Name: Saturn
Japanese Name: サターン Saturn
Age: 18-20
  • Unknown
Class: Commander
First Appearance:
  • Diamond & Pearl
Voice actor: Marc Thompson

"You... You came all the way here just to save some Pokémon? ...Though it's nothing new, I can't say I understand our boss... Why would he let a kid like you come and go freely...? We, Team Galactic, take all that we need, and eliminate what we do not. But anyway. You've taken the trouble to come. Let me welcome you! Consider it payback for your insulting me at the lake."- Saturn Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

Saturn (Japanese: サターン Saturn) is one of the two male commanders out of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Charon. The player meets Saturn in Azelf's Cave.Later in the game the player meets Saturn again when he frees Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit. After you beat the story mode you can see him when ever you want at there base in Veilstone City. He is now the boss of Team Galactic once Charon is in jail in Almia. He is on the first floor of the HQ. He talks about Cyrus, his old boss, and how he plans to do things differently than him.


In the animeEditEdit

Pokémon Information
[2] Toxicroak is Saturn's main and strongest pokémon. Toxicroak is Brock's Croagunk's rival.
Pokémon Information
[3] Bronzor a useful pokémon for Saturn. It has many useful moves. But Saturn does not use Bronzor in fights.
Pokémon Information
[4] Every member of Team Galactic must have at least one Golbat. That is some kind of condition to be a member of Team Galactic

Golbat x4


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Name: Mars
Japanese Name: マーズ Mars
Age: 18-20
  • Unknown
Class: Commander
First Appearance:
  • Diamond & Pearl
Voice actor: Lisa Ortiz (English)

“I’m one of Team Galactic’s three Commanders. We’ve been trying to create a new world that’s better than this one... But people have shown little understanding about what we do. You don’t understand either, do you? It’s a little saddening... So, let’s have a battle to decide what we should do next. If I win, you leave. If you win, we, Team Galactic, will leave!”- Mars in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Mars is the first of the three/four commanders in Team Galactic. She is first met at the Valley Windworks, where she attempts to take it over. She is then at Lake Verity after her plans to capture Mesprit are successful. After story mode the player meets encounters Mars at Stark Mountain. In Pokémon Platinum, Mars and Jupiter face off against the player at Stark Mountain. If you beat them, they will quit Team Galactic.



In the animeEditEdit

[7]Mars in the animeShe and Saturn both stole the Adamant Orb in Celestic Town. She later attempted to blow up Iron Island.


In the GamesEditEdit


Pt Battle Sprite


[9] [10] [11] [12] [13]
Zubat Purugly Bronzor (After 1st battle) Golbat (Evolves from Zubat after 1st battle) Bronzong (Evolves from Bronzor in 4th battle (Pt only))

In the animeEditEdit

Pokémon Information
[14] Purugly is Mars' main and most powerful pokémon. It's almost always at Mars' side.
Pokémon Information
[15] Brozor is just seen one time in the anime.
Pokémon Information
[16] Every member of Team Galactic must have at least one Golbat. That is some kind of condition to be a member of Team Galactic
Golbat x4


[17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22]
Purugly Luxray Electivire Zubat Bronzor
"Eh? Did you want something? How silly of me to even ask. You want to free the Pokémon. Yeah, that’s gonna happen!"
— Jupiter, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.
Name: Jupiter
Japanese Name: ジュピター Jupiter
Age: 20 or more
  • Sinnoh
  • Unknown
Class: Commander
First Appearance:
  • Diamond & Pearl
Voice actor: Eileen Stevens

Jupiter is the second commander that the player challenges in Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, the player will confront her in the Team Galactic Eterna Building. The player will briefly see Jupiter at Lake Acuity in the cutscene where your rival has just been defeated by her. [24]Jupiter in the animeYou will fight Jupiter at Spear Pillar in a double battle with Mars. After the player defeats the main story, you will encounter her with Mars again in Stark Mountain. If the player battles her and wins, she will quit Team Galactic.


In the animeEditEdit

Pokémon Information
[25] Skuntank are Jupiter's only known pokémon except of her Golbats. It is also her strongest pokémon.
Pokémon Information
[26] Every member of Team Galactic must have at least one Golbat. That is some kind of condition to be a member of Team Galactic
Golbat x5

In the MangaEditEdit

[27] [28] [29]
Sableye Gastrodon Tangrowth


[30]==TriviaEdit== In her game sprite she appears to be holding her Poké Ball upside-down

Sakagami majorythm

坂上 あゆみ Sakagami majorythm

Season Pretty Cure All Stars
Age 10
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown (majorythm)
Yellow (Cure Echo)
Hair Color Brown (majorythm)
Blonde (Cure Echo)
Home Place Yokohama
First Appearance Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi
Alter Ego Cure Echo
Theme Color White (main)
Pink (sub)
Green (sub)
Japanese Voice Actor Mamiko Noto


Edit [32]Majorythm bakes while the Ojamajo spy on her.Added by ChrismhMajorythm is a cute litte witch girl and main character of the game "Ojamajo Adventure: Naisho no Mahou". In it, the player controls Majorythm as she learns about thing outside of the Witch World by letting her get to know the Ojamajo and witnessing cutscenes and events by going to different locations.

She only appears in this PC game, so not very much is known about her.




As stated previously, Majorythm is a little/young witch who comes to the Human world to study on them and learn about regular life. While there, she meets Doremi who soon brings her to the Maho-dou to meet the others.

As she came to see the humans, it can be said she is highly curious. Or perhaps a witch who enjoys studying in her spare time. However, its possible that this may have been a mission for her, to come and investigate. Not much is known about her motives, but she does really seem to like the Ojamajo.

In terms of facial expressions, she is a mixture of Hazuki and Onpu. She seems to be very shy, as shown when she reveals her witch outfit and is known to be very polite. She was concerned when Poppu got upset, as shown in the opening which means unlike most of the witch. She isn't unfriendly, or purposely rude.

Due to her shy personality, she does not have the courage to talk to her classmates, and is thus often alone, until she has an encounter with Fuu-chan.

Ringo's dead mother and her father are never shown, but it was mentioned in the game that her Mew Aqua pendant was a gift from her mother. She lives on a nature reserve island with her only sibling, her older brother Mashio, who bares a strong resemblance to Ichigo's boyfriend, Masaya Aoyama. She also lives with her pet penguin Yuki, whom at first was Ringo's only friend, resulting in Ringo being a bit shy.

After meeting the Mew Mews, Ringo became cool, funky, outgoing, gentle and also caring. She is also childish and energetic like Pudding Fong. Also, like Pudding, she calls everyone "onee-chan" ("big sister"), seeing as they are the same age. She looks up to Mashio and Ichigo and always tries her best. Ringo is an incredibly good friend. She often takes night walks to get to places and defeat enemies.

Ringo likes seafood, which is convenient since she lives on an island. She also likes apples and the colour red. However, she dislikes crowds. Ringo never used to have any friends because she was isolated due to her living on her home island, so she used to be shy.


[33]Added by Chrismh

Not much is known about Majorythm other then the fact she is indeed a witch. Its unknown how old she is, as she looks to be around the age of Doremi and Co. Although its possible she had aged herself up as well, much like Hana-chan did.

She wears a typical witch uniform, with possible differences to add to her, younger status and as she is a witch it means she wasn't an apprentice, or Ojamajo.

While her theme seems to be blue, Majorythm's witch outfit is ivy green in color.


majorythm is a transfer student from Yokohama who really loves Pretty Cure. She meets Fuu-chan and they become friends, unknowingly to her that he's one of Fusion's fragments. When she found out Fuu was Fusion, she blames herself for his actions. However, she later made a resolvement to let her feelings reach Fusion and help the Precures. This action allowed her to become a Precure, with the help of the Miracle Lights which formed a White Cure Decor.

Cure EchoEditEdit

[34]Cure EchoAdded by Cure Dream Happy

"Reach out, feelings! Cure Echo!" "思いよとどけ! キュアエコー!"
Omoi yo todoke! Kyua Ekoo!"

Cure Echo is majorythm's Pretty Cure form, in which she obtained using the power of the White Cure Decor and the Miracle Lights. In this form, her brown hair become blonde, her ponytails becomes longer and her eyes turn to yellow. Her white dress is similar to Smile and Suite Pretty Cure. Her insignia on her bow is a smile heart symbol with a note sticking out of it.

Relations with the OjamajoEditEdit

  • Doremi: Doremi is the first Ojamajo she meets, Doremi is very kind to Majorythm and "takes her under her wing" by bringing her to the Maho-dou and trying to help her fit in.
  • Hazuki: Barely she is shown with the Orange Ojamajo. At first Hazuki panicked when Doremi brought her to the Maho-dou.
  • Aiko: Aiko is shown to be reading/watching Majorythm reads a book.
  • Onpu: While she has no interaction with Onpu in the opening, its possible she knows of her idol-like status.
  • Momoko: She flies with Momoko on her broom during sunset/sunrise.
  • Hana-Chan: During the intro, Hana seemed a bit jealous though it may have just been momentary.
  • Pop: She is shown trying to calm down a frustrated Poppu.


Majorythm in terms of design looks a lot like Hazuki. She has very long, stomach length chocolate brown hair

worn straight down, with no bangs and very long, also straight side parts that are chest length. She wears small, oval shaped glasses and has matcing brown eyes. Her skin is light, but not pale.

Majorythm wears a sea blue tanktop styled dress and white-blue tee shirt underneath of it, past the knee navy blue pants, and slip on white shoes. She wears a peach-tan colored purse arround her right shoulder. Most likely to keep her witch uniform inside.

[35]The newest little witchAdded by Chrismh

Ringo has brown, choppy, shoulder-length hair. She wears a big red bow in her hair and has an ahoge. Ringo wears lots of red, white, and green clothing. She has light skin and brown eyes.

When Ringo becomes Mew Ringo, her hair becomes a light hazel colour. Her outfit is similar to Lettuce Midorikawa's and Ichigo's outfits. Her bodice top is red with the bottom going out in flower petal like attributes. In the back is larger fin like parts coming off. Her bottoms are white pantaloons with ruffles at the pant ends. The pantaloons go to about her mid-thigh. Her socks are white and come up to about mid-calf; her shoes are red high-heeled mary-janes.

The ribbon bow in her hair becomes larger and thicker. She wears no thigh band like the other Mews; she also wears a pair of long white gloves. Her choker and arm bands are red with white ruffles on it. It is unknown where her Mew mark is, or if she even has one. Ringo is the only Mew Mew that does not have a garter on her thigh.


  • In terms of character, her outfit resembles Onpu's. While her appearence and personality it a lot like Hazuki's.
  • Her witch color is similiar to Non-chan.
  • Before the rumors were squashed, people claimed Majorythm was a hint to a new season. However, this season was proven a hoax as no official Japenese website for it exsisted.
  • Prior to her being officially revealed, an image showing her as a Cure in black and pink, looking like an amalgam between Cure Happy and Kamen Rider Decade and named Cure Union, was believed to have been leaked, naming her Hoshizora Ikue and describing her as Miyuki's daughter from a future in which Fusion rules the world. This was proven to be fake with the first update of the New Stage website.
  • The name Cure Echo was first revealed on the packaging of Pretty Cure Snack, a series of small snack packages featuring the movie Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi.
  • majorythm shares her first name with Momozono Love's mother, and one student from Myoudo Academy named Kumazawa Ayumi.
  • Cure Echo is the first movie-exclusive formal Pretty Cure except Dark Pretty Cure 5 cures ,and the seventh movie-exclusive Pretty Cure, first 5 ares Dark Pretty Cure 5, sixth is Cure Angie.
  • Cure Echo is the fifth Cure to have white as her main theme color, the first being Cure White, the second being Cure Egret, the third being Cure Angie and the fourth being Cure Rhythm.
  • Cure Echo's character designer is Akira Takahashi, who also designed the characters of Suite Pretty Cure♪.
    • Coincidentally, the name Cure Echo seems to fit a musical theme.
  • Cure Echo's Cure outfit has elements of older Cures' outfits with Heartcatch Pretty Cure's, Smile Pretty Cure's and Suite Pretty Cure's being the most prominent.
  • Cure Echo's tranformation Cure Decor is a white ribbon with a hexagon on it, which has six sides. Ironically, she is the sixth Cure with the Smile emblem on her medallion.
  • Even though she does not appear in the anime, Ringo has character songs just like the rest of the Mews, sung by Taeko Kawata.
  • Despite popular belief, Ringo and Ichigo Momomiya are not related. Many fans simply believe they are due to their similar appearances.
  • Ringo seems to be the only Mew Mew who does not gain an animal part upon transforming such as ears, a tail, etc.



[36]Sakagami Ayumi in Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi Trailer

[37]Another image of Sakagami Ayumi in Pretty Cure All Stars New Stage: Mirai no Tomodachi Trailer

[38]Ayumi and Miyuki

[39]Ayumi finds Fuu-chan

[40]Echo Transformation




[44]The Smile Pretty Cure! symbol in Cure Echo's bow










[53]Ayumi's Profile

[54]Cure Echo

[55]Movie Exclusive Sticker

[56]Cure Echo Full Body

[57]Cure Echo's Full Profile

[58]Cure Echo's Face Sheet

[59]Ayumi's Face Sheet


[60]Pretty Cure Snack packaging that first revealed the Cure name, Cure Echo

[61]Cure Echo coloring page


Ringo lives on a nature reserve with her parents and older brother, Mashio Akai. Their mother died when they were young. She is alone most of the time and has no friend except for her pet penguin, Yuki, up to the point of meeting the other Mew Mews. As a result, she was extremely shy in the beginning but slowly warmed up to her new friends.

Ringo refers to herself in third person like Puddin and calls everybody except Pudding "onee-chan", since they are the same age. Ringo admires Ichigo Momomiya and her older brother Mashio very much.

In the PS1 game, Ringo and the original five Mew Mews must defend Ringo's home island from Kish Ikisatashi, the chimera anima, and a new alien named Gateau du Rowa after the group invades in search of Mew Aqua. Her Mew Aqua pendant necklace was given to her by her deceased mother.

After Ringo's pet penguin Yuki (Japanese for "snow") transform into a Chimera Animal, the pendant activates and allows her to transform into a Mew Mew as well.


When Kish transforms Yuki into a Chimera Anima, Ringo uses a Mew Aqua necklace from her mother to become Mew Ringo. She uses a wand that is shorter than the Mew Aqua Rod called an Appletick, but she cannot attack without another Mew with her. The Appletick is a small stick with a red apple on top of it. Right under the apple is a tiny pink gem with four red petals coming off of it. The stick part is pink. Her normal power is Ribbon Apple Pop, which is a healing power. Her element is spirit.

Ringo does not have infused DNA like the other Mew Mews, so she wears a necklace containing Mew Aqua that allows her to transform into Mew Ringo with her Mew Mew Ringo Metamorphosis transformation. The animal she represents is the Humboldt Penguin.

Ringo uses a Power Pendant. The Power Pendant is a gold oval pendant with a red heart shaped outline on it. At the bottom is a red heart shaped crystal. Around the heart crystal are four smaller oval fittings with smooth red gems in them.

Ringo's powers include the DNA Infusion Ability. She uses it to understand animals.

Creation and ReceptionEditEdit

Both Ringo Akai and Gateau du Rowa were created by the original manga's artist, Mia Ikumi, following design specifications from Takara. Ikumi was pleased with how both characters turned out and expressed an interest in using Ringo as a regular character in a manga series in the future. Ikumi was also asked to name some of the weapons Ringo uses in the game: the Appletick and the Power Pendant.