[1]Cure Moonlight doing Floral Power Fortissimo.Added by Himawari hanaCure Moonlight fights against Dark Cure before the Tree of Hearts while Sabaku, Chypre and Coffret watch. Claiming that protecting the Tree of Hearts is her destiny, Cure Moonlight summons her Moon Tact; Dark Cure does the same with her Dark Tact. Cure Moonlight manages to give Dark Cure an injury, but suffers a severe blow herself, making her deform half-way. Sabaku watches as the Tree of Hearts, to his surprise, does not die even though all the flowers have fallen. Cure Moonlight tells him that as long as Pretty Cure exist, the tree will never die. Dark Cure attacks Cure Moonlight once again, and the latter uses her Pretty Cure Seed to protect Chypre and Coffret, telling them to take the Heart Perfumes to go search for her replacement. Just then, the Pretty Cure Seed breaks, and to Dark Cure's shock, Cure Moonlight readies herself for her fate. An explosion is last seen.

Suddenly, Hanasaki Tsubomi wakes up from dreaming about Cure Moonlight's defeat while she and her parents drive to Kibougahana, where they are moving to. [2]Erika stalks Tsubomi.Added by Himawari hanaAlthough surprised at the dream's realistic feeling, she soon forgets about it when she meets her grandmother Hanasaki Kaoruko, who is waiting for them.

Some days afterward, Tsubomi runs over to Myoudou Academy, where she is starting, talking about her situation and her shy and reserved personality that she promises herself to change from. However, she encounters problems when she introduces herself before her new class, as Kurumi Erika always cuts her off because she either speaks too low or writes her name with too-small letters. Because of this, Tsubomi gains a slight dislike toward Erika, though Erika does not mind and is very familiar with her. Tsubomi soon finds out that everyone except for Erika had quit the fashion club, making her the only member. Seeing the new girl, Erika asks her to join to avoid being cut off, but Tsubomi rejects her before running away.

At the end of the day, while Tsubomi notices that Erika is following her, it turns out that they are actually next-door neighbors, and upon getting to know that Tsubomi is trying to change from her shy personality, Erika forces Tsubomi to come into her family's shop, Fairy Drop, to let her change her

look. [3]Erika changes Tsubomi's look.Added by Himawari hanaAfter some time, Tsubomi is given a new hair style, contact lenses and a new dress, but she runs back home in embarrasment afterward, as Erika's personality clashes too much with her own for her to be with. Kurumi Momoka, Erika's sister, tries to give Erika some advice, but the girl shoves her off, going back to her room in frustration. Meanwhile, Tsubomi wonders if she ever will be able to change her personality, and falls asleep, dreaming once again about Cure Moonlight.

After taking on the dress Erika gave her, Tsubomi goes outside, thinking about her dreams and why they feel so realistic, before Chypre and Coffret fall down onto her face. Feeling that the Desert Apostles are close, they hide underneath Tsubomi's dress, making her breast appear large. Sasorina then appears, asking her if she has seen the two fairies, which Tsubomi denies in fear. Although suspicious of her large breasts, Sasorina continues to look for the fairies, and when she is out of sight, the fairies introduces themselves to Tsubomi, the latter doing the same afterward before being asked to take Chypre and Coffret to Cure Flower. [4]Tsubomi panicking.Added by Caramelangel714Meanwhile, Erika is at a playground, and Sasorina, spotting her wilting Heart Flower, steals it. Seeing this and being explained to about the situation, Tsubomi asks Sasorina to give the Heart Flower back, but Sasorina only uses it to create a Desertrian that tries to hurt Tsubomi, causing the latter and the fairies to run away from it. [5]Cure Blossom, Chypre and Coffret after seeking the blossoming tree.Added by Himawari hanaWhen they find a place to hide, the fairies explain to Tsubomi that the Desertrian is made from the Heart Flower's owner's worries, which explains why the Desertrian constantly talks about Erika's hatred and jealousy for her older sister.

Realizing this, Tsubomi stands up for Erika and tells Sasorina not to insult or use Erika's feelings, causing Chypre's Heart Perfume to react. Now assured that Tsubomi is a part of Pretty Cure, they give her the Heart Perfume and tell her to transform. Although not understanding what they are talking about, Tsubomi does as they say, and transforms into Pretty Cure. While Sasorina is too shocked to act, the fairies tell the Cure to give herself a name, and upon having a vision of a tree in blossom, she names herself Cure Blossom. [6] The mysterious man saves Cure Blossom.Added by Himawari hanaAfter transforming and naming, Cure Blossom gets cheered at by Chypre and Coffret, but Sasorina tells the Desertrian to attack them, causing Cure Blossom to panic and jump away, but because pf her new powers, jumps several hundred meters in the air, which panics her even fruther thanks to her fear of heights. When she lands on the ground again, Coffret asks Chypre if it was a good idea to make Tsubomi Pretty Cure, which makes Chypre wonder.

The Desertrian comes closer, which causes Cure Blossom to panic and run around, eventually hitting a tree because her Pretty Cure powers makes her unable to stop normally. Again and again she and the fairies have to avoid the Desertrian, but it ends with Cure Blossom just hitting another tree. Sasorina wonders if she really is Pretty Cure, and Cure Blossom admits that her powers are too strong and that she cannot control it. When the Desert Apostle tells the Desertrian to finish her off, Cure Blossom once again runs away, but the fairies tries to stop her by holding her skirt, embarassing them all. Sasorina stops her from running away by attacking her with her hair, and the Desertrian takes a strong hold on her to squeeze her to death. Just as Cure Blossom is about to give up, a rose petal falls down, and the scenery turns dark and blue. A storm of rose petals forces the Desertrian to let go of Cure Blossom, and when it disappears, a mysterious man is protecting her. Seeing his gentle face, she falls asleep, and the fairies thanks him for saving her. Just as sasorina orders the Desertrian to attack, he uses a heart-shaped item to distract them long enough for him to disappear with Cure Blossom and the fairies.

Tsubomi wakes up by the sound of her grandmother calling her name. She finds herself in her grandmother's [7]Tsubomi founds Chypre and Coffret hugging Coupe.Added by Himawari hanabotanic garden, and Kaoruko explains that she found her there. Chypre and Coffret come out from the stomach of a giant creature and hug Kaoruko, calling her "Cure Flower". Tsubomi is shocked that she knows them and that they called her Cure Flower, and Kaoruko admits that she used to be Pretty Cure. She says that although she has always been the director of the botanic garden, when she did research on the Tree of Hearts, she met Coupe amd became a Cure. Chypre and Coffret are shocked to see Coupe there, and exclaims their admiration for him, making Tsubomi feel awkward. When the fairies call Tsubomi the history's weakest Cure, Kaoruko gets an explanation about the situation. In return, Kaoruko explains to Tsubomi the concept of the Tree of Hearts and the Heart Flowers. Coffret then gives Tsubomi the crystal of Kurumi Erika, whose Heart Flower was stolen. Just then, an explosion occurs, and they go out to find the Desertrian and Sasorina, who tell them that this time, they will not get away. The Desertrian, being made out of Erika's negative feelings, admits that Erika only wanted to make Tsubomi popular, but that her older sister still treats her like a child. Seeing Erika's body in pain, Chypre sees that more flowers of Erika's Heart Flower, the white cyclamen, is turning red. Tsubomi is informed that white cyclamen means purity, the red cyclamens means jealousy, and that when all the flowers have turned red, the Heart Flower will wilt, making Erika sleep inside the crystal in eternity. Tsubomi tries to find her Heart Perfume, but does not find it. The Desertrian prepares to attack, and they all hide behind the bushes. Kaoruko gives Tsubomi [8]Angry because Desertrian destroys the flower, Cure Blossom said her catchphrase.Added by Himawari hanathe Heart Perfume, stating that it was laying beside her when she found her. Telling Erika to keep fighting, Tsubomi stands before the Desertrian and transforms into Cure Blossom, claiming that she will save Erika. She manages to fight it in the beginning, but again runs away when the Desertrian creates a giant hammer and gains the ability to teleport.

Cure Blossom them falls before some wild flowers, and by witnessing the Desertrian destroying them, gains a new power. She destroys the giant hammer and beats down the monster. Although surprised at her rise of power, Sasorina uses her tail hair to grab her, and prepares to stab her with her poison needle. However, angry at Sasorina for stepping on people's heart, releases herself and drags Sasorina down. Chypre and Coffret explains to her that in order to properly defeat the Desertrian and take back Erika's Heart Flower, she needs to summon her Blossom Tact. Summoning it and using Pink Forte Wave, The Desertrian is purified and separates into the doll and the Heart Flower, which changes back to the original color.

Connecting the two crystals, Erika returns to normal, and apologizes to Tsubomi for her energic personality. Tsubomi promises to join Erika's fashion club as long as Erika makes the doll from before pretty again. After thanking Tsubomi and her grandmother she leaves, and Chypre lets out a Heart Seed. Kaoruko explains that the [9]Tsubomi gets Heart SeedAdded by Himawari hanaHeart Seed is born from the Heart Flower when it is purified, and Coffret gives Tsubomi the Heart Pot, where she must collect all the Heart Flowers in order to restore the Tree of Hearts. Kaoruko warns Tsubomi that the Desert Apostles' attacks will keep getting stronger, but Chypre is assured the Tsubomi is all right. Coffret admits his doubt for Tsubomi being the history's weakest Cure, and wants to find someone to become a Cure so that he can be a partner, too.

On their way home, Kaoruko again warns Tsubomi about Pretty Cure's powers, and Tsubomi tells that she feels like she has changed by becoming Cure Blossom. Her grandmother admits her worry for Tsubomi getting into danger, but Tsubomi assures her that she will be okay. Ready to give her best, she falls backwards into a bush, and the episode ends with them all laughing under one shining star.

At a hill in the night, Cure Blossom is looking up at the mysterious guy, wanting to thank him for saving herHPC01. However, he surprised her by gently embracing her, and saying that he is being too forward, pushes him away. Accidentally she pushes Chypre and Coffret, as the whole meeting was just a dream. The fairies ask her what the dream was about but she blushes before stating it is a secret. At the window, she meets Erika, who greets her before asking why she doesn't have the school uniform on. Tsubomi realizes that she did not turn on the clock before going to bed and hurries to change.

On their way to school, Erika expresses her happiness when pointing out that Tsubomi followed her advice about taking off her glasses and changing her hairstyle. Tsubomi admits that she thinks that if she changes her outer look, her personality might change, as well, which Erika agrees on. The school clock rings, but when Tsubomi calls Erika "Erika-san" (a common formal way to say someone's name in Japanese), she tells her to stop using "-san", or else Tsubomi will have to buy her milk. [10]Coffret congrats Erika to becoming 2nd Cure.Added by Himawari hanaAt lunch, Erika takes Tsubomi to the roof, where she claims is the best place to eat thanks to the great view. While eating, Erika mentions that she recently has dreamed about someone called Cure Moonlight who get defeated, and much to Erika's shock and Tsubomi's grief, Chypre and Coffret jumps from Tsubomi's lunch box, exclaiming that it is a sign that Erika can become a Cure as well. Tsubomi explains everything to Erika, saying that her dreams about Pretty Cure were all real, and that she is Cure Blossom, which shocks Erika.

Erika thinks back to Cure Blossom's cute outfit, but before she can give an answer, the student council president Myoudouin Itsuki appears, asking her where the member list for the fashion club is, as he cannot allocate clubs without it. Upon leaving, Tsubomi is blushing and says that Itsuki is cool, in which Erika states that it is the grandchild of the chairman they are talking about, after all. Chypre and Coffret come out from their hiding place, reasking Erika about becoming Pretty Cure, but although Erika likes the thought, she declines the offer, stating that she does not have time. She then leaves and thanks Tsubomi with her for help. Not knowing what to do, the fairies go to Cure Flower for advice. Meanwhile at the Desert Apostles' head quarter, Sasorina reports the news of the new Pretty Cure after Cure Moonlight's defeat. Sabaku states that it will be a bother if she continues to collect Heart Seeds, but Sasorina claims that since she recently became Cure Blossom she can be easily defeated before leaving.

Back at school, Tsubomi and Erika, now with banners promoting the fashion club, visits a first-year classroom to ask them to join, but nobody is interested. However, Erika notices a girl looking out at the window. She asks her [11]Erika and Tsubomi searching the Fashion Club members.Added by Himawari hanaif she wants to join the club, but the girl Ueshima Sayaka, states that she does not want to join such a weak club. Seeing Erika getting angry, Tsubomi takes her away before a fight starts. At the end of the day, Erika is depressed that they did not recruit any new members when they hear Sayaka askin the soccer coach to join but he refuses as girls cannot join this club.

Erika tries to recruit her again, saying that soccer is stupid. But Sayaka tells her to to insult the Soccer Club before turnning away in tears. Under a bridge, Sayaka asks herself why they can't let girls play soccer, before angrily training with the ball while Sasorina notices her wilting Heart Flower. Sayaka sees some elementary students play soccer, and she is reminded of when both genders could play soccer. Kicking the ball one final time, Sasorina grabs it and steals her Heart Flower.

Having seen Sayaka's Heart Flower being stolen, they see as Sasorina makes a Desertrian out of it, ordering it to lure out and defeat Pretty Cure. When they are gone, Chypre takes care of the body crystal. Meanwhile [12]"I'm Kurumi Erika, the 2nd Pretty Cure!"Added by Himawari hanaTsubomi asks Erika again to become Pretty Cure, but before Erika can explain to her, the Desertrian is threatening the elementary students, asking them why girls cannot play soccer in high school. Seeing the chaos, Tsubomi transforms into Cure Blossom in front of Erika, who admirers how cool she looks. Cure Blossom tries to fight the Desertrian, but is losing. Understanding how much Cure Blossom want to protect everyone's heart, Erika is given the second Heart Perfume by Coffret, and surprisingly transforms and names herself Cure Marine without any guidance, explaining that she learned everything from her dreams, and that she had been thinking of a name ever since they revealed themselves to her at lunch.

Cure Marine is much better at fighting off the Desertrian than Cure Blossom, telling the latter that she gains strength meanwhile. After purifying the Desertrian, Sasorina furiously tells Cure Marine that she will be her opponent, but then Cure Blossom comes forth and tells her that she would have to fight both [13]Cure Blossom and Cure Marine decides to be opponent of Sasorina.Added by Himawari hanaof them. Sasorine then decides to leave. They put the Heart Flower back to the body crystal, and Sayaka wakes up, Tsubomi explaining that she fell asleep during training. Sayaka then apologizes for insulting the fashion club, and tells them that she plans on starting her own soccer club for females, and happily runs toward the sunset while Tsubomi explains the red pionsettia's meaning to Erika. On their way home, Erika gives Tsubomi back the doll from yesterday, now all repaired, but a little girl and her mother comes, and she recognizes the doll as hers.

Tsubomi explains how Erika fixed it for her, and after encouragement from her mother, thanks Erika. Erika states that doing that gave her a happy feeling, and they vow to do their best to protect people's Heart Flowers and save the fashion club. [14]Kumojacky excuse himself to defeat Pretty Cure after the battle.Added by Himawari hanaPeople are running from a Desertrian while a man with red hair is smiling down at the scenery. Pretty Cure are seen running toward the monster, Cure Marine saying that they should do a combination kick. However, Cure Blossom trips, and the distraction causes cure Marine to be hit by the Desertrian. Recovering, Cure Blossom summons the Blossom Tact, but before she can use Pink Forte Wave, she sees a little boy unable to move from the monster, and thus she runs over to him to help. However, the Desertrian knocks the Blossom Tact away from her, and as it is about to attack them, Cure Marine steps in and uses Marine Impact to distract ot long enough to use Blue Forte Wave. Both the boy and Cure Blossom are impressed, though when the boy admits that Cure Blossom was not as cool, Chypre and Coffret appears and tell her to find the Blossom Tact. The red-haired man then appears to them with the Flower Tact, giving it back as a "present". Introducing himself as Kumojaki, he leaves claiming that Pretty Cure are still the weakest Pretty Cure even after Cure Marine joined.

The morning after, Tsubomi feels down for causing Erika trouble, feeling useless. Erika then calls her from the other house, wishing her a good morning. After Tsubomi and Chypre return it, Erika tells them to do their best, and Tsubomi agrees with hesitation, but then decides that she has to cheer up.

At the Desert Apostles' homebase, Sasorina is reporting Cure Marine's appearance to Sabaku. Although she states that Cure Marine is stronger than Cure Blossom, Kumojaki appears and states that they are still weak, and asks to fight them once again, as previously it was only to observe how strong they were. Meanwhile, at Myoudou Academy, Tsubomi observes as she realizes just how courageful, strong-willed, strong and popular Erika is, feeling that she is not worth being her partner. At lunch, Erika asks Tsubomi to come over at Fairy Dro [15]Tsubomi after thinking negatively about Erika's advice.Added by Himawari hanap after school, as there is something she wants to try. When they arrive, Erika explains that they should try to practice some activities in the fashion club, including finding clothes to use. Tsubomi suggests black and gray, which makes Erika, who is studying color therapy, aware that Tsubomi is feeling down. She tries to cheer her up by taking her on a run, where they witness Kumazawa Ayumi leave Ogasawara Mao, saying that she wants to practice alone for a while. Not knowing of Tsubomi's dilemma, Erika tells Mao that she is much stronger than Ayumi and should look for a better partner, making Tsubomi think that Erika will abandon her and look for a better partner in Pretty Cure. Erika's statement makes Mao angry, and Tsubomi leaves, saying goodbye to Erika without explaining what she is talking about. Chypre and Coffret watch them, worried that the Pretty Cure duo is [16]Cure Marine comforts Cure Blossom.Added by Himawari hanadisbanding so fast.

Later, Tsubomi goes to Coupe and asks him why she became Pretty Cure when all she does is being a burden for Erika and Cure Marine alike. Her grandmother appears to comfort her, telling her that what makes someone Pretty Cure is a strong will and love, something Tsubomi possesses.

Meanwhile, while Mao is training to become strong enough to work with [17]Cure Blossom and Cure Marine doing Floral Power Fortissimo for the first time.Added by Himawari hanaAyumi again, Kumojaki appears and steals her Heart Flower. Kurumi Erika sees that one of the houses in the neighborhood is opening to be a Miura Ramen Shop, in which the Miura family's ramen is her favorite. However, when they meet [18]Cobraja's image was shown.Added by Penamesolenthe son, Miura Akira, he coldly tells them to not come to the opening. Erika proceeds to tells Tsubomi how he would proudly promote the first Miura Ramen Shop a year prior, so his present attitude is strange.

It is revealed that Akira thinks his father has stopped to care about him and his baseball activities ever since he started with ramen, and so his Heart Flower is withering. This makes him easy target for Cobraja, who is skipping his job to take pictures of himself. Then, he reveals that Akira's Heart Flower was wilting, before he steals it.

Afterwards, the girls turned into Pretty Cure and Cobraja introduced himself. He then throws his images to the Pretty Cure, making them unreasonable. Now, the ramen-like Desertarian prepares to attack the raman shop, but he refuses then starts to sob. Now, the Pretty Cure uses Floral Power Forttisimo to bring back Akira.

After they saved Akira's Heart Flower, Akira's father asks him to play some baseball. Now, Akira's feelings grew elegant, when his father tells him that cheer him at baseball is also his dream.

Kurumi Erika watches as Hanasaki Tsubomi waters the flowers, as she was worried for them throughout the weekend. They then notice that Myoudouin Itsuki is training at the dojo, but then a girl revealed to be Tada Kanae storms in and takes pictures of Itsuki, leaving one of the students to kick them out and close the door. However, Kanae is satissfied that she got a picture of one of the most popular students at school. At lunch, before Tsubomi and Erika can go to the roof, Kanae presents pictures of classmates in different comical situations, two of them being Erika when she falls while skiing and Nishihara Daiki when he gets a football to the face. Neither of the two like the pictures, but Kanae excuses herself by saying that they bring laughter and happiness to the class.

Tsubomi, however, is only focusing on the picture of Itsuki, thinking of it as cool. Kanae then claims that her next goal is to take pictures of the rumored Pretty Cure, which awakens and shocks Tsubomi.

Unable to get any proof of Pretty Cure's existence outside of dreams, however, Kanae goes to visit her idol, Kurumi Ryuunosuke. Ryuunosuke sees through her comical pictures and tells her that they lack love, which triggers Kanae's Kanae's Heart Flower to wither. Sasorina finds her and steals her Heart Flower, creating a Desertrian out of her camera. The camera-Desertrian takes several pictures of running students, in which the flash turns them to stone.

Tsubomi and Erika transform into Cure Blossom and Cure Marine, but in the middle of the fight, Cure Marine turns into stone when she takes Cure Blossom's place. Without the strongest Cure, Chypre and Coffret tells Cure Blossom to use the red Heart Seed, which speeds up her abilities. Confident with her new-found powers, Tsubomi purifies the Desertrian, which turns everyone back to normal again. They reunite the Heart Flower with the crystal, and when Kanae wakes up, Tsubomi encourages her to not give up on taking pictures.

The next day, Kanae gives Tsubomi a thank-you for her encouragement the other day: the picture of Itsuki. As she leaves, she sees Erika teasing Tsubomi for her crush on Itsuki and, wondering if they have the love Ryuunosuke talked about, takes a picture of them.

Ootsuka Tatsuya is reading Tsurezuregusa (徒然草? "Essays in Idleness") for the class, but Erika notices that Tsubomi is not listening to him, only looking at the picture of the student council president in admiration. While trying to make her pay attention, Tsurusaki has Erika translate the essay, but knowing that she got chosen for not listening, Tsubomi explains Erika's situation and translates instead. Her translation, thanks to her experience with her grandmother gains admiration from the whole class, but just as Erika thanks her, Tsurusaki once again asks Erika to read.

After the class, Sawai Naomi, Sakuma Toshiko, Kuroda Rumiko praises Tsubomi for her well translation, but then Itsuki comes to the class to inform Erika that if the list of fashion club members is not reported to him before the day is over, they will have to dismiss the club. Knowing that she only needs three more members, she asks Naomi, Toshiko and Nanami, who are interested in fashion, to join by giving then 20% discount from her family's Fairy Drop shop, plus the Fairy Drop fashionable item, which they accept after some hesitation.

Tsubomi [19]Erika's gape at the beginning of episode 7.Added by Caramelangel714and Erika go to the student council room to give Itsuki the list, but to their shock, Itsuki has already gone home and decided to disbound the fashion club. Not wanting to give up, the girls go to Itsuki's home where the butler guides them to the dojo room where Itsuki is training with other students. Tsubomi is amazed watching, but Erika tries to tell her that she should give up before she is shocked, though Tsubomi tells her to be quiet as not to disturb Itsuki's training. After Itsuki is finished, Erika tries to speak, but finds her legs having fallen asleep, making her unable to stand.

They walk outside to talk, and although Itsuki is not sure if it is okay to redo the club list, it is decided that the fashion club will be an exception for now. While the girls are glad, one of the dojo students arrives with tea and calls Itsuki "Lady", which shocks Tsubomi. Erika tells her that everyone at school knows that Itsuki is a girl, and that Tsubomi probably just did not catch it because she is new and often dozes off. Itsuki explains that she has reasons to act like a boy, though she is really a girl.

On their way home, Tsubomi is in despair while lamenting that her first love was for a girl and lasted for three minutes as Erika drags her along while trying to cheer her up. However, Erika fails to find any good words to lighten up her mood, and so only expresses her gratitude that the fashion club is saved. Meanwhile, Itsuki is taking a walk with her older brother, Myoudouin Satsuki, to the lake, where they talk about Tsubomi and Erika and Itsuki's situation, as she has to act like a boy because he, the original heir, is too ill to take over the dojo. Itsuki claims that she is satisfied with the life she has, but when Satsuki grabs her hand and tells her not to force herself, she begins to have doubt.

At the base for the Desert Apostles, Cobraja asks Sabaku permission to go and try defeat Pretty Cure once again, claiming that their last meeting was just a greeting. Having gotten the permission, Cobraja leaves, this time without any Snackey. At Kibougahana, Chypre tells Erika that the shock from Itsuki's gender has given Tsubomi a fever, making her unable to attend school for the day. As the same happened with Erika the year prior when she got to know about Itsuki, Erika understands and tells Chypre to wish Tsubomi well. Meanwhile, at school, some girls give Itsuki girly presents to her, and she accepts them, not knowing that Cobraja is watching her.

Not knowing that Itsuki is a girl, Cobraja is amused that there is someone as handsome as him, but notices that her Heart Flower has just started to wilt. Itsuki hides the presents behind her grandfather's statue as to hide her affection for cute things, but Cobraja approaches her as she's hugging the rabbit doll. As Cobraja rips the doll's ear open, Itsuki tries to attack Cobraja, but he dodges and, using a picture of his as a distraction, steals Itsuki's Heart Flower and creates a Desertrian with it and the statue. Watching this, Erika transforms into Cure Marine. Itsuki's Desertrian catches a girl, but looking at her uniform, she admits that it is cute and that she yearns to wield one, which makes Cobraja ask what she is talking about. She tells him that she is a girl, which shocks him just as much as it did with Tsubomi.

Just then, Cure Marine kicks the Desertrian away and saves the girl, telling her to run while she fights it off. However, the Desertrian tells Cure Marine that she as a girl is so cute, which makes both her and Cobraja feel awkward, before it starts to attack with its lazer eyes that turns people to stone. Back at Tsubomi's, Coffret has arrived with the imprisoned Itsuki and tells Tsubomi that Cure Marine needs Cure Blossom's help. Back at the school, thanks to Itsuki's karate skills, Cure Marine has problems defeating her Desertrian, but when Cobraja comments that as a girl, the Desertrian is strong, the Desertrian gets offended and kicks him away while telling about Itsuki's worries. Cure Blossom, having heard this, gets angry at the Desert Apostles for using Itsuki's maiden heart, and together with Cure Marine uses Floral Power Fortissimo to purify the Desertrian, making the stoned people at the school come back to normal along with Itsuki.

Before the school starts, Itsuki wakes up in the student council room, and Tsubomi asks her if she would like to join the fashion club, as a way to make her relax between student council duties and judo training. Although hesitating, Itsuki says she will give it thought before asking Tsubomi why she is wearing pyjamas. Because she cannot tell that she did not have time to change clothes in order to help Cure Marine, Erika excuses them by saying that Tsubomi is often bumbling and takes her outside.

With a smile, Itsuki goes back to the statue to repair the rabbit doll's ear, and decides to take it with her when she meets two of her male friends. When asked why she has the doll, she answers that she happens to like it, which makes one of the boys say in amusement that Itsuki is allowed to be girly. Tsubomi and Erika watches Itsuki as Chypre brings forth a new Heart Seed and Tsubomi explains the meaning of Itsuki's Heart Flower, the white peony, as it means rebirth of a ruler and radiant confidence. Erika then points out that she still is in her pyjamas, and Tsubomi runs back home to change in embarrasment. Kurumi Momoka is very popular these days, and most of the girls, including Hanasaki Tsubomi, admire her, much to Kurumi Erika's annoyance. Because of her sister's calm personality and popularity, Erika does not go along well with her sister, and Erika never seems to be happy around her. However, when Momoka is going to take photos close by, Erika is forced to ask to come with her on the behalf of the fashion club. During the photoing, Momoka watches Erika have fun with the members of the fashion club, and wishes to be normal, too.

Obata, Hanasaki Youichi's fromer student, comes to visit him and ask him to quit his job at the flower shop and work for the company he works for. Tsubomi, hearing this, thinks back to the days when she often was left with Hanasaki Kaoruko while her parents were out, and is afraid that he will leave again, closing the flower shop.

It is revealed, however, that Obata is not happy with his job, either, and wants to be a flower scientist instead. Knowing that his Heart Flower is wiltering, Cobraja steals it and makes a Desertrian out of his cell-phone. Pretty Cure fight and defeat it, and the next day, Obata tells Youichi that he quit his job at his company to seek out his dream of flower science. As he leaves, a little girls asks for sunflowers, and Tsubomi explains to her how sunflowers grow in summer times, and tells her to come back then. To encourage him, Youichi compares Obata to a sunflower.

Tired of their constant loss, Dark Cure asks for permission to go and defeat Pretty Cure, taking Sasorina with her upon her request. At Kihougahana, the girls finish homework and take a walk outside, ending where Tsubomi met Chypre and Coffret the first time. They talk about their fights against the Desert Apostles, but then Ueshima Sayaka appears, telling them how she has made a team of female football players.

While Sayaka and her team is training, Sasorina and Snackeys, dressed as football players, challenge them. As they are losing, Dark Cure appears and, claiming to be a part of Pretty Cure, sends the ball at Sayaka and her friends, injuring them heavily. Tsubomi and Erika find them and take them to the nurse, only to hear that the flowers are crying. They meet Dark Cure, but Chypre and Coffret are kidnapped before they can transform. At the botanic garden, the girls has lost hope, but Tsukikage Yuri gives them some advices about friendship and trust, encouraging them to give their best to save the fairies, who trust them.

Where they planend to meet and bargain, Tsubomi and Erika fight through the Snackeys, but then the Mysterious Guy appears and rescues the fairies, giving the girls back the ability to transform. As Pretty Cure, the girls defeat the rest of the Snackeys, but as they are about to take down Dark Cure, the latter opens her eye and sends them down. Seeing how easily they fell, Dark Cure compares them to Cure Moonlight, but Cure Blossom tells her that they are friends and that they will never lose to her. They then use Floral Power Fortissimo, but Dark Cure uses her powers and defeats them, leaving them to deform. As she is about to kill them, however, she sees Yuri in the distance, and decides to leave them be. At the end, Yuri is looking down at a part of her Pretty Cure Seed, which she keeps as a charm. With Dark Cure's appearance, Hanasaki Tsubomi has lost all her confidence. For now, defeating Dark Cure is certainly impossible. To get stronger, Tsubomi gets the idea of training under her classmate, Sakai Masato, who calls himself a "kung-fu master". Then his nine-year-old younger brother Sakai Yoshito appears, saying "I'm his only apprentice!". Tsubomi becomes his second apprentice and starts learning kung fu with Yoshito. However, Masato has to rush to judo lessons at the same time. There, he tells Yoshito and Tsubomi that he cannot do kung fu. Yoshito is dejected at seeing his miserable older brother. Kumojaki approaches him, steals his blackening Heart Flower and throws it at Yoshito's nunchaku. The whole humanoid nunchaku Desetrian starts wreaking havoc, and Tsubomi and Erika both come together and transform into Pretty Cure. But it is a very hard fight with the Desertrian swinging its nunchaku around. Meanwhile, Masato tries to face the Snackey to save Yoshito. Moved by their brotherly bond, Cure Blossom takes on a kung-fu pose. Frequenter Toshioka comes to the Hanasaki shop, exclaiming that he is going to propose to his girlfriend Risa. He plans to give a present of "eternally blooming flowers", and so Tsubomi and her family pile together to make the proposal a success. However, Toshioka does not seem confident anymore, and so Tsubomi invites him to a barbecue, hoping that if they are busy having fun, the proposal is sure to be great. The day of the barbecue, Toshioka takes along Risa. Tsubomi and Erika quietly watch over Toshioka and Risa on the suspension bridge in the forest where they were invited. Cobraja sees what is going on, and takes Risa's wilting Heart Flower, throwing it into the river to make a water Desertrian. Tsubomi and Erika transform into Pretty Cure, but their punches and kicks do not affect the Desertrian. Moreover, Cure Marine is soaked into the Desetrian, unable to get out. In this crisis, Toshioka, overwhelmed with love for Risa, takes action.

Hanasaki Tsubomi is contacted by her grandmother Kaoruko, who tells her that the agave, a rare flower that only blooms once every ten years, has bloomed. Tsubomi hurriedly heads toward Kaoruko's botanical garden, where she sees Tsukikage Yuri. Remembering how Yuri helped her and Kurumi Erika before,HPC10 Tsubomi wants to thank her, though Yuri coldly rejects it, stating that she only told them the meaning of a flower.

Meanwhile, at the train station, Dark Cure appears with the Snackey! Tsubomi learns of it from Erika's phone call and soon arrives at the station. However, Yuri arrives at station before Tsubomi, as her mother is at the station shop, frightenly protecting the lagging children. Yuri elegantly dodges the Snackeys one by one, helps out her mother and the children in the blink of an eye when Tsubomi and Erika appears and transform into Pretty Cure. The Cure Blossom and Cure Marine challenge Dark Cure, but for some reason, she targets only Yuri. At that moment, Dark Cure says something to Yuri which shocks Pretty Cure.

Erika forgets her lunch, leaving her hungry through the pause. Tsubomi offers half of her, giving Erika her idea of asking food from every classmate. She ends up asking Shiku Nanami, whose lunch looks graceful. Tsubomi comments how good Nanami's mother is in cooking, but Erika shoves Tsubomi aside, telling her that Nanami's mother died years ago. However, when Tsubomi thinks Nanami is angry for mentioning her mother, instead she tickles her and tells her to smile, as smiling is the most important thing. Later, Nanami shows some signs of artistic talent, but rejects the offer to join the fashion club, as she has to take care of her little sister.

Later, after school, Nanami takes her little sister Rumi around to shop for dinner. As they know most of the people at the street, they are not afraid to bargain down the prizes, even when they eventually come to the Hanasaki Flower Shop and find a carnation that Rumi wants to give to her mother's memory picture. At home, when Rumi looks at the picture, she starts crying, not wanting the comfort Nanami offers. After dinner, Rumi walks away from home, and when Nanami tries to follow, tells her older sister that she hates her and wants her mother. Nanami, angry and hurt, tells her that she does not care, which hurts Rumi and causes her to cry as Nanami walks away. However, in a corned, Nanami cries and hits herself as she tries to force herself into smiling, as that is the most important thing to do. But she is questioning this statement, and it is revealed that her Heart Flower is in fact locked, so that Nanami is unable to tell her real feelings to anybody. Sasorina sees this and manages to open the cage, stealing her Heart Flower to make a Desertrian.

Tsubomi and Erika transform to Pretty Cure to get the Heart Flower back, but before they can defeat it, the Desertrian, finally out of the cage, cries out Nanami's real feelings, telling a present Rumi that she, too, misses their mother, but has to do her best and hide this pain for Rumi's sake. Eventually, Pretty Cure manage to heal Nanami's wilting Heart Flower, causing Sasorina to run. In her sleep, Nanami remembers when she made a carnation for Mother's Day she did not like the results of as little, but her mother told her that she loved the carnation and that Nanami should smile, as the most important thing is to smile. When she wakes up, she finds Rumi crying into her lap, apologizing for her bad behavior. Nanami, finally understanding why smiling is important, whipes the tears away from Rumi's face like her mother did in the past and tells her to smile. Tsubomi and Erika look from a distance, explaining how the carnation that was Nanami's Heart Flower means a mother's love.

The day afterward, Nanami and Rumi appear before Hanasaki Flower Shop again, Nanami with a carnation from Rumi. She asks if she still can join the fashion club, as long as she can take some days off because of family, which Erika accepts. At Mother's Day, it is revealed that Hanasaki Mizuki, Tsubomi's mother, and Kurumi Sakura, Erika's mother, received the presents the opposite girl usually gives to her mother.

Myoudouin Itsuki still likes feminime clothes, but her family troubles keep her from wearing anything. Tsubomi and Erika try to make her join the fashion club to explore more of her feminime sides. Before her practice, Itsuki creates her own design, but hides it when her grandfather came to her room.

The next day, Tsubomi and Erika came to Itsuki's dojo and explained about Itsuki's fashion design. Then, they show her how to make her clothing by cutting and sewing. Tsubomi showed Itsuki how to sew the clothing before she done it with her own. The girls wanted her to wear the clothing, and Itsuki became shocked. She then wear her own clothing, and her older brother, Satsuki, came and tells her that her shirt fits for her as the real Itsuki.

The new dojo student, Hiroto, came by and take over the dojo. Now, Itsuki and Hiroto made a match, and Itsuki finished Hiroto. But, Hiroto starts to cheat on her, by flipping his hair at her. Hiroto takes the Myoudouin board, because of Itsuki's loss.

Itsuki starts to worry about her martial art skills, but the girls encourage her to be honest. Hiroto was upset and doomed, because he has a foul play by Itsuki and was disqualified by the dojo. Kumojacky appeared and steals his Heart Flower. The girls transformed into the Pretty Cure, and Itsuki knows that their costumes are cute. Now they use the Pretty Cure Floral Fortissimo, but Kumojacky released a new power, the Big Bang, to break apart of the road. Itsuki saves Prettty Cure, and fights Kumojacky. Finally, Pretty Cure continues their Fortissimo to save Hiroto.

This evening, Itsuki appeared by Hiroto, making him apologize to her grandfather about the foul play. Itsuki's grandfather explains about Hiroto's self-betrayal of martial arts. Then, Itsuki shows respect to her family.

Takagishi Azusa, the leader for the theatrical club, arrives and challenges Erika and her fashion club to a contest in whose designs are best. While they seem to be enemies, Azusa and Erika are actually on good terms, despite their very different kinds of leadership. Azusa judges the designs Erika has to offer before going on to state they need a fabulous rich womans attire for the Drama clubs performence. So the Fashion Club begins to redesign. [20]Added by Caramelangel714At the many commands Azusa makes, the drama club members soon become tired and aggitated and all end up quitting. Azusa, who is depressed goes to think about things while she comes by to see Erika and the fashion club having fun. Which begins to make her wonder about why her club may have quit on her.

Cobraja appeared dramatically and steals her Heart Flower to create a show light Desertarian. Chypre and Coffret go to find Tsubomi and Erika to make them transform into Pretty Cure. As they fight, the drama club members begin to hear and are shocked by Azusa's true feelings. To which Marine ues Blue Forte Wave to save Azusa.

Azusa soon wakes up to realize what she was doing wrong as the club members begin to return to her. she is very surprised by this and after she promises to be kinder to them and listen, they begin to practice harder then ever before! The performance goes on perfectly and everybody loves the designs the Fashion Club had made for the show.

The girls go to the botanic garden so that Tsubomi can introduce Erika to some lilies they have there. While there, they meet Tsukikage Yuri, who was invited by Tsubomi's grandmother to see the lilies. They talk over a cup of team and Erika whispers to Tsubomi that it is a good opportunity to ask Pretty Cure advices from Yuri. When Kaoruko forgot the snacks for the tea, the girls and Yuri go to get them, the girls using the chance to ask her for help. She, however, explains how she fought alone her whole life as Cure Moonlight, and that she does not accept Tsubomi and Erika as Pretty Cure.

Over at the daifuku store, they meet Harano Masahiko, who also struggles to be accepted by his superior, his [21]Erika tastes the daifuku from Masahiko.Added by Caramelangel714father. Before Tsubomi, Erika, and Yuri leaves, Masahiko brings the daifuku to them so that Kaoruko can eat them, but Erika tastes one daifuku delightfully. Later that night, he works making the daifuku seriously to pass.

The next day, Masahiko fails, because his father was unsastified by his daifuku and put the same ingredients he made. Masahiko runs away from his father and grandfather. Sasorina appears to steal Masahiko's Heart Flower to turn him into a daifuku-making Desertarian.

The Pretty Cure returns to save Masahiko. Then, the daifuku-making Desertarian uses his quick attack to strike the Pretty Cure. Yuri saves them with her half-broken Precure Seed as a shield. She then told them to quickly finish him.

The girls thanks Yuri, but she did not thank them. Masahiko was woken up by his sister, and his father and grandfather explain him about his skills by making daifuku. Masahiko accepted that he was mistaken and try his best to make daifuku better.

Ban Kenji leaves the school and purposely slammed the door. The people laughed at him, and he glares him with his left eye. The students and very frantic and grave, except for Tsubomi. Erika starts to felt shocked about Kenji, then tells a story about Kenji as a "legendary delinquent" but scary leader.

Next, Tsubomi and Erika visits Ken's mother at Ban's house. Ban sneaks and hide from his mother at the bushes, but Erika sharply sees him. Ban begins to panic silently and scares Erika with his left eye. Then, the girls ran away, but Kenji starts to chase them. Tsubomi fell at the stairs; Kenji and Erika rescue her.

The three woke up during the fall, then Kenji shows his secret work of his shoujo manga starring the Pretty Cure. The girls are shocked and Kenji starts reading it. He tells that Cure Blossom will be the love cupid and Cure Marine fell in love with him (unfortunately, with long hair). Kenji was unable to finish the manga, but the girls [22]Added by Caramelangel714helped him.

At his house, Kenji tutors the girls how to draw the manga, but his mother and Kurumi Sakura came to the house. Tsubomi, Erika, and Kenji start hiding the drawings panickly and bring their studying materials out. The mothers came to Kenji's room to see what is going on with them. Sakura begins to open the curtains and spies Kenji's drawings. He explains his mother that he lied, because he was drawing manga secretly, then ran away. [23]Pretty Cure Manga?Added by Caramelangel714Kumojaki spies that he was going to read Kenji's manga, but was terrified when the Pretty was in the manga. He then steals Kenji's Heart Flower. Pretty Cure begin to rescue Kenji turning himself into an ink Desertarian. They use Floral Power Fortissimo finally.

Kenji felt like he was going to chase his dream of being a manga artist, so his mother will not be worried anymore.Thanks to planning on Kurumi Ryuunosuke's part, Kurumi Erika's family and Hanasaki Tsubomi go on a trip. [24]A frog came to Erika's face.Added by Caramelangel714They arrive at the farm where Horiuchi and his daughter, Horiuchi Aki, live. While staying there, they help the with farming jobs. Tsubomi and Erika are in super high spirits, harvesting potatoes and tomatoes while the rest cook freshly harvested vegetables, and they are placed in a row on the table. The topic for the fun dinnertime is Aki, who will soon be wed. But even though she talks happily, her face occasionally becomes gloomy.

Cobraja sees that Aki's Heart Flower is weakening and takes her Heart Flower, throws it at a farm scarecrow, and creates a Desertrian. Without a moment's delay, Tsubomi and Erika become Pretty Cure and head to it. The Desertrian shouts out Aki's feelings, and Ryuunosuke shows the Desertrian a photo, and its content makes the Desertrian stop moving.As Chypre and Coffret are sleeping on Coupe's warm fur, Coupe's chest is glowing and the two of them are awake. They are wondering that the Heart Tree is thriving, because the third fairy was born. Momoka, Erika's older sister, asks a nervous Tsubomi to model for a magazine. Another model, Karin, suddenly quits and worries the staff. In the mean time, the Heart Pot glows, signalifying that a miracle is about to occur; Potpourri, the fairy partner of Cure Sunshine, is born. However, Dark Cure appears before the Tree of Hearts, though Potpourri stalls her from destroying it.

Tsubomi and Erika keep Potpourri as adopted at the bonatic garden. Potpourri communicates that he is ggoing to find the third Pretty Cure. This early, he choses Tsubomi's grandmother, but she already have Coupe as her fairy. Potpourri was upset, and Chypre and Coffret helps his to scout the third Pretty Cure. [25]Potpourri disguising himself as trespasser.Added by Caramelangel714First at the girls' school, they spotted Tsurusaki, who was very frantic by monsters or aliens, and they have failed. Next, they try Tada Kanae to be the third Precure, but Kanae took somes pictures, thinking that Potpourri and the others are formed as an alien. Third, they try Ueshima Sayaka, but Sayaka was nervous that she thinks they are wierd. Finally, they scouted Ban Kenji, but Potpourri interuppted that Kenji will be the third Precure. Chypre and Coffret panic, making Potpourri to do the same, and fly off. Kanae explains to the students about the mysterious trespasser. Tsurusaki commands the students not to leave [26]Added by Caramelangel714the homeroom. Then, she walks to the hallway to spot the trespasser, but heard rattling leaves. Cobraja appears inside the school, and Tsurusaki shrieks by Cobraja's appearance. Cobraja begins to steal Tsurusaki's Heart Flower. Chypre, Coffret, and Potpourri are shocked as the Desertarian appears as a scary-looking monster. The Pretty Cure appears, but the fog was spreading back, making some damage by them. Finally, Pretty Cure release the Floral Power Fortissimo.

Tsurusaki awoke at the hallway, and declares that she was an adult, but learns her lesson that she will be brave enough to avoid monsters.

As Tsukikage came to the bonatic garden, Potpourri wants Yuri to become her assistant, but Yuri refuses him. Potpourri became more upset, but Kaoruko explains that he need to work hard to find the third Precure later.

The girls spotted that the yellow flowers are wilting, but Tsubomi forgot that she needs to go to the Gardening Club. At the Gardening Club, they met Mizushima Aya, a nervous Gardening Cllub president who adores flowers, but did not take proper care of them. Aya starts to run for it with Tsubomi and Erika, then trips at the wheelbarrow with dirt. the dirt spilled the flowers and Aya panics, but Tsubomi helps her. Aya starts to whimper and the students told her not to be crying. Tsubomi tells her about her grandmother that she has a green thumb, and Aya wants her to take her to the botanic garden.

Potpourri felt impetuous about being the fairy by the third Pretty Cure. Aya and the girls came to the bonatic garden, and greets herself frantically, but mistaken by Coupe. Kaoruko explains that she will never be flustered if she can take care of the flowers.

The next day, Aya recieves a message from Myoudouin Itsuki that the Gardening Club needs some green curtains (layers of leaves that can cover some parts of the building). Aya helps the other to create a green curtain, but the typhoon strikes, making the green curtain to wilt. Kumojaki creates a deathblow called the Typhoon Punch. The Snackies was blown by the typhoon.

This night, the school was closed, because of the typhoon. Tsubomi and Erika rushed for help, and Aya was here to help the green curtain. Everyone protect the green curtain, but Aya remembers that part of the green curtain was wilting, because of the emotinal actions she have done. Aya ran away and Itsuki came by. Kumojaki steals her Heart Flower, and turns her into a cucumber-looking Desrtarian. [27]Added by Caramelangel714After Cure Marine uses her attack on the Desrtarian, Cure Blossom and Kumojaki made punches, but made ties.

Aya woke up after the havoc. She wanted to remember that she can recieve some bravery by caring flowers. Itsuki founds Potpourri as a doll (which she can be the third Pretty Cure in the next episode).

After Myoudouin Itsuki found Potpourri as a doll, Potpourri woke up Tsubomi that night and wants to see Itsuki as a Pretty Cure.

Potpourri became more impetuous to see Itsuki as Chypre and Coffret calm him down. Itsuki visits the hospital [28]Satsuki felt nervous, pondering about the surgeryAdded by Caramelangel714when Tsobomi and Erika spies upon what was happening. She wants to take care of her brother, Satsuki, but he does not remind the light. The next day at the hospital, Potpourri came by Itsuki, making her freak out. [29]Potpourri hugging Itsuki's faceAdded by Caramelangel714However, Itsuki sees her brother trembling. It is revealed that Satsuki is afraid of what will happen after the eventual successful operation, and fears the changes that will happen.

Sasorina catches this fear through his wilting Heart Flower, and decides to steal it and fuse it with his wheelchair to make a Desertrian.

Itsuki, Tsubomi, and Erika founded out that Satsuki was missing, but revealed that he is taken by Sasorina. [30]Added by Caramelangel714Pretty Cure try to fight it, but are useless. Potpourri protects Itsuki from the Desrtarian, feeling the same thing as Itsuki was doing. Wanting to protect her brother, Itsuki transforms into Cure Sunshine.

After Cure Sunshine defeat the Desrtarian with her Shiny Tambourine:Gold Forte Burst, she saves Satsuki, telling her that he saw Cure Sunshine as a heroine.

Potpourri reminded that the girls have to see the Heart Tree quickly. Chypre, Coffret, and Potpourri transform themselves into flying capes. Erika was having fun at flying, but Tsubomi got afraid at flying so high. Itsuki holds Tsubomi hand, so she will never be any afraid.

Flying at the Heart Tree, Potpourri saw some colorful flower buds, but Dark Precure followed them. Pretty Cure [31]Added by Caramelangel714fight back at Dark Precure. Dark precure cutten the flower buds, and Potpourri felt uncalm. Cure Blossom uses her Pink Forte Wave, to defeat Dark Precure, but she dodged her attack and uses Dark Forte Wave. Cure Sunshine uses the Sunshine Aegis to protect the two. Then, she uses Gold Forte Burst to protect the Heart Tree, and the Cure use their Floral Power Fortissimo.

The Heart Tree floats safely, so the Desert Apostles won't see it again. Itsuki visits Satsuki at the hospital, thinking the operation went smoothly.

The girls are running, and Itsuki felt proud of Satsuki's beautiful health. Erika tells that she will come to the Fashion Club's summer camp.

The girls and the other classmates went to the beach to have some fun, but can make up soem designs for the [32]Tsubomi and Erika shows Itsuki's outfit.Added by Caramelangel714autumn fashion show. Itsuki changes herself again with the yellow shirt that she made (in ep 15). First, the girls try out for some soumen race, but Rumiko caught up with it firdt. then , Itsuki caught it last, and Tokko complains. [33]Cobraja leaving this night.Added by Caramelangel714The Desert Apostles came by to the beach for some training to defeat the Pretty Cure. This night, Kumojaki snores loudly as Cobraja leaves the tent to look at the cresent moon.

The next morning, the girls exercise as running, but Tsubomi felt tired of running. Chypre cheers her to run faster. The Desert Apostles came by, and the girls transform into the Pretty Cure. Cure Sunshine uses her Gold Forte Burst to defeat Sasorina, but Kumojaki and Cobraja seized Sunshine's attack to save Sasorina. Sasorina felt dizzy, so the three escape.

The girls make up some plans that are cheerful and precise for the fashion show at the end. Cobraja was taking over this summer to bring a lot a homework-hating Desertarians. [34]Added by Caramelangel714Hanasaki Tsubomi and Myoudouin Itsuki finished their homework, except for Erika, who was too busy enjoying her vacation and very foolish to study. Erika does not enjoy this vacation, because Tsubomi declares her that summer vacation was about half over to school. Summer is ending and Myoudouin Itsuki has to go back to school but Potpourri wants her to stay and play. Myoudouin Itsuki tries to explain things but Potpourri misunderstands and feels like Itsuki doesn't care so Potpourri runs away. This makes Itsuki very worried along with Hanasaki Tsubomi and Kurumi Erika they want to start searching right away but they have to go to school.Chypre and Coffret volunteer to search all over while the girls are in class and go all over looking. Meanwhile at the school Itsuki is having a terrible time concentrating on her schoolwork and her duties as class president because she is very worried about Potpourri. Potpourri is still upset and wandering and meets a little girl in the park who has also run away from home believing that he busy parents don't care about her. Tsukikage Yuri shows up and finds them both and starts explaining that even though the people they care about are busy they still like them. Just then Chypre and Coffret show up and find where Potpourri is with Itsuki not far behind. Cobraja shows up and then uses the little girl's heart to make a Desertrian and Potpourri tries to protect Yuri but can't do it alone. Itsuki finally comes and transforms into Cure Sunshine and defeats the Desertrian and Potpourri realizes even when Itsuki is away she still cares.

[35]At the end of ep 10, her pendant was half taken by Dark Cure.Added by Penamesolen