Miracle LightsEdit

Edit  The Miracle Lights (ミラクルライトMirakuru Raito?) are small, magical lights used in various Pretty Cure movies to give the Pretty Cures special powers or revive their strength. These magical flashlight-like items are only used by their fairy partners and has different designs that varies from movie to movie. The latest Miracle Lights were the Miracle Lightone.

Known Miracle LightsEditEdit

So far, there are 5 Miracles Light designs introduced, each debuting in several Pretty Cure Movies since Yes! Pretty Cure 5. They are:


  • The Miracle Lights were the only magical items owned the by fairies, as opposed to the Cures.
  • In the beginning of each Pretty Cure movie shown in theaters, the staff gives the audience the Miracle Lights to interact in the very scene they need to cheer onto the Pretty Cures.


[1]Miracle Light

[2]Pretty Cure Miracle Light 2

[3]Rainbow Miracle Light

[4]Miracle Heart Light

[5]Crystal Miracle Light

[6]Miracle Flower Light

[7]Prism Star Miracle Light

[8]Miracle Ligh-t-one

[9]Miracle Decor Light