Honey the Cat
Honey the Cat






Clouc the Hedgehog, Shelly the Hedgehog, Candy the Rabbit, playing with yn, water, Cream the Rabbit & Cheese the Chao, Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echnia, Rosetta the Seedrian and her clan, Tails, Chris, Helen, Paula, kitty nit, having fun, playing around


no fun, Eggman and his robots


Red Dress White Gloves headband red highheels


One of the following new main characters on the show. Honey was meant to be put in Sonic the Fighters, but was scrapped for unknown reasons.

She was introduce to appear in future games and in Sonic XX. Honey is best friends with Shelly the Hedgehog Tyler Lloyd and Jordon the three Chipmunks and Cream Cane and Candy the three Rabbits with their musical personalitys. It is known when she gets angry, she'll unleash her claws, and possible threaten to harm her friends. But Honey remains sweet and friendly as she is, and is shown to be a tomboy, like Shelly.


She has two ears and her hair is black . She wears a red dress with highheels (despite being 10).


Honey is friendly and a regular sweetheart. But, she also sports a hot temper, and can possible threaten to harm her friends, when somethings to her dismay. Though, she is kind-hearted, and willing enough to help someone. Honey is a spunky tomboy, although, at times she is shown to be a bit girly. Honey is brave and enjoys going on dangerous adventures and safe music with her friends to save the world. Honey is acts like a nice older sister figure, to Cream Cane and Candy :D