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by ~SanrioAnimaniacs13


NAME: Sonic Nicholas Drummond
AKA: Sonic the Hedgehog (by friends), Nicky (childhood nickname)
AGE: 15
SPECIES: Anthro; hedgehog
RELATIVES: Jules (father); Bernadette (mother); Charles (uncle); Aleena (aunt); Manic (brother); Sonia (sister) [LATTER 2 RELATIVES ARE ONLY MENTIONED AND ARE, ACCORDING TO SONIC, TOURING THE COUNTRY]
PERSONAL INTERESTS: Sports, mostly track & field; cracking jokes; listening to music--basically regular teenage activities.
PET PEEVES: Stalker fangirls (not just Amy XD); mean/rude people; being adressed by his full name; anything related to swimming
BIO: A straight-Bs-and-Cs student and fun-lover extraordinaire with a heart of pure gold. Sonic hates opression, has a short temper, and is often impatient with slower things. He is a habitual daredevil who is honest, loyal to friends, keeps his promises, and dislikes tears. When he meets Chip and is given Caliburn, Sonic becomes a mage-in-training who has agreed to help keep Shade away from the chaos emeralds. Sonic wields Caliburn like a regular sword, inflicting a normal amount of damage unless magic is required.
RANDOM FACT: Sonic's favorite band is Simple Plan. His favorite song is "Grow Up."

NAME: Shadow Humphrey
AKA: Shadow the Hedgehog (by pretty much everybody); Mr. Emo (by Sonic)
AGE: 15
SPECIES: Anthro; hedgehog
RELATIVES: American father; Japanese mother [BOTH UNNAMED]
PERSONAL INTERESTS: Being alone; listening to music; reading
PET PEEVES: Annoying jokesters (like Sonic); being messed with or used; socializing with people he deems untrustworthy; loud noise
BIO: An anti-social guy who, despite being admired by most of the female student body, remains cold and distant from everybody. (The reason for this may be because his childhood friend Maria was forced to leave him.) Shadow is one of the two mages-in-training enlisted by Shade to assist in collecting the chaos emeralds; why he agreed to help is currently unknown. His mana weapon is a gun that uses a type of compressed-magic bullet that is distantly related to the magic used by knights on Mobodoon. This is effective during battle, as compressed magic inflicts high damage, but it is uncommonly used due to being hard to control.
RANDOM FACT: Shadow rides a motorcycle to get around. It greatly annoys him that girls at school find this "sexy and attractive."

NAME: Blaze Florence Hudson
AKA: Blaze the Cat (by friends)
AGE: 14
SPECIES: Anthro; cat
RELATIVES: Jon "Big" Hudson (Foster father)
PERSONAL INTERESTS: Reading, writing, poetry, fire, listening to music
PET PEEVES: Herself being shy; hard-pouring rain; criticism intended to bash someone's work
BIO: Blaze is the new girl at school, having up until now been homeschooled by private tutors. She is calm, levelheaded, and is sometimes "bogged down" by her own strict discipline, making her appear withdrawn. Sonic met her at a Crush 40 concert the summer before the series began. Behind closed doors, she is one of the mages-in-training enlisted by Shade to assist in collecting the chaos emeralds; why she agreed to help is currently unknown. Her weapon is the Jeweled Scepter, a wand that can create fire and deal high damage. The fire can come from a visible source (i.e. a campfire or torch) or the very air.
RANDOM FACT: Blaze loves the anime "Soul Eater." Her favorite character is Tsubaki and she obsessivlely supports Death the KidxBlack Star.

NAME: Light Gaia
AKA: Chip (by Sonic)
AGE: About 13
SPECIES: Human (real form); dog (disguise)
PERSONAL INTERESTS: Eating; being with friends; travelling
PET PEEVES: Spicy/sour/bitter foods; evil; thunder
BIO: Light Gaia, referred to as Chip by Sonic, is a young mage from a world known as Mobodoon. He had been chased to Earth by Shade and her monsters, who wanted the chaos emeralds for her own purposes, while trying to keep them away from her. He later met Sonic, taught him how to use magic, and began to search for the emeralds he accidentally scattered during his fight with Shade.
RANDOM FACT: When necessary, Chip can activate a pair of magical green wings on his back to fly away.

NAME: Excalibur, the Greatest of the Sacred Swords
ALIAS: Caliburn (by Sonic and Chip)
AGE: Unknown
SPECIES: Mana weapon (the first to have a sentient consiousness)
BIO: Caliburn is a proper and polite gentleman, which initially clashes with Sonic's easy-going attitude. He is a bit of a strict teacher, usually calling a Sonic a fool when he does something that Caliburn disapproves of. But in the end, Caliburn truly does care for his master.
RANDOM FACT: When not used in battle, Caliburn turns into a key that Sonic wears around his neck.

NAME: Black Doom
AKA: Doom's Eye (by Shadow, Blaze, and Shade)
AGE: Unknown
SPECIES: Unknown creature born from the power of Dark Gaia; can assume a smaller, one-eyed form
BIO: A merciless creature who acts as a familiar to both Shadow and Blaze. He does all that he can to make sure that they never stray from their duties.
RANDOM FACT: Doom's Eye looks like a starfish. XD

NAME: Shade the Echidna
AGE: About 16
SPECIES: Echidna
BIO: The seductive ringleader behind the plot to find the chaos emeralds. She claims that the emeralds will "return to her people what they wrongfully lost long ago." She is dead-serious about killing whoever stands between her and her goals. She does not use a weapon, somehow being able to control Dark Gaia's power and monsters on her own.
RANDOM FACT: Shade's personality, comparable to that of Rena Ryuuga's from the "Higurashi" series, suggests that she may have severe bipolar disorder. [6]

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Random: Sonic character themesEdit

by ~SanrioAnimaniacs13

Sonic: "Everyday Superhero" by Smash Mouth

Tails: "Hanging On" by Cheyenne Kimball

Knuckles: "Let it Rock" by Kevin Rudolf feat. Li'l Wayne

Amy: "That's What Girls Do" by No Secrets

Shadow: "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down

Rouge: "Pokerface" by Lady Gaga

Cream: "Pocketful of Sunshine" by Natasha Bedingfield

Silver: "Gotta Get Thru This" by Daniel Bedingfield

Blaze: "Unbreakable" by Fireflight

Dr. Eggman: "Fight the Power" by Bis

Jet: "Break Away" by The Subdigitals

Wave: "Bad Reputation" by The Dollyrots

Storm: "My Style" by The Black Eyed Peas

Marine: "Backstage" by The Donnas