was bought that way). She wears a dark purple skirt with more pink on it. She wears tights but they are the type that are unnoticeable. She also wears a white undershirt that covers her stomach she sometimes doesn't wear it though.

she has a couple altenerate outfits that she wears various to work or when it gets colder. One is a dark purple jacket over a white shirt and a matching skirt(thats actually the skirt from her school uniform. She also sometimes wears her school uniform when she goes to the Maho-dou. Another altenate is a purple sweater and a purple skirt.

Her PastEditEdit

Her past is uneventful. She lived in Misora and at some point Onpu saw her at an aduition and said she will take her as her apprentice idol.

As an OjamajoEditEdit

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Sika is a purple Ojamajo. She is the worst at magic initally taking a while for her spells to stay and also has a bit of trouble flying on a broom. She unconfident in her abilities and is the 2nd last to get her power up form.

Her magic ability is that people fall asleep instantly when she sings lullabys. And it is relvealed in Mirai that when she was little she sung a lullaby at her school talent show everyone fell asleep, this could be the root of her fear of public performances. Her crystal ball is a purple diamond.

Sika's fairy is Sisi. Sisi is good fairy and is a bit of a drama queen.

Her wizard counterpart is Eli, who at first seems to be in charge but really isn't. Sika falls in love with him and vice versa and they help eachother. She protects Eli and gains her chosen form.

Her past counterpart is Onpu, they work together.

Her future counterpart is her daughter Mai-ly.

Relationship with other SymphonysEditEdit

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Pop- They at first don't get along that well because of Sika being rude but they become friends after a while.

Mika- Sika likes Mika quite a bit. she gives Mika the nickname Kaku-chan an nickname that everyone even her future symphonys children.

Natasha- Being cousins they get along well and are initally best friends. She is slightly jelous of Natasha calling Sara Onee-chi and not her.

Sara- Not much interaction is show between the two but they are good friends.

Olivia- Not much interaction is shown. Sika thinks Olivia is a cutey.

Yuka - The twins are the daughters of her cousin Yuko. Sika finds Yuka to be more calm and down to earth and clear about her goals.

Yuki- Often she buys candy for the candy for the girl. She notices that as Yuki gets older she starts acting a bit like Natasha.


Parents- She loves her parents but is not as close to her parents as others.

Senea and Eliza- Her sisters are quite a bit older(Senea is 22 and Eliza is 18) and thus she didn't grow up with them and thus doesn't have that strong of a connection. She does admire them.

Serina- Senea's daughter, she is only 1 years old in Ojamajo Symphonys. When she is older she wants to be a performer like Sika.

Liam and Tsubasa- She seems to like them more than her sisters, calling them Li-nii-kun and Tsubasa-nii-kun. While she calls her sisters without honourifics.

Sakura- Her first daughter, in Mirai Mai claims that Sakura is the apple of Sika's eye.

Mai-ly - Sika's second daughter. Since Mai is rebellious she is defient and prefers Sika when she was younger. Sika is proud of Mai's accoplishments.

Love LifeEditEdit

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Eli- She gets a crush on Eli quite soon after the first time she meets him. He says that with the fruit off the tree he is protecting can make her magic stronger. They are the main couple of Ojamajo Symphonys. After Ojamajo Symphonys they become boyfriend and girlfriend and they eventually get married and have two kids.

In MiraiEditEdit

She is in charge of music in the magical world and brings plays to the magical world.


  • Sika is mentioned and shown in a picture before but physically appears after Sara and Olivia.
  • She is the only one that doesn't save at least one of the other symphonys. She instead saves a wizard.
  • She is the first who befriends a wizard counterpart who is intially evil.


Olivia CaraEdit

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Olivia is a 6 year old 1rst grade student at Misora elementary school. She is the younger sister of Sara.

She is the oldest of the younger girls meaning she is pretty much thier leader. She has trouble getting along with other people her age.

She was chosen because she was born randomly with magic powers despite both her parents being human. She has cystic fibrosis, and is pretty sickly. It is said that weak people are better with magic.




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Olivia is a very kind little girl that loves her sister. She has a hard time making friends and gets along with people older than her better. Despite this she is a very good friend with strong values in friendship. Eventually she does come out of her shell and becomes very friendly.

She is poliet like Sara but to a lesser content. She uses the usual -chan to refer to friends of her age and younger and calls older friends -senpai even after they no longer go to the same school.


Olivia has medium lenght orange hair tied in a side ponytail tied in a pink bow. The reason for this hairstyle is that when she was a baby Sara was playing with her and cut her hair oddly where one side was shorter than the other and tied her hair up to try and hide that she did it. However thier mother liked it and kept her hair like that.

Her normal outfit is a pink shirt and a yellow skirt and a yellow jacket over the pink shirt. When she is older she decides to wear small pigtails and growns her hair back to equal lengths and dyes one of her bangs yellow. Her outfits as a kid are a mix of yellow and pink but when she is older her outfits are a mix of yellow and orange.

Her pastEditEdit

She is half french on her fathers side and lived in France until a month before Ojamajo Symphonys. Despite living in France she didn't learn french because she lived in a small japanese community. She later in life wishes that she did know french. Though she is learning French and English after school hours(she speaks 3 languages when she is older)

After she was born her father left her mother for reasons Sara didn't know and never did know. In Mirai her daughter Akari finds out why.

As an OjamajoEditEdit

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Oilvia is a yellow ojamajo. She has the ability to understand animals without the use of magic. Her crystal is a yellow 4-pointed star.

Her fairy's name is Vivi. Vivi has a little more spunk than Olivia, similar to how Olivia is when she is older.

Olivia is the only one of the girls to show a great interest in living in the magical world from a young age.

Her wizard counterpart is Taylor. He is the same age as Olivia and he wants to get along with her. He is generally the least evil one.

Her past counterpart is Momoko, since Momoko lives in america at the time not much interaction is show but she does think Momoko is cool.

Her future counterpart is her daughter Akari from the future.

Relationship with other symphonysEditEdit

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Pop- Pop walks Olivia to school in the morning. Olivia respects Pop and think it's cool that she has history with magic.

Mika - Olivia respects Mika as an upperclassman. She is impressed about her magic abilities.

Natasha - Olivia and Natasha's friendship is different in the manga and in the fanfic. In the fanfic not much is shown between the two until a few years later when they get along well as a result of setting up thier older siblings on dates. In the Manga they have a more friendly relationship where Natasha calls her Imouto-chi(meaning little sister) and Olivia refers to her as Nat-chan instead of -senpai as she does with the other older girls(minus her sister)

Sara- Being sisters they get along very well and love eachother very much.

Sika- Not much is shown between the two, but in the manga Olivia becomes a big fan of Sika's songs and tv shows.

Yuka- Not much is shown but they are friends. They both like baking.

Yuki- Yuki wants to be Olivia's friend upon meeting her. They get along well and are friends. When they are teenagers they talk about teenager stuff with eachother(Yuka not really caring to much about it). When Yuki is in first year of highschool she transfers into Olivia's school(from the fancy baking school Yuka goes to) and they hang out a lot and are in the music club together.

She gets her chosen form 4th, and gets it protecting Sika,Mika, Dekipaki, Deki and a group of witch babies from a wizard attack at the beach.


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Mother(Suri)- She is a mommy's girl. Suri is a bit over protective over Olivia because of Olivia being sickly.

Father- she does not remeber her father at all

Sara- Stated above :D

Kelly- She loves her cousin and despite not appearing in the fanfic she does in the manga.

Akari- Her future daughter. Upon meeting they have a strange relationship. Akari calls Olivia Mama despite Akari being 12 at the time, and Olivia calls Akari -senpai despite knowing she is her mother.

Himeko & Keiko- Her nieces she loves them both and upon finding out Keiko is her niece she is over protective of Keiko and insrtucts Akari to protect Keiko.

Love LifeEditEdit

Taylor- As kids Taylor and Livia like to play together and don't want to fight. They are friends until about the age of 15 when they start dating, they get enaged one year prior to the final chapter of OS naisho.

In MiraiEditEdit

She is a language arts teacher, she also learns more languages.


  • Oddly despite not being able to make friends she is the only one who is really seen to have good friends outside the Symphonys.
  • Similar to Doremi and Pop her colours are opposite of her hair. Olivia colour is yellow but her hair is orange, while Sara's colour is orange and has yellow hair.






Yuka AfexEdit


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Yuka Afex is a 5 year old preschool student. She is the twin of Yuki Afex(older by 30mins)

She is less hyper and less candy obsessed than her sister. She is a bit more focused than her sister.

She was chosen because she was a direct descent of a past queen.




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Yuka is more down to earth, goal oriented and mature than Yuki. Most of her development is in comparison to Yuki. She is more focused in her life, she actually wants to be a baker when she is 5 and actually becomes one when she grows up. She loves Yuki and spends all her time with Yuki until they are around 12 or so when they start driffting a part a little bit.

She is sad that Yuki begins to become jealous of her and wishes that Yuki would have developed faster and more than her.

She often has bad dreams about the future and because of that can't sleep very some nights.


[46]Yuki and YukaAdded by XDsymphony

Yuka has medium length brown hair tied in a pigtails with a lavender ribbon. She also wears a lavender ribbon as a headband. Her normal outfit is a white shirt with lavender edges on the slevees and neck and jeans with lavender pockets.

When she is 10-13 she wears a lavender tanktop with a white shirt underneath that is like a turtle-neck. She

has a matching lavender skirt with a slit with a dark lavender part. She wears blue jeans underneath. her hairstyle stays genereally the same.

When she is a teenager she wears a similar outfit to what she wears 10-13 though it's a b

it shoter on the neck and she doesn't have a skirt.

Her pastEditEdit

Yuka is only 5 at the time of Ojamajo symphonys because she is only 5.

As a OjamajoEditEdit

Yuka is originally not suppose to be a witch but after finding Yuki's tap and playing with it she is put to a 1000 year sleep. She is however woken up by magical stage and Hana giving up some of her powers. Yuka wakes up and is in her chosen witch uniform.

Yuka was originonally a white ojamajo, however right after transforming into chosen form(she is in this form first) she claims she doesn't like white and her colour magically changes to Lavender. She has the ability to see into the future without the use of magic(which is impressive because usually magical stage is needed to see the past). At first however she can only see it in her dreams. When she is older she can concertate and see the future and variations of the future. Her crystal is a Lavender heart

Her fairy's name is Kaka. Kaka is very helpful and often keeps Kiki company.

Her wizards counterpart is Tsubasa Seleen. Since he's on their side and becomes a wizard at the end she often doesn't have to fight wizards.

Her past counterpart is Hana. Hana gave some of her power to Yuka in order to wake her up.

Her past counterpart is her daughter Yoshiki.

Realtionships to other SymphonysEditEdit

[47]Added by XDsymphony

Pop- Pop teaches Yuka how to bake when she is growning up. She admires Pop quite a bit.

Mika- Yuka thinks Mika is cool and looks up to her.

Natasha- Being related they are friends. Yuka thinks Yuki acts like Natasha.

Sara- not much interaction is shown between the two. She teaches Sara how to bake when she is a bit older.

Sika- Yuka thinks of Sika kinda like a big sister. She loves Sika's acting and singing.

Olivia- The two get along but not much extra is added. Olivia is one of her best friends.

Yuki- Their realtionship is very strong when they are kids and when they grown up. However in her teenage years Yuki is very jelaous of Yuka developing faster than her. She wishes she didn't and really misses Yuki when she is avoiding talking to her.

She gets her chosen form after being awoken from sleep. Since she did this she helped Yuki not be worried.


Parents- She loves her parents and while away at middle school and high school she writes tonnes of letters to them.

Yuki- stated above :D

Yukito- her adopted wizard brother. She isn't as close as Yuki is to him. But that is because he is Yuki's counterpart.

Yoshiki- her future daughter. She loves and trust her daughter, Yuka see's that Yoshi is a lot like her.

Nadeshiko- Her niece. She is worried that Nadeshiko will become jealous about Yoshi developing quicker than her like her mother but realizes that Yoshi is a year older and that they aren't twins but still worries. Yuka also worries that Nade's powers will develop as much as hers and that seeing the future will ruin the suprises of the future.

love lifeEditEdit

Takashi- The meet in middle school and start dating in highschool. Yuka is a bit hesitant because Takashi is Yusei(Yuki's boyfriend) identical twin.

In MiraiEditEdit

She runs a bakery and hires Yuki, Yoshi and Akari to work there. Nadeshiko helps out sometimes too. She refuses to help Nadeshiko develop her future seeing abilities because of the pain it causes Yuka.


  • Her personality is more a result of being different from Yuki.
  • She becomes quite a gamer when she grows up. She even names her daughter Yoshi after the green dinosaur (the -ki is added to make it look more normal)
  • Yuka and Yoshiki's names have themed names, Yuka means fragrant and Yoshiki means perfumed life. both having to do with sweet smells.
  • Oddly despite being older many non-witch characters say Yuki's name first when adressing both of them. It's not odd for witches because Yuki became a witch before Yuka did.



Yuki AfexEdit

Edit [50]Added by XDsymphony

Yuki Afex is a 5 year old preschool student. She is the twin of Yuka Afex(younger by 30mins)

She is a hyper-candy loving girl who loves and spends of time with her twin sister Yuka.

She was chosen because she was a direct descent of a past queen.





[51]even when she is a bit older she still loves CandyAdded by XDsymphony

personality in Ojamajo Symphonys is rather undeveloped. She loves Candy and acts like the usual kids do. What makes her different from Yuka is that she is a bit more childish believeing in santa and calls animals Mr.__ (Example Mr.Bunny).

In additional stories when they are older Yuki has low self-esteem because Yuka is smarter, nicer, developed faster and in Yuki's oppion Yuka's way prettier(pretty much all in Yuki's mind). This makes her kinda whiny but she is a really kind person. In this aspect she becomes kinda like Doremi, though Doremi is a bit less whiny but still has that poor me attitude.

In the christmas fanfic she shows a early need for separation from Yuka. What she wants is somethign she won't have to share with Yuka.

In an unrealsed chapter Sika remarks that Yuki(who is about 9 at the time) acts a lot like Natasha.


[52]Yuki and YukaAdded by XDsymphony

Yuki has medium length blond hair tied in a pigtail with a pink ribbion. She also wears a pink ribbion as a headband. Her normal outfit is a white shirt with pink edges on the slevees and neck and jeans with pink pockets.

When she is 10-13 she wears a pink tanktop with a white shirt underneath. She has amatching pink skirt with a slit with a dark pink part. She wears blue jeans underneath. From this point on she wears her hair in a higher ponytail.

When she is a teenager she wears a low cut dark pink shirt with the words 'Cutie Pie'. She wears jean-like kapri's.

Her PastEditEdit

She really has no past only being 5 at the time of Ojamajo Symphonys. Her parents were just out of high school when the twins were born but after that there is not much.

As an OjamajoEditEdit

Yuki is a pink ojamajo. She has the ability to see into the past without the use of magic(which is impressive because usually magical stage is needed to see the past). At first however she can only see it in her dreams. When she is older she can concertate and see the past. Her crystal is a pink heart

Her fairy's name is Kiki. Kiki loves candy like Yuki and the two often share candy.

Her wizard counterpart is Yukito. Yukito is at first a jerk to Yuki but after the story Yuki's parents adopt Yukito and he becomes the twins big brother.

Her past counterpart is Doremi. The two act the most alike. As well Yuki has similar love of candy as Doremi has to Steak.

Her past counterpart is her daughter Nadeshiko.

Realtionship with other SymphonysEditEdit

[53]Added by XDsymphony

Pop- Not much is shown between the two.

Mika- Yuki looks up to Mika and thinks she is awesome.

Natasha- They are first cousins once removed. They get along well and Sika claims Yuki acts a lot like Natasha.

Sara- Not much interaction is show between them.

Sika- Sika gives Yuki a lot of candy so thusly she like Sika a lot.

Olivia- Yuki wants to be Olivia's friend right away. They do become friends but Yuki still hangs around Yuka more. Yuki respects Olivia and thinks she is cool. They become really good friends in highschool where they pretty much are best friends since Yuki has a bit of jelaousy to Yuka.

Yuka- Their relationship is very strong. They get along very very well when they are kids and when they are grown ups. However when around the teen years Yuki becomes really jealous of Yuka because Yuki thinks that Yuka is better at everything and is prettier. She thus gets an inferoirty complex because of that.

She gets her chosen form when she is helping with magical stage to wake Yuka awaken after she is put to sleep for a thousand years because she took Yuki's tap and used it(thinking it was just a toy).


Parents- she loves her parents. she tells her mother first about her being jealous of Yuka(she doesn't tell many people at all).

Yuka- stated above :D

Yukito- The wizard gets adopted by her parents and they become siblings. Yukito is very protective over Yuki, more so than Yuka.

Nadeshiko- They are like usual loving mother and daughter.

Yoshiki- Her niece, she cares about Yoshiki and she reminds her a lot of Yuka.

Love lifeEditEdit

Yusei- Meeting in middle school at first they are at odds with eachother. They soon fall in love because of thier similar jealous to thier twin. Yusei remarks that they are really the only people who understand one another.

In MiraiEditEdit

She works with Yuka at a bakery. She has perfected the ability to see into the past and is training Yoshiki in that aspect.


  • Most if not all of Yuki's personality is developed in Naisho or side stories.
  • She is techically the youngest of the group, being 30 minutes younger than Yuka.
  • Oddly despite being younger many non-witch characters say Yuki's name first when adressing both of them.



Doremi and friendsEditEdit

[56]Added by XDsymphony

Doremi Harukaze

age 15

3rd year of middle school.

She is a bit more mature than before but is still her self. She helps Pop deal with her problems and making friends. She still doesn't have a boyfriend but has matured a bit and realized that she doesn't need to have one to be happy.

[57]Added by XDsymphony

Hazuki Fujiwara

age: 15

3rd year of middle school

She attends the same school as Sara. Sara thinks Hazuki is one of the coolest senpai's at the school. Hazuki is pretty much the same as she was before.

Aiko Senoo

age: 15

3rd year of middle school

She lives in Osaka still. When the girls travel to Osaka Natasha knows a lot about Aiko having heard about her from other students and teachers. She volunteers at a program that helps children that were in abusive families, Because of this she can kind of tell that Natasha is. Aiko and Natasha become mast friends.

[58]Added by XDsymphony

Onpu Segawa

age: 15

3rd year of middle school

She moved to Osaka and works as a writer and acting in a new tv show. She becomes a bit of a hopeless romantic getting falltered when boys act like gentlemen. She has slightly given up being a teen idol and is focused om 'training' a new group of child idols...the only one however is Sika. She eventually takes interest in Olivia and Yuki's highschool band.

[59]Added by XDsymphonyMomoko Asuka

Age: 15

3rd year of middle school

Momoko still lives in America but during the fanfiction she visits Japan for 2 months. She is a bit more mature and kinda wishes she could be in Japan. She moves back to Japan when she grows up.


age: 5 (appears 15)

queen of the witch world

Hana is the new queen of the witch world. She still kinda immature but is serious about being the queen. During the fanfic she is reverted back into her 5 year old form. She orignally was thought to be a chosen witch but it ended up she misunderstood the legend.


[60]Added by XDsymphony

Liam Seleen

age: 17

2 year of high school

Natasha's oldest brother. Like Natasha and Tsubasa he is good at sports but however spends time focusing on studying. He got into the because of his good grades. Natasha used to look up him to the point where it annoyed him. She stopped when he supported his mothers remarriage.

Tsubasa Seleen

age: 14

2nd year of middle school

Natasha's older brother.

Daughters of SymphonysEditEdit

Sakura Bennox:EditEdit

[61]Added by XDsymphony

Sakura Bennox

age: 16 hair colour: red voilet Eye colour: purple

Power colour: brown Fairy: Kuku

Sika and Eli's first child She is the leader of the ojamajo's in the future. She is a bit jelous that Mai inherited her parents magic colour. Sakura and Mai don't get along that well, but they both know the other does care about other. Her name means Cherry Blossom.

[62]Added by XDsymphony

Clarissa-Jane "CJ" Bennox:Edit

Clarissa-Jane 'Cj' Bennox

age: 15

hair colour: red

Eye colour: purple

Power colour: red

Fairy: Jaja

Cj is Saburo's Pop's daugter. She has great leadership abilities like her mother but let's Sakura lead because she is older. Cj acts more and loooks more like Doremi than Pop. She dislikes being called by her full name because it is really girly. Her name means Bright(Clarissa) and God is gracious(Jane).

Himeko Seleen:EditEdit

[63]Added by XDsymphony

Himeko Seleen

age: 14

hair colour: black

Eye colour: blue

Power colour: orange

Fairy: Koko

Himeko is Sara and Tsubasa's daughter. She acts like a big sister despite not actually being one(yet). Unlike her mother she tall for her age being the tallest of the future Ojamajos. She has the ability to sense magic and summon a sheild around herself(Mika's power). Her name means Princess(which has the meaing as her mothers).

[64]Added by XDsymphony

Ruby Suzuki:Edit

Ruby Suzuki

age: 14

hair colour: light brown Eye colour: blue Power colour: blue Fairy: Byby(pronunced Beebee)

Ruby is Natasha and Ozora's daughter. She is exactly like Natasha she likes sports and is hyperactive. Though she cares a bit more about her looks. She can talk to animals(Olivia's ability). She has two younger brothers who are wizards. She has a unique reaction to portals to the human world she can speak through them and see through them but can't through them. Though she was born in witch world she was conceived in the human world. She is named after her birthstone, her name means Red.

Akari Cara:EditEdit

[65]Added by XDsymphony

Akari Cara

age: 12 hair colour: pale yellow orange Eye colour: brown Power colour: yellow Fairy: Riri

One of the main characters in Mirai. Akari is Olivia and Taylor's daughter. Her parents decided to keep Olivia's last name because of the lack of male family members on the Cara side. She works at a bakery that Yuka owns. Akari is a talented baker for her age. She is Himeko's cousin but treats her like an older sister. She loves her mother and even in the past calls child Olivia Mama. She has the same quick reflex power like Natasha, however she still lacks atheletic abilities. She spends most of her time looking after the younger girls.Her name means Light/Bright.

Yoshiki "Yoshi" Ito:EditEdit

[66]Added by XDsymphonyEdit

Yoshiki 'Yoshi' Ito age: 10

hair colour: brown Eye colour: green Power colour: Lavender Fairy: Yoyo

One of the main characters of Mirai. She is Yuka and Takashi's daughter. She is named after Yoshi from the Super Mario video games. She often wears a combination of white and lavender. She is Nadeshiko are double cousin but they say since thier moms and dads are twins they are sisters. She and Nade have different last names because thier fathers' parents got divorced. She works at the bakery with her mom but is not so great at baking. She can see into the past like Yuki can. Her last name means Perfumed life.

Nadeshiko "Nade" Nakagawa:EditEdit

[67]Added by XDsymphony

Nadeshiko 'Nade' Nakagawa

age: 9 hair colour: Blonde Eye colour: blue Power colour: pink Fairy: Dede

One of the main characters is Mirai. Nadeshiko is Yuki' and Yusei's daughter. Her kindergraden teacher was Doremi. She started to admire Doremi and decided to wear her hair in the same way but with ribbons hanging down. She works with her aunt and is good at baking. She can see into the future like Yuka, however Yuka doesn't want Nade to know to much of the future. Her name means Fringed pink carnation.

Nozomi Watanabe:EditEdit

[68]Added by XDsymphony

Nozomi Watanabe

age: 9 hair colour: brown Eye colour: green Power colour: green Fairy: Zozo

One of the main characters of Mirai. Nozomi is the daughter of Mika and Ryo. She greatly resembles Mika in every way besides her being way more talkative. She was named after her aunt who died but was brought back to life now residing in the magical world. She often hangs out in the flower garden and talks to the flowers. She was born when her mom was 32. She has the ability to talk to plants without magic(sara's power). She name means rare wish.

Mai-Ly "Mai" Bennox:EditEdit

[69]Added by XDsymphony

Mai-ly Bennox

age: 5

hair colour: purple Eye colour: blue Power colour: purple Fairy: Lyly

One of the main characters of Mirai. Sika and Eli's second child. Mai is a bit of a rebel, she wears her hair short, which by some is disrespectful to the queen. Mai does let her hair grow long grow because it doesn't matter. She actually went to the past and visited Hana. She is friends with the biological princess of the magic realm, Flora, she however does not know that is the princess.Mai is an acomplished at traveling to the past. She was the first one to figure out that with an object you can travel to the day it was created. Despite this knowledge she still doesn't do well in school. She has the same power as Sika does but can't Mai can't sing well so it's not as effective. Her name means Cherry blossom.

Keiko Seleen:EditEdit

[70]Added by XDsymphony

Keiko Seleen

age: Physically 6. Chronologically -0.5 years(is gonna be born in 6 months)

hair colour: light blonde

Eye colour: brown

Power colour: gold

Fairy: KeiKei

The 2nd daughter of Sara and Tsubasa. She is from the future and she is gonna be born in 6 months. She is quite friendly and acts a bit like her father but doesn't look like him. Her best friends are Leon and Noel who Keiko does not say how she knows them or anything to prevent anything from preventing thier exisitance.She looks a bit like Flora and is even able to disgue herself as Flora. She says she has a power but she can't say what it is. Her name means blessed child.

Other Mirai wicthesEditEdit

Princess Flora:EditEdit

[71]Added by XDsymphony


age: 7

hair colour: light blonde

Eye colour: brown

Power colour: white

Fairy: none

Hana's daughter who was not born a witch (she is born from Hana not a flower like witches should be). Hana hides who her father is from her. Flora gets kidnapped while visiting the human world and everyone has to look for her. She has no magical powers and Hana refuses to let her learn magic for reasons she keeps hidden.

Yuko Afex:EditEdit

[72]Added by XDsymphony

Yuko Afex

age: 13

hair colour: Brown and blonde

Eye colour: blue and green

Power colour: Silver

Fairy: Kaki

A strange girl Yoshi and Nadeshiko meet in the human world. They are described as drawn to her. She is often alone and has no friends, though she is quite friendly. She says that she doesn't feel like she belongs in her world. Her parents are quite old to have a 13 year old daughter. She is actually Yuka and Yuki's sister and is the 9th chosen one which was not foretold in the legend. Her full name is Yuko Miyuki Yukari Afex. She has the power to see the present(see Seeing the present for more details). Her name means helpful child(which fits because she is very helpful)

Diana Caritas:EditEdit

[73]Added by XDsymphony

Diana Caritas

age: physically 13 chronolocgically in her 70's

hair colour: Black

Eye colour: green

Power colour: red

Fairy: Nana

When the girls go to see the old folks home they see Natasha's mom and Sara's mom. Suri tells that they used to be ojamajos at the same time(Suri just starting as a witch where Diana is about to get her crystal). Diana as a child is very carefree and a hopeless romantic. She already knows her future husband Travis. She loves the name Natasha. She has the power to see the present but since she is not in her timeline her power is not active(since she is not of the present). She is Ruby, Himeko, Keiko, Daichi and Sora's grandmother.

Suri Raine:EditEdit

[74]Added by XDsymphony

Suri Raine

age: physically 8 chronologically in her late 60's

hair colour: light blonde

Eye colour: dark pink

Power colour: pink

Fairy: Riri

When the girls go to see the old folks home they see Natasha's mom and Sara's mom. Suri tells that they used to be ojamajos at the same time(Suri just starting as a witch where Diana is about to get her crystal). Suri in her old age is seemingly uneffected by the spell that erased the memories of the symphonys. She remebers her daughters and even Himeko and un-born Ruby(who wasn't born at the time). Her crystal is a combination of Sara and Olivia's crystals. It is assumed that she chose to be a witch since she actually has the crystal on her in the Ojamajo Symphonys Manga, but gave up her magic. She has the power to see the present but since she is not in her timeline her power is not active(since she is not of the present). She is the grandmother of Himeko, Akari and Keiko.

Kaylee Suika:EditEdit

Kaylee Suika

age: 20

hair colour: brown

Eye colour: purple

Power colour: dark green

Fairy: lele

A girl who was a witch apprentice 13 years before the events of Ojamajo Symphonys Mirai. She is the daugther of Sara and Olivia's cousin. She had the power to see the present right before Yuko but since she gave up being a witch she no longer has the power though she serectly did have a short time before Yuko was born. She is seen breifly when Suri wants to see herself as an old lady, they see Kaylee on the way and she isn't schocked that the other girls are witch apprentices.