Dub changesEditEdit

  • Majorika's shop "Makihataya Mariko's" is called "The Rusty Broom." in the dub.
  • For the charm, Patina said only one would bring good luck. While in the original, all of them had a fifty/fifty chance of coming true or failing.
  • The dub adding snoring in Caitlynn's room as Dorie passed.
  • A scene was skipped, Doremi giving Pop the Bi~da face. Which is pulling on your eyelid while sticking your tongue out. A common practice in Anime or Japanese insults.
  • Also skipped was their parents arguing. Due to the fact their fights often get violent. This time Doremi's mother had been angry about Keisuke refusing to clean the garden as he dislikes house chores and would rather spend time fishing.
  • During class, the sceduale was painting over as a calendar. While another board of Kanji was painted over as graded papers.
  • For some reason, in the original they are on page 5. In the dub they say page 15.
  • Due to cultural differences, the punishment for interupting is different. In Japan the student has to go to the hallway. But in America, and in the dub. Dorie was sent to the principals office and Todd had to take her there.
  • Doremi tells Hazuki her reason for not going to the game was because she failed to confess again. While in the dub, Reanne points out if you get sent to the principal your not allowed to attend.
  • Majorika got upset that Doremi wasn't afraid of her. In the dub, Lorelei said Patina doesn't like the word, "cool."
  • At the end of a henshin, a Ojamajo will say, "Pretty Witch __-chi!" In the dub they say, "Now I am a witchling!"
  • A witch also has her own spell for casting magic. Such as Doremi's being "Pirikapiri Lala Pololila Peperuto". In the dub, the witch just has to make a rhyme.
  • For some bizarre reason, in the dub. Dorie never knew Robbies name. But in the original, Doremi always knew Igarashi's.
  • 4kids cut out the scene were Doremi pictures herself as a witch frog.
  • While doremi list how to find a witch in class. Dorie list how you can be a witch, them being. "You have to wear a pointy hat." And that "You can't say spells unless you know the words exactly."
  • After Doremi poses in the mirror, her and Majorika discuss names. While in the dub, Dorie just claims to be practicing but Patina didn't believe her.
  • Doremi mentions she needs more magic spheres, but Lala explains their only available in the Witch World. Dorie meanwhile said she tried to make more WITH her magic but Lorelei tells her their really expensive.
  • Originally Pop came in to tell Doremi the bath was ready, then brings up her boyfriends. In the dub Caitlynn just came in to bug Dorie.
  • Magic Spheres are "Spell Drops"
  • The 9th exam/9th class is refered to as the Faerie/Fairy Exam.
  • Both times Doremi pictured herself as a magic frog was cut
  • In the original, Doremi was saying how she was going to be a witch before hurriedly covering it. Dorie just brings up how she forgot to do the homework.
  • A book was changed to say "Reading."
  • When Hazuki sees Doremi as a witch, Doremi claims she's Doremi's friend Witch. But Dorie says she's Dorie's godmother.
  • The Garbage can symbols are edited due to American and Japenese symbol differences.
  • The dub added as Reanne arrived home, Caitlynn is singing in a very bad tone...
  • Haruka asked Doremi (Hazuki in her body) to do the following, "buy some sauce, check the bath, and lock the gate." In the dub its "Get flour, Vaccum the room, and Answer the phone."
  • Instead of going to a hotel, their going to some fancy sounding restoraunt.
  • The scene with Doremi's parents fighting was cut.
  • Deleted Scene: The next morning with everyone eating the steak Hazuki didn't eat. Doremi got upset as she wanted it and everyone comments how she's back to normal.
  • In the original, Hazuki's mom said that she had steak the other day. While in the dub, Reanne's mom said that she was a vegetarian
  • Due to the previous episode cut, Instead of Dorie complaining about the eaten steak. She complains about Caitlynn making her say Underwear.
  • Instead of panties, Mirabelle said she could see their epidermis.
  • Mirabelle's insult to the SOS is now, S for Stupid, O for Obnoxious, and S for Smelly. Originally aiko calls them Sukuyounonai Oboke Sanbaka. Which means Three Worthless idiots.
  • Instead of Seki-sensei mentioning Aiko beat the boys record and Tamaki saying girls popular with males are the best. Miss Cooper just said they had a new record while Josie gloats.
  • A very tasteless and out of character moment, When Hazuki comments that Aiko just saying how she feels is troublesome. Reanne in a snobby tone brings up "getting dirt" on Mirabelle (which is basically blackmail.)
  • Aiko's dad mentions he worried Aiko would be bullied. But in the dub he just mentions being rude to a customer.
  • The chalkboard where Aiko wrote her name was edited
  • The shops sign was edited to say, Rusty Broom.
  • In the dub, Mirabelle's family owned a farm...
  • In english dubs, its not uncommon to switch the views around when driving. As people drive on the opposite side in japan. You can tell in this series due to Onpu's ponytail or Doremi's hairclip being on the right instead of the left. And Hazuki's fringe and Aiko's curl on the left.
  • In the original, Aiko said she was making Takoyaki. In the dub version, Mirabelle said that she was making her Grandmother's chocolate doodles.
  • Aiko said that she came from Tengachaya in Osaka. In the dub, Mirabelle said she was from Buttercornridge.
  • When Aiko was telling about herself, she said she wasn't great at studying, but loved gym class, and her hobbie was to sing really loud in the bathtub. In the dub, Mirabelle said she liked to sing but she can't carry a tune in a wheelbarrow, she was great with computers, she can shuck corn like nobody's business and her favorite crayon was sunrise yellow.
  • [1]Dub on the left, Japanese on the rightAdded by Chrismh
  • The magic shops signs of course
  • Hazuki comments Majorika doesn't look like a witch. In the dub Reanne wishes to take Patina to science class.
  • Aiko mentions it'd be horrible for Doremi to turn into a magic frog. While in the dub Mirabelle said they didn't need to worry, she never told her dad where their dog hid the remote...
  • Hazuki never stated what she would do with her magic but Reanne wants to use it for popularity. Aiko wanted to use it to help her dad, Mirabelle plans to use it for chores.
  • Instead of Takoyaki Mirabelle wanted biscuits.
  • In the dub, they dont bring up forbidden magic.
  • Mirabelle mentions having a stand by her dads farm and making bracelets. While in the same scene Dorie wasn't at all confident about making crafts, while Doremi originally was.
  • The Maho-dou is named, "The Doremi Magic Shop"
  • Aiko originally was mad because she couldn't get her spell right. In the dub, Mirabelle was angry because Patina called her Hayseed.
  • The Receipt/TagAdded by Chrismh
  • A scene was skipped at the very beginning. It involved Pop and Doremi waking up to their parents fighting.
  • The tag that came with the item (as seen left) was painted over.
  • The cash register price, instead of being around $3.00's it was around eight.
  • A opposite change, Conya arrived but Patina said they were short on payment. Originally Majorika points out it WASN'T time for payment.
  • Doremi was confused as she thought the cash register was a gift, Dela informs her of course its not. While Dorie asked how much a Luxury cost, to which Conya just makes a offer.
  • Scene Skip: After Dela leaves majorika yells at the Ojamajo about not needing the new register.
  • Aiko tells the couple buying a charm that it'd make them love each other more. In the dub the charm makes things taste differantly.
  • Pal was renamed "Cookie".
  • Dorie brought up Mirabelle selling all of her items, then wonders how hers sold. Originally Doremi brought up both Hazuki and Aiko, then looks to hers.
  • Dorie's stupidity is brought it once more, It took almost the entire episode for her to realize what Kotake was doing. Doremi managed to figure it out early in the episode upon seeing them.
  • Dorie mentions using magic for a math test. In the original Doremi mentioned she could use it to avoid being late.
  • The kanji around the picture of Majorika Doremi made has been edited so the paper just has Patina's name on it.
  • The band members in the dub are name: Randel, Jefferson, and Chaz....
  • Belinda claims Randel is a vegetarian, Jefferson can speak french, and Chaz is a crybaby.
  • In the dub, all the stories mentioned are as followed: her dog reading the newspaper, the president babysitting her, A grizzly bear, and a carrot story. In the original its: A manga artist, a president, adventure stories, and a wound/drunk man.
  • Mirabelle asked Belinda if she would be sending a message through email, or call the cousin. Originally Aiko just told Nobuko she wasn't in a hurry for the autograph.
  • Lorelei said Mirabelle sees the best in people. While Lala originally said Aiko has a good heart.
  • The books Nobuko dropped had been painted over to remove some writing. (See below)
  • Scene Deletion: The dub cut a few seconds from the scene where Aiko is reading from Nobuko's book. It doesn't show her reading a sentence in the book.
  • Aiko's spell is for a tail-less takoyaki. In the dub its tail-less fishcake. Hazuki meanwhile ask for a Strawberry-Less shortcake. But in the dub, the mention of a cherry comes up in her spell.
  • The spell for the magic washing machine is cut.
  • Reanne isn't sure if they covered everything and Mirabelle mentions she practiced harder then anyone. Originally Hazuki just asked if making strange food will help.
  • Patina told them to save one spelldrop. Originally Majorika said to save a couple.
  • Cut Scene: Doremi says passing the exam will be easy when she sees how she did on her test. Later in the episode in the dub its revealed to be a D- while in the original its a 30.
  • Dorie's mom ask if she should make a address card for Caitlynn. In the original Haruka ask if she should give Pop the "I'm Lost" sign.
  • When meeting Mirabelle, Caitlynn asked her how much Dorie pays her to be her friend. In the original Pop just thanks them for putting up with Doremi.
  • The dubs price for the Daifuku is $3.50. in the original its only 1200 yen.
  • Dorie questions why Caitlynn didn't check her money purse again. Doremi wonders why Pop bargained.
  • Caitlyn says "All right!" when she gets the ice cream. Pop says "Lucky!" when she gets the ice cream
  • Dorie says "Oh no! Nature's calling! I must answer!" when Caitlyn has to use the toilet. Doremi says "No way! She has to use the toilet! It's all because of the ice cream!" when Pop has to use the toilet.
  • The foods: Hazuki wanted a cubical hamburger, Aiko wanted Crescent Omelete Rice. In the dub, Reanne mentions a cookie in the shape of a pear while Mirabelle ask for a plain omelet and ketchup.
  • A silent moment took place, where Doremi originally thought, "If she only knew she wasn't alone."
  • Mota and MotaMota are called Drona and Drona/Rona.
  • Aiko had to make Cubical Takoyaki, in the dub it's Square Crab cakes. Hazuki had to make a 3 layered Pudding, in the dub it's chocolate Souffle. Doremi had to make something with Milk, Anmitsu, and Coffee. But she made a steak. In the dub she had to make something involving hot milk, Sweet jelly, and taffy.
  • The eating untensils are changed to be forks or spoons.
  • Skipped Scene: After the themesong originally Aiko sells a couple a love charm.
  • Doremi was shaking her head because Dela gave her a headache. Dorie only complained the song was stuck in her head.
  • Dela asked if Aiko and Hazuki failed like Doremi. But Conya just mentions its serious.
  • Dela explains the make up exam is a commemmoration of sorts. But Conya said Drona/Rona is excpecting a lot of gifts as she found out of a surprise party.
  • Scene Skip: While Doremi is confident and sure she will pass she starts yelling in Majorika's face.
  • Doremi says as long as they keep selling things, paying wont be a problem. Dorie however just tells Patina to cheer up.
  • Aiko and Hazuki tell Doremi her yousei will be cute. Mirabelle and Reanne just discuss how they can already understand what their fairies are saying.
  • Hazuki asked for a sunny style egg and udon, In the dub its a star shaped waffles. Aiko asked for Chikara (Strength) Udon, in the dub its pigs in a blanket.
  • Scene Skip: The nameplate of the Harukaze household.
  • When Pop bursts into Doremi's room, she mumbles "Don't pee in bed." and Doremi mentions Pop scared her. In the dub, Caitlynn said "Don't forget to leave the refrigerator out." Making Dorie say she's annoying.
  • The Sneeze Grass is at Witches Meadow. Dorie has to go to a place called the "Baron hills of Luna" to get a Falling Flower.
  • Soya ramen is 3 magic spheres, for Miso it's 4 spheres. In the dub for a small bowl it's 7 spell drops, for a large bowl it's 10.
  • While they eat Takoyaki, a sign is shown on the wall. The dub painted it over as a clock.
  • A small sign at the cake shop, in english says CAKE. In the dub is says Tea Shop.
  • Hazuki mentioned while Doremi isn't good at math, she was good at solving the riddle. In the dub Reanne was amazed, then asked how she solved it. To which Dorie said she owned a cat
  • The congradulations banner (See below)
  • In the dub, Dorie thankfully thanks the others, then mentions a lack of food. While originally, Doremi "acts" thankful before adding, "Is what I would like to say."
  • Magical Stage is now called Perfect Harmony.
  • Dorie wanted ice cream, cake, and other desserts. While in the original Doremi only wanted Steak.
  • Crystal Balls (the thing yousei stay in) are called Invisabubbles.
  • Caitlynn threatens to tell on Dorie for "Talking to glass balls" while in the original, Pop just suggest Doremi shouldn't do that in Public.
  • Scene Skip: A shot of the house after Doremi claims she forgot to bring Dodo.
  • Scene Skip: The dub cut a few second scenes from Haruka while she checks her weight
  • As she walks into the kitchen Haruka mumbles, "If this doesn't work...." in the dub she doesn't say anything.
  • The laundry soap box was painted over to say Soap.
  • Doremi's math book was edited slightly.
  • Dorie cant leave until she cleans her room and take out the trash. In the original, she had to clean her room and do her homework.
  • Caitlynn goes to tell how mean Dorie is being, Dorie calls Dodo Impossible. Doremi called Dodo stupid after Pop goes to tell on her for eating her cake.
  • Scene Skip: After everyone leaves Majorika tells the fairies they should come back inside when she notices Mimi and Rere going with Aiko and Hazuki, she then yells at them to come back.
  • Dorie mentions Dodo could be anywhere, to which Mirabelle tells her not to worry. In the original they just discuss how their flying much better.
  • The chimney Doremi and Co. meet up at, the kanji on it was erased.
  • Majorika scolds the yousei and ask them what would have happened if they got lost. Patina just tells them its hopeless to go and try to help.
  • Using their magic the ojamajo formed a baked sweet potato. In the dub, its a regular potato.
  • Reanne asked why Dorie was still doing her homework. Hazuki was just glad everything was better now.
  • Reika "Tamaki" is now named Josie.
  • Dorie talks about how she out-sold Mirabelle, originally Doremi talks about how they can continue their magic training.
  • Their working for Mirabelle's niece's grandmothers neighbor twice removed. They work for Aiko's aunts Niece's Grandmother.
  • The ojamajo discuss continuing their magic study while in the dub Reanne makes a terrible joke as Dorie claims their off the hook.
  • The witchlings discussing things until Miss Cooper calls isn't in the original.
  • Poppu wonders why Doremi didn't eat, then ponders the possible chance of a snowstorm. In the dub, Caitlynn just contemplates Dorie's sudden maturity.
  • Patina won a Gojingo game. Majorika said they wont the trip in a witch lottery.
  • Patina demands the ojamajo dont break anything while gone. Majorika just finishes the letter by saying she brought Lala with her and that the ojamajo are in charge.
  • The letter was editted to be in english.
  • The mat under the plant was edited to remove a few corners.
  • Mirabelle suspects their not important to Conya. Aiko just tells Dela it'd be bad for the shop to go out of business.
  • Marina is called Amanda and Kimura is named David.
  • Reanne mentions wanting to get more practice to make sure she was extra prepared. While Hazuki originally stated the music room was only open during the morning.
  • [2]H! For Hazuki~Added by Chrismh
  • The small orange H is removed
  • The kanji is painted over to say Music, on the Music rooms sign.
  • Reanne thanks the vegetable people, then mentions what she will play for them. Originally Hazuki only said she played better this way.
  • The insult is changed, Instead of being called a Bookworm, Amanda is called a teachers pet.
  • Cut scene: A boy nearly hits Doremi and Co. Then makes a rude apology, causing Doremi to get angry
  • Mirabelle compares Doremi to a billy goat. While Aiko flat out stated Doremi wasn't that smart.
  • Cut Scene: The dub cuts the scene where Hazuki tries to follow after Marina. Skipping to the part where she stood still.
  • Reanne asked Amanda why the flowers weren't there. Hazuki asked Marina if she overslept.
  • Aiko originally asked, "So she isn't a bookworm like Kimura said?" But Mirabelle only said if Amanda's mom put her up to it, then its not a big deal.
  • Doremi said, for Dodo that Dodo hated making charms but now she likes them... too bad she didn't wait until she improved to say that though. In the dub, Dorie said Dodo likes to make Steak charms... its only too bad she had to eat hers.
  • Rere sounded as if she was singing to Reanne's music. In the original Rere made no noise.
  • Amanda ask Reanne if her mother put her up into coming to talk to her. Originally Marina just told Hazuki to leave her alone.
  • Cut Scene: Marina begins to think about kimura and how he protected the flowers during the storm.
  • Amanda mentions David catching a cold but in the original Marina didn't bring that up.
  • Dorie talks about how she likes to sleep in but her mom wakes her up. While Doremi talks about how she likes a warm futon.
  • The daisies are called Pansies, in the dub.
  • Originally, Marina and Kimura didn't notice the Ojamajo there like Amanda and David did.
  • Misaki is called Even, while his brother is named Charlie.
  • Doremi tries to explain why the charm may not work, while Dorie explained the same thing before adding, "If its a charm I made, it probably wont work."
  • The charm is $7.00. Originally it was 280 yen.
  • The shirt is worth 25 spelldrops, while originally it was worth 20 magic spheres.
  • Dela explains why the shirt is worth a lot more then just a typical shirt. Conya meanwhile just talks about "Human magic"
  • [3]Added by ChrismhThe name tag had been edited so it has Misaki Daichi's names are wrote in english.
  • Pop asked what happened to Misaki's shirt, then mentions she likes how he's not wearing it. While in the dub, Caitlyn insults him by saying the smell must have gotten to him and their teachers.
  • Doremi wonders what Misaki's wish was. While in the dub, Dorie already seems to know.
  • The boy asked Misaki's brother if he was really trying to play well. In the dub, the boy just tells him to give up.
  • Aiko says since Misaki is their customer they should help him. In the dub, Mirabelle just says they should because their witchlings.
  • Doremi claims to be a genie of the pendent, Dorie claims to be a messanger from the magic necklace.
  • In her dream Dorie keeps hearing others voices. Originally Doremi only kept repeating 8th exam.
  • While her family kept saying "Bad" words refering to Doremi's dream. In the dub they keep saying failed or fell.
  • The words Doremi thinks of on her walk to school were altered.
  • Reanne and Aiko talk of the test name and theme. Originally Aiko and Hazuki were comforting Doremi.
  • The test papers were altered.
  • Mirabelle contradicts Aiko, as she claims to not be good at math. However, Aiko is very good at math and business.
  • After Dorie faints Reanne claims they have a big test coming and Mirabelle said it was for Over Achievers Algebra. In the original Hazuki mentions the 8th exam, BUT Aiko claims their taking Abacus to cover it up.
  • Reanne told Dorie to hang on, Hauzki told Doremi to snap out of it.
  • Majorika explains how much more simplier exams were. Apparently in the dub however they had the same exams a they do now though.
  • Also to note, Majorika said this wasn't more then 300 years ago. While Patina said it was 700 years ago.
  • In the dub, they mention the test witches waiting for them. Originally this isn't brought up at all.
  • Motamota says they wish to know the girls more. In the dub, she explains they have to answer questions before they can continue.
  • Obviously the test papers once more are edited to be wrote in english.
  • Aiko's answer was originally Takoyaki. In the dub its Cookies.
  • The hint is ten arms. Originally it was ten legs.
  • Aiko hates how hot and humid the forest is. Mirabelle meanwhile ask if they know where their going.
  • Dorie doesn't reveal what she wrote down. But originally Doremi did (Math).
  • Reanne list random equations while she does her test. Hazuki originally stated it was a good thing she practiced her Math.
  • After turning into Hazuki, Aiko and Doremi realized they didn't have her brain, The tester comes over saying, "You can change their appearances. But not their brains." In the dub she said "Times up, You can change what the outside looks but not how the inside works. Don't ever forget that."
  • Hachitarou is renamed Parsley.
  • Surumeko is renamed Rosemary.
  • Doremi only states that they passed the exam. In the dub, the girls cheer.
  • Okuyama is called Gia.
  • While playing basketball Hazuki mentions nobody can catch up to the males and they're going to score. In the dub, Reanne states her violin lessons never prepared her for this and she may need to start taking vitamins.
  • Hazuki called Okuyama her idol, Reanne just states wanting to be like her.
  • Originally Doremi compared Okuyama to a Takarazuka Otokoyaku (All female acting troupe who play male roles). While Okuyama insist she's only good at sports. Doremi then goes on to say being tall is important while Okuyama fails to see this. In the dub, Dorie just goes on about how cool it is to be tall and strong, Gia wishes to be shorter and she doesn't see why being tall is a good thing and wishes to be shorter. Dorie just on to state she'll never be the tallest in Gym.
  • After Hazuki puts the odd outfit on Okuyama, Aiko states she isn't an artist. In the dub, Mirabelle just claims "You have to be joking..."
  • Near the ending, when everything seems fine Doremi and Aiko are indifferent, stating that they're all still the same and Aiko wishes they would stop. In the dub, Dorie said the same thing but Mirabelle wonders when the two of them well get married.
  • At the beginning it originally shows Pop running home, the dub begins as soon as she opens the door.
  • Originally Haruka asked Poppu if she knew what time it was, then Pop explained that everyone else had left Mika-chan's without cleaning so she stayed back to help. In the dub, Their mother asked if she had her watch and scolded her, Caitlynn blamed the other girls before calling them rude.
  • Haruka makes Pop take out the garbage for a week due to her breaking her promise, then Pop mentions Doremi always comes home late until Haruka explains that she's helping an old lady. In the dub she states its not an excuse and that the other girls probably left so they would be home in time, Caitlyn claims Dorie is just out curousing when her mother ask where she learned that word.
  • Haruka tells the girls to go wash their hands, in the dub she only tells Pop to go and wash.
  • The Maho-do sign was painted over.
  • Hazuki mentions they dont have customers and Doremi states its probably because its so nice out. Reanne just ask where customers are and Dorie states they must have all gone on vacation, or some holiday they weren't informed of.
  • Majorika explains that the girls need to work in order to make money for Magic Spheres, but they refuse and try to explain why. Patina meanwhile uses sarcasm, explaining that people would just love to buy things from little green blobs. To which they claim at least she can leave if she wanted to.
  • Doremi actually asked nicely if Pop needed something, in the dub Dorie asked what the little twerp wanted.
  • The money Pop showed was painted over, and instead of being 1000 yen, it became a 100 dollar bill.
  • Pop explained how she saved her money for rainy days, then leaves after telling Doremi to work hard. In the dub, Caitlyn just stated that she put all of her money into the piggy bank and while leaving tells Dorie to keep working on her Magic Goods.
  • Lala agrees to just relax and have fun with the Ojamajo. In the dub Lorelai mentions she'll handle the cleaning and lock up.
  • When everyone runs from the shop Lala follows while saying she'll have fun also, in the dub Lorelai is sure everything will be fine.
  • [4]Added by Chrismh
  • The heart shaped object with Poppu's name has the name erased/painted over.
  • Pop calls Majorika "Plush-chan" while in the dub, she is now called "Squishy".
  • A scene was skipped, which shows Poppu's schools name, Sonatine Kindergarten.
  • Sonatine is now called Sunshine Academy
  • The nurse office sign had Kanji on it, in the dub it was painted over to say Nurse.
  • ==ErrorsEdit==
  • This class shot in general was badly drawn. And Nanako was given
  • [5]Notice Nanako's wrong color scheme.Added by Chrismh
  • the wrong color scheme. She has brownish orange hair and wears a yellow top. While in this shot she has purple hair and a darker yellow top.
  • For a split second, after majorika laughs while Doremi is in her shop. The collar of her shirt is purple like her tanktop.
  • When Dorem first summons her wand it appear to be full of beads. However, when asking Majorika what she can do with it, the wand is empty.
  • Right after Doremi brings out her wand, she brings out her broom. As she poses with her broom, her wand hand is empty but in the seen right after she is holding both of them again.
  • For a split second when Doremi falls the bottom part of her broom vanishes.
  • Holding up her recently filled wand, Doremi's hand is without its glove.
  • When it shows Doremi hiding and watching Igarashi, part of her shirt strap is missing.
  • The tap is seen without buttons when Majorika comes into Doremi's room.
  • A few seconds later only half the buttons are on it.
  • When Majorika gets onto Doremi's bed. The leaf skirts colors are wrongly placed.
  • Also to note, at the bottom of Doremi's ear is a line.
  • At the beginning of the episode when Doremi poses with her wand, its empty. But later when she ask for more magic spheres there's at least two inside of it.
  • During the mirror scene, Doremi's earrings seem to be differantly shaped.
  • Once again the wand is empty, right after Doremi had filled it up.
  • During the scene where Doremi as Hazuki is undressing, The clothing is not seen on the floor while she strips to Hazuki's under-dress. But as the skirt lowers and she takes off the socks, the clothing is in a pile by her.
  • Als note Hazuki's skirt in this scene. It looks longer then it should.
  • As usual, the tap somtimes looks to be without buttons. Then at times it only has a few.
  • Should be light orange, not skin colored.
  • Added by Chrismh
  • After/while Doremi goes through the henshin, the taps buttons vanish.
  • The leaflet sleeves as Doremi points are Normal pink, light pink, then dark. In the next scene their dark pink, Light pink, then normal pink.
  • The section near Hazuki's eye (the hat flap) is skin colored. Instead of being light orange.
  • The straps Lala used to carry the tap box are missing in this episode.
  • After Majorika stops Aiko from using her magic spheres, Hazuki's skirt leaflets are missing a dark colored one.
  • Despite only having casted magic 1-3 times as Majorika fumes. Aiko is seen with only two magic spheres left.
  • Lala's shoulder is white in the scene where Majorika ask her why she didn't stop the Ojamajo's from remodeling.
  • [6]Possible error!Added by Chrismh
  • During the scene where Majorika asked, "Whats so good about merchandise made by Apprentices" her Crystal Ball isn't there, but in the scenes before and after, she's wearing it.
  • When Majorika's head turns red the shine spot on it is a light green color. But after it shows her back, the shine marks are white.
  • A possible error exist on the sign where Kotake heads to. The sign says "Factr" It can be assumed its meant to say Factory.
  • In the up close scene of Pal, the inside of the orange colored ear is orange, not pink.
  • While Doremi realizes she's still tangled, her wand is very thick and big (See below image) Also during that image, by her light pink rim of hat and gloves, a light pink area is seen. But this isn't connected to her gloves or hat. Most likely a coloring error.
  • [7]Error: Aiko's right eyeAdded by Chrismh
  • For the moment when Aiko is trying to figure out Nobuko's name, her right eye is colored dark blue, while the pupil should be black. As seen on her left eye.
  • After Aiko got angry, Doremi and Hazuki are shown cowering together, the lines on hazuki's skirt are missing.
  • As Hazuki gets a idea on how to set things straight, the one lining on the left arm strap is missing.
  • As Majorika yells at Doremi at the beginning, Doremi's lower half keeps disappearing as she steps back.
  • When Majorika is sitting on the book, Lala's entire arm is shaded.
  • [8]Look below Aiko's hatAdded by Chrismh
  • As Majorika and Doremi talk of Doremi remaining a ojamajo, Aiko's hair is missing the entire scene.
  • In the same scene, the taps and wands are drawn pretty badly....
  • As usual, the magic spheres keep vanishing and reappearing.
  • As Hazuki suggest they all look together, her and Aiko's legs are missing.
  • In the scene right after, for a entire two seconds Doremi's odango are gone.
  • While walking through town, Hazuki's lower half is missing as she reads over the book.
  • As they run after leaving the cake shop. A black space keeps appearing behind Aiko for every arm movement she makes.
  • As Doremi ask if Magical Stage will grant them a edible Steak, One of her fingers is fully shaded, while none of the others are.
  • Possible Error: As Majorika tells Doremi to grant her spell. All of the beads on Doremi are a pink color. Instead of being rainbow colored.
  • One of Dodo's antennae is wrongly colored as she is in the birds nest.
  • As Doremi holds the potato her wand seems to be out of model and is a lot smaller then usual.
  • Doremi's hand thats around aiko seems weirdly drawn. (See opening clip image above)
  • Not really much of one but when Nanako is confirming the pictures have Doremi and Co. In them, it looks like half of her body is missing.
  • Hazuki the Ghost?!Added by Chrismh
  • As Hazuki walks into the room to see Marina there. Her legs are missing.
  • For a moment, Marina's eyes are brown colored. Instead of blue-gray.
  • During the scene where Hazuki is in her witch form at the beginning of the episode. The taps beads are in the wrong order, which is very common in places like the intro.
  • After Hazuki stops running after Marina, her one arm looks very disformed for a second.
  • Possible Error: When the ojamajo cast Magical Stage its shown to not be raining. Yet they weren't shown transfering locaions.
  • When it shows Kimura holding the flower, his hand is light colored. But his skin is tanned.
  • Despite the fact she was playing with orange clay, Hazuki's face is covered in what looks to be light brown.
  • [9]Added by Chrismh
  • Not so much as a error, but way the image is drawn. As the three ojamajo overlook their flier, note how one of Hazuki's eyes seem thicker then the other (See above image.)
  • In the seen where Doremi is busy watching Igarashi, her earrings are white colored instead of pink as they should be. Also note the odd positioning of her skirt leaves and broom.
  • [10]Error: Her sleeveAdded by Chrismh
  • During Doremi's nightmare, when she stops right at the end of the path her one sleeve is much lighter colored then the other.
  • During the scene where Doremi stares in shock about them having to take another test at the witch world, Her eyes are their normal colors, but when showing her again her eyes are colored white-light blue-ish.
  • When Dodo is shown (as Doremi) in the bed, She has both her hair highlights, as well as light from the nearby window. Normally the two colors blend together, or only one is shown.
  • During the scene where Aiko and Doremi turn to look at the thing that is scaring Hazuki, they
  • [11]Added by Chrismh
  • suddenly get very shocked also. During this, Doremi's sleeves are wrongly colored.
  • When Hazuki cast magic, her eyelashes/eyes (closed) turn sparkly/gold like her magic for a split second.[12]Added by Chrismh
  • During 7:19, the group standing there examining the notebook look rather oddly drawn.
  • While Doremi comments on how impossible it seems to make Okuyama laugh, Hazuki's one pupil looks much bigger then the other one.
  • As the Ojamajo stare in shock while in Witch form, Aiko's hand is skin colored when it should be her glove.
  • [13]Added by Chrismh
  • During the shot of the ojamajo looking at Pop, There is a weird space between Hazuki's neck and Aiko's face. They are standing in front of a pink wardrobe so it should not be there. Also note how Aiko's body basically looks like a blob...
  • During the scene when Doremi is looking out her window, her pajamas are missing their music notes. Also note Dodo's weird left eye.
  • When Pop is fast asleep and sprawled out on her bed, one of the heart pillows is colored yellow. When originally both of them were pink.
  • While at the kindergarten the children can wear their own unique pants or skirts. Their uniform tops are pastel blue for boys and pink for girls. During the shot when Pop is swinging, you can see many of the children not wearing the right colored tops.


The episode begins with a pan of the town, a street, and slowly heads over to Majorika's magic shop while a small flower floats by.

[14]Maki with the charm.Added by Chrismh

Majorika welcomes the customer inside before laughing loudly, the view panning out of the shop before going back inside to a young girl overlooking a section of Magic Charms said to cast your wish, but once the magic is cast its unknown what will happen to the user.Then a scene skip takes the viewer to Harukaze Doremi's house. Where the female is casting a magic spell she looked up in her witch book: A love spell to give her the courage to confess to her long time crush, also the object of Maki's affection: Igarashi-Senpai. Convinced she got the spell perfect, Doremi prepares to leave for school early when her little sister Pop stops her and ask Doremi why she's rushing off so early. Doremi tries to cover it up but Pop knows its about a boy. However, both are interupted by Doremi's feuding parents. The fight soon turns violent as Haruka yanks Keisuke into the next room. Which gives Doremi the perfect moment to leave while introducing herself as " The worlds most Misserable Bishoujou."Upon arrival Doremi hides to watch her crush during soccer practice. Not witnessing Maki and Igarashi's chat where Maki mentions if he wins the game she will tell him something. Maki leaves after making Igarashi promise, and the male soon walks by Doremi. She goes over the spell a final time, to make sure she got it right, confident that this time she will confess!....Only for him to walk past her because she chickened out at the last second...

After Doremi runs from the scene and cries for a moment, the episode skips to class where she once more, in a secrecy goes over the steps of identifying witches. However, her friend Hazuki leans over to tell her she was called to read, "A witch always wears gloves, Witches will look at you with red eyes, Witches hate Childr-" Doremi then notices she accidentally read the wrong thing outloud! Kotake teases her, but for interupting the class both are sent into the hall.While putting their items away after class, Hazuki ask Doremi if she'll be going to the soccer game. But when Doremi mentions she failed once more, she runs away before Hazuki can continue. All of her books spill out as she put her backpack on upside down! Kotake once again insults her...On her way home, Doremi tries to figure out why everyone finds it weird that she really wants to cast magic when she comes across a hilled road. A rumor has been going around saying that when trouble arises, or if you desire something. You come to this place...Doremi also notices a creepy building and decides to check it out. Inside waiting is an odd woman on a rocking chair with a small white cat on her lap. Immediatly Doremi recognizes the simularities between this woman, and witches. She proceeds to call her out on it, causing the witch to turn into a Witch frog! The punishment for having a human reveal your identity. As Lala explains, Doremi tries to leave the shop. However Majorika has other plans...

[15]Doremi has no clue what she's in for...Added by Chrismh

Everyone introduces themself and Majorika tries to intimidate Doremi. However the human girl seems confident. The witch gets upset that Doremi is very clueless and doesn't seem at all scared by the eerie vibe. Now unsure, Majorika ask Lala to retrieve the tap box in the nearby room while she takes Doremi outside. Inside the box are items for witch apprentices. It takes Doremi a moment to reach a tap, but once she does. She doesn't listen for instructions and begins to play with the buttons.Its explained that before the music ends, the apprentice has to get the uniform on. Doremi messes up the first time due to not knowing this and tries a second time. Majorika is so far unimpressed by how Doremi chose to end the Henshin. Without being told, Doremi plays a rhythm and her wand and broom appear and after an explanation she cast magic to form a steak. But before she can eat it, it vanishes! Majorika explains since Doremi is new to magic, it wont last very long so she shouldn't try to waste it the Magic Spheres. After refilling her wand Doremi is suddenly in the air, trying out her broom. She can't control it yet and ends up flying in all sorts of directions!To help stear it Lala suddenly comes over and lands on the very tip of the broom as Doremi decides to see the soccer game. Hazuki is shown wondering why Doremi didn't come to the game as a soccer ball suddenly comes flying at Igarashi. Doremi, wanting to help him cast her magic to stop time with a crash landing. She ignores her bruises and moves Igarashi so he doesn't get hurt. Then attemps to run when she notices Maki there, wearing a magic charm from Majorika's shop. But suddenly time unfroze! The two girls stare at each other before she runs into the nearby bush. Due to Doremi's interference, the rival team scored a point.With a small lecture from Lala, Doremi mentions the charm, to which Lala tells her of Forbidden Magic. "You cant use magic to heal wounds." Maki ends up taking Igarashi's wound from him, causing the charm to shatter. When Doremi questions it, Lala brings up the fact Doremi may have a crush on Igarashi too. Causing the female to turn bright red for a moment before she tries to fix her mistake. However, the spell ends and she is soon knocked unconcious when the ball makes contact with her forehead.Doremi later wakes up in the nurses office while her and Hazuki chat. Hearing Igarashi and Maki nearby they rush outside to spy on them as Igarashi asks Maki to go out with him. Majorika and Lala are also watching from above, unknowingly while Majorika still believes Doremi will be a troublesome apprentice. But Lala feels otherwise. Its then Hazuki brings up that Doremi seems to be giving up on Igarashi. Causing Doremi to whine before exclaiming her catchphrase.

[16]Doremi poses in her mirror.Added by Chrismh

The episode begins the following night after the previous episode. Doremi admires herself in the mirror until Majorika appears, claiming Doremi was just wasting time gloating. Then Majorika explains why Doremi is a "Ojamajo." which means "A person like Doremi who finds happiness in dressing like a witch apprentice for no reason and is worth less then a witch apprentice." Causing Doremi to make her typical angry reaction. Lala explains to Doremi that it would be bad if she was seen in her uniform. But Doremi barely listens and intead ask for more magic spheres. But Majorika tells her they must be bought. So in order to get more Majorika tells Doremi to work in her store starting the day after. Suddenly someone begins to knock! Doremi panics while Lala hits her tap. Turning her back to normal just in time.Poppu suddenly comes in to tell Doremi of the bath, Doremi thanks her, then she leaves again just to return not even a minute later. Only to rub in Doremi's face that she has some spare boyfriends she wouldn't mind introducing to Doremi. But Doremi only tells her off. With this in mind, Majorika and Lala decide to leave in order to avoid problems. However Majorika tells Doremi she'll have to wake up early and come to the shop. Doremi is upset with this but Majorika leaves before she can argue otherwise.The next day at the shop, Majorika complains that Dorem iis late when suddenly they hear a loud crash in the backyard. Doremi landed in a tree! Upon coming out of the bush she fell into she ask for more Magic Spheres and Majorika brings up the 9th exam and explain how the test work. Doremi was ready to quit until Lala brings up the fact she will recieve a fairy as a reward for passing. About to fill Doremi in on the witch information, Doremi proclaims she's late and hurriedly leaves. Upon arriving to school Doremi meets with Hazuki. But soon the moment turns sour and Hazuki runs away from her. Doremi didn't realize what she did wrong, but later apologizes for it.Hazuki explains that she wished to be like Doremi, who decides its alright to help her friend by turning into her witch form and granting this wish. Switching the females so Hazuki resembles Doremi and likewise. Doremi quickly flies away to Hazuki's place but lands behind the garbage area. The two girls walk home together and discuss how they should say certain things and what not. In order to avoid suspicion. Hazuki arrives first, so far the house seems empty until she finds Pop in the living room with Oragami. However Pop soon gets upset as Hazuki keeps adressing her as Pop-chan causing the girl to think Doremi is trying to kiss up to her. Showing her how to make a perfect crane, Which of course makes Pop and Haruka freak out as Doremi usually cant make paper cranes. [17]Added by ChrismhDuring a mini-montage of chores, nobody can figure out whats wrong with Doremi. Meanwhile back at Hazuki's. Doremi first freaks out and begins to panic when the gate opens and Baya greets her. She seems to have better luck then Hazuki however, as she manages to address Hazuki's mother properly. All goes well but while trying on the fancy clothing, Doremi curses which causes her to be scolded. Trying on the frilly dress, Doremi tries to tell her the truth but when she sees Hazuki's mother ready to cry she lies and claims to like it. After her mother leaves she contemplates everything so far.Back at the Harukaze household, Pop and "Doremi" are watching television. When asked to get their father, Hazuki volunteers and becomes interested in the fly's and fishing lures he's busy preparing. With Doremi once more, her violin teacher and mother are there. Bu Doremi is in trouble... since she can't play the violin! Things seem fine with Hazuki until Doremi's mother comes in and scolds her father. They begin to fight, as usual and during dinner Hazuki can't figure out why their on such good terms after having such a fight. To get out of playing violin Doremi fakes a stomachache and Hazuki's parents rush her to bed. When Hazuki refuses to eat the steak however, Doremi's family proceed to do the same.A doctor checks on Doremi and it seems she's alright. So Doremi claims she was imagining it, but when someone mentions a type of soup she should eat to feel better she remembers that tonight they were to have steak. Both females are sent to bed shortly after, Hazuki realizes despite how Doremi tells her of her family, their very nice. And Doremi realizes that being more grown up is harder then she thought. Hazuki then notices she changed back to normal. The only way Doremi finds out is when Majorika blocks her airway and forces her to wake up. So turning back into her witch form Doremi hurriedly flies back and offers to cast the spell again for Hazuki. but Hazuki tells her its not necessary as she misses her own family.The two fly back and the next morning Doremi is upset when she discoveres her family ate the steak Hazuki hadn't eaten the previous night. But their glad to see she's back to normal. [18]Aiko made a bad introduction...Added by ChrismhHazuki and Doremi walking to school; Hazuki really enjoyed the two girls switching bodies whilst Doremi is in mourning over the steak she lost to her family. Hazuki tries to resist laughing as Doremi brings up her famous catchphrase once more. Suddenly, a random girl ran by quickly and yelled to Doremi that she can see her underwear. Hazuki and Doremi hide their lower halves over fear their panties are in view, only for Aiko to call Doremi stupid as the girl was wearing shorts, making it impossible for them to be seen. Both girls notice how they've never seen her before but the realization of her being a new student hits them when she ends up in their class.Kotake and the guys tease Doremi until Hazuki explains that Doremi isn't in a good mood. She only gets more upset upon seeing Aiko there, but due to this Seki-sensei makes Aiko sit by Doremi and Hazuki. The SOS soon push their luck when Aiko tells them off, even Seki laughed! But soon things quiet down as her intro continues; Aiko adds she isn't too good at school but she likes gymnastics and singing loudly in the bath. Aiko tries to talk with Hazuki and Doremi once class continues, but Hazuki gets upset as Aiko didn't remember her from earlier. Upon hearing them, Seki-sensei throws her killer chalk at them, only for Doremi to dodge and Aiko to catch it with ease which leaves everyone impressed.Later in gym class, Aiko is busy beating the vaulting box jump records, including beating how many the boys

[19]Added by Chrismh

can do. Tamaki, jealous of all the attention Aiko got, explains how many jumps Aiko beats isn't important and that only girls that are popular with boys are better. At the end of school Aiko is asked to join the SOS group, but after she points out something the offer is declined. Doremi and Hazuki don't really like her despite admitting she's cheerful and a cool person, but she does not think before she talks and can hurt people's feelings easily.Doremi ends up trailing behind Aiko, following her as far as she can. However, as she was almost caught a few times. Doremi decides to use her magic in order to stay hidden. To do this Doremi turns herself into a butterfly, but due to the spell it's just a costume and she can't fly in it. She shrunk however and has to avoid a big cat that wants to play with her! It chases her until an owner of a market stall catches it and begins to attack the cat. Meanwhile, Aiko compliments the women and because of this, the womsn cut the cost of the two mackerels Aiko needed to get for later. Doremi is in shock as Aiko takes a taxi home.Using her broom to keep up, Doremi's magic soon wares out and she ends up falling on Aiko's doorstep. Aiko opens the door to see the beaten-up Doremi there. After the eyecatch, Aiko invites Doremi to dinner where she meets Koji, Aiko's father. He is very excited to see Aiko has made a friend already and even offers to make them takoyaki, but Aiko insist that she can handle it, as she does this all the time for her father and continues to make takoyaki.Once the food is finished, Doremi and the Senoos begin to eat, but soon Aiko's dad passes out, sleeping as he was tired from work. In order to avoid waking him up the two girls eat outside near the bank of water. Aiko explains her father is a taxi driver and mentions how he's had a long day since they just moved there, causing Doremi to feel bad as she was misjudging Aiko earlier and due to the fact Aiko's mother isn't around. Aiko insists she's alright and her and her dad are just fine. Doremi admits to admiring Aiko because of how strong and helpful she is.The next day the three girls meet up. Aiko and Hazuki apologize to each other for how they acted and Doremi tells Hazuki about Aiko's dad, then mentions how she will get to meet him at the upcoming Parents Day. However Aiko tells them he has to work and he couldn't make it, but it turns out she didn't show her dad the paper as she didn't want him to feel like he had to instead of working. Aiko seems fine with this but Doremi wants to make things better for her, so in order to cure this, she was going to use magic until finding out she's out of magical spheres. Doremi doesn't get them until Lala convinces her the only way Doremi can improve is if she practises her magic.

[20]Added by Chrismh

Meanwhile, It is after school once more and it is raining. Aiko sees her dad off to work but stops him momentarily. She was about to ask him about the upcoming event the day after but changes her mind and sees him off with a smile. However, she seems upset after this and tries to brush it off. Doremi however goes to meet with Aiko's dad. She brings up the day after, leaving him surprised as Aiko never brought them up before and he had no idea. Although due to this taxi company and him being a new worker there, he can't come, so Doremi uses her magic to clone Aiko's dad. However, this clone doesn't talk with the Kansai dialect which worries Doremi, but she decides to not dwell on it and instead tells him of the following day.The next day Hazuki notices that Aiko's dad isn't there, but Doremi is convinced he'll still show up, despite how late it is. The clone dad shows up but Doremi forgot one vital thing...he didn't know which class! Aiko's real dad notices the time and decides he may be able to make it. Back in class Hazuki mentions class will be ending in two minutes. When Aiko's dad finally shows up, Aiko is shocked as she didn't tell him about the meeting. After a small heart to heart, Aiko and her dad let the class continue with Aiko doing the final math equation. Meanwhile Doremi seems to think her plan had worked.However it turns out Aiko didn't know the math problem...After the Parents Day ends, Doremi, Hazuki and Aiko say goodbye to Aiko's dad as he drives back to work. Suddenly the clone shows up! He tells Doremi she didn't tell him where to go so he ended up missing Parents Day. However, Aiko and Hazuki stare in shock seeing the second father. That is when Doremi realizes the dad driving away was the real one. The fake suddenly disappears in mid-air. When the two suddenly look to Doremi she panics and hurriedly stops Hazuki from pointing out Doremi was a witch.Doremi pushing Aiko and Hazuki in a unknown direction. They keep demanding

[21]Lala and the "Tadpole" are hidingAdded by Chrismh

answers but Doremi insist that she will fill them in later and for now they just have to follow her. This leads them to the Shop where Doremi stands to catch her breath. Hazuki and Aiko mention never seeing this shop before, Doremi runs inside and tells them to stay put. As expected, Majorika and Lala panic over the news. Doremi tries to calm them down until she notices Aiko and Hazuki spied on them! Lala and Majorika go into hiding but Aiko and Hazuki insist on having seen them already. After Aiko calls Majorika a tadpole. Lala pops out for a moment before being yanked back inside their hiding spot. Hazuki puts two and two together and calls Doremi a witch. Crouching to the floor Doremi waits, assuming she's now a magic frog. But she's shortly told after she didn't change because she's only an Apprentice Witch. Despite being happy she wasn't changed, Majorika scolds Doremi anyway for getting herself exposed. After this Doremi formaly introduces Majorika to Hazuki and Aiko, who take a moment to study the frog while Doremi

[22]Aiko and Hazuki are shocked to learn Majorika wont do anything to them.Added by Chrismh

explains it was her fault Majorika was turned into this. Hazuki and Aiko promise they wont tell anyone but Majorika isn't convinced, leading everyone to panic and think she will do something to them, only for her to suddenly say they have to be Apprentice Witches too. With some convincing from Doremi, Aiko and Hazuki agree to it and they set their school items aside. After picking their taps Doremi shows them how the henshin works. She is very pleased when they address her as "Sempai" But after she ask them to say it again Majorika calls her a Ojamajo, then explains the meaning to Aiko and Hazuki.

[23]Aw, Try again Hazuki...Added by Chrismh

Aiko volunteers to go first and manages to get it right on her first try. Then Hazuki goes, but she doesn't fair so well as her glasses get caught. So they make her try again, this time Aiko and Doremi help her pull it on. Majorika then scolds Hazuki for having problems and they skip right to practicing their magic. Doremi interupts Majorika to show them how magic works. Once again the steak vanishes before Doremi can eat it... Hazuki and Aiko summon their wands and right away Doremi notices the difference in shape. Aiko goes first, she wanted Takoyaki but instead summoned Yakitako. While it is close, as its fried Octopus, its not good enough and she tries again until Majorika tells her to quit wasting Magic Spheres.After Hazuki ask to try, Lala suggest she tries her magic on something else since the other two had trouble. Hazuki makes the cute mouse toy move and it scurries about. But out of anger Doremi cast magic on a set of armor that tries to kill them! So while everyone runs around to avoid it, it ends up destroying the shop in the process. Lala then brings up teaching them about forbidden magic while everyone is cleaning the shop. Majorika explains the three types, "Healing magic, bringing the dead back to life, and changing peoples feelings." They then go into explaining how exams work. She tells them to practice as often as they can, but they bring up the fact they need more first. Lala brings the empty bag however and with no other choice, Majorika decides they will need to go buy some. So Majorika tells them until tomorrow, just to get some sleep then come back to do work.Aiko and Hazuki seem more then wiling but Doremi keeps trying to find ways out of it until they talk her into it. On their way home the Ojamajo mention how ugly the shop is though and on the very next day they show up with new supplies, explaining how the shop is rather unappealing to humans. In shock as they see Aiko flying perfectly, the blue apprentice explains that she threatened her broom into obeying her or else she would make it suffer. With this thought in mind the Ojamajo's begin to remodel. Painting things, cleaning up, renaming the shop. Its now much more appealing! After they do this the Ojamajo go pass out fliers telling people about the grand new opening. However, Majorika has just gotten back and is not at all happy. She's upset that even Lala isn't on her side and goes to mope.Now inside the shop the Ojamajo are making acessories. Aiko makes a pretty heart shaped bracelet, Hazuki makes a multi-beaded necklace, and Doremi makes... Un-identifiable rings...As the day comes to a end, the Ojamajo stand outside admiring their hard work. Ready to give it their all the Ojamajo then jump up into the air and proclaim how great their going to be.

[24]The maho-dou opens today!Added by Chrismh

a recap of the previous episode of the Ojamajo's standing outside of the shop. After the title card, the episode skips to the Harukaze household with Doremi and Pop waking up to their parents fighting. Keisuke was to be cleaning out the gutters but Haruka finds him trying to get out of it. Suddenly Doremi runs by, interupting the arguement, she was in a hurry and its still very early! How very strange of Doremi...At the Maho-dou everyone is just finishing up the final pieces of decorations and checking over the iventory. Turning the sign the Ojamajo and Lala congradulate the stores opening when Majorika gets angry and lectures them on how they changed the store without permission. Which leads them to believe she is just jealous and laugh at her. Meanwhile, Kotake is upset as he failed to confess once again to his parent when suddenly a flier hits him. He discards it though and tosses the flier into the trash. Soon comes 1:00 o'clock and still no customers have come. The ojamajo begin to worry nobody will be coming on opening day. Majorika holds this over them and says they need the Mystery vibe once more. However Aiko is sure nobody would come into a store like that.Suddenly hearing singing the ojamajo see smoke coming from a nearby closet and rush towards it with a

[25]Ta-Da~!Added by Chrismh

bucket of water when suddenly they come to a stop as Dela pops out. She explains who she is, only to be cut short by Majorika, who only gets

[26]Added by Chrismh

aggrivated when Dela called the store prettier now. Majorika mentions that today wasn't rent day, but Dela brought a gift... A new cash register! However, the Ojamajo are sad to learn its not a gift. Majorika doesn't want it though and claims they don't need it. She soon finds herself giving in to the puppy dog face... And with that Dela leaves before Majorika can stop her from adding the new register to the bill. Suddenly Aiko gets the idea of going to the customers in order to get business and the trio rush outside to find people willing to buy something. Doremi surprises a couple while Hazuki and Aiko try to convince two older girls to come. Now back at the shop, Aiko manages to convince the couple to buy a charm while Hazuki is busy checking out customers at the cash register.

[27]Tough Luck DoremiAdded by Chrismh

However, Doremi is having problems selling anything. This upsets her when she notices nothing sold, only to be made worse when Kotake suddenly walks in!Kotake ask Doremi and them why their working, as student in Japan aren't allowed to work. They cover this by saying their helping Aiko's cousins grandma. Kotake insults Doremi for believing in such things when Hazuki yanks him aside. Eventually they convince him to purchase a magic good and claims he only bought it in order to taunt Doremi with it. After he leaves Majorika informs them that Kotake must have had a problem if he came their, only those with problems or desires arrive to the Maho-Dou. Doremi gets upset though and rushes off to find him when she also mentions the item probably wont work since their just Apprentices.Tracking down Kotake doremi sneaks behind him after he tells her of

[28]So... Close....Added by Chrismh

fand says she cant have back the item he bought from her. He catches her mid-sneak but Doremi hurriedly tells him she was just walking that way and wasn't following him. He yells at Doremi that she is following him but she claims she's buying some juice. Kotake points out she could have bought it at the convienence store, but Doremi argues with him by saying she likes the juice from the up-ahead store. Kotake accuses Doremi of liking him which causes the pink Ojamajo to turn a dark red and hurriedly yell at him. After asking if he's worried, Kotake leaves and Doremi decides to transform in order to keep following him and find out whats wrong.Flying to his location, the secret is finally revealed: Kotake found a puppy and has been tending to it! Kotake feeds the puppy and admits how he wants Pal to live in a better place but he has no courage to ask his parents as they don't think he can take care of a pet. Unknown to them, the mean cat is looming over head. It attacks and swipes the food from Pal, leading the puppy into the factory. But when Doremi and Kotake follow, Pal has fallen into a hole! Finding a latter, Kotake uses this to climb down and save Pal, but suddenly one of the steps break! Kotake falls and gets hurt and Doremi runs over to save him. She tries to get someone but the hole is filling with sand and she has to make a quick decision before its too late

[29]Uh-oh.Added by Chrismh

Casting her magic to freeze the sand this seems to work, but she ends up covering Kotake and Pal in ice. Kotake wakes up however and is very sick, so now Doremi must hurry before they die from the cold ice. Once again Doremi cast magic, this time on a rope hoping to pull up Kotake and Pal to safety. However the rope wraps around Doremi and yanks her into the air instead! Randomly magic is cast again and scares the mean cat, causing it to knock some old tires and empty crates into the pit. With this Kotake and Pal can climb out!Getting out of the hole, Kotake decides that he doesn't want Pal living in such a dangerous place and goes to ask his parents for permission. Just then it hits Doremi that she's still tangled up near the ceiling and is out of Magic spheres. Just when she's about to give up hope, the rope finally snaps and she falls to the ground, very dizzy and back to her regular form. The next day the Ojamajo are spying on Kotake and see Pal there to see him off. The ojamajo wonder why Doremi was helping Kotake, but Doremi says nothing of it and the Ojamajo rush off to begin a new day.... Hazuki walking to school, overhead Doremi is flying there but while trying to catch the

[30]Poor Hazuki, looks so small in comparison...Added by Chrismh

Orange Ojamajo's attention. Doremi's broom suddenly spirals out of the area and Doremi loses Hazuki. After the title card, Hazuki and Doremi are now walking together, Hazuki notices Doremi seems happy lately and Doremi mentions how happy she is to be a witch. Suddenly Nobuko runs by as the two greet her. But she informs them its against the law now to say Good morning to others. At first Hazuki believes her, but Doremi seemed to think she was trying to lie the entire time, Nobuko reveales she was indeed lying to them and Doremi tells Hazuki this. However, Nobuko soon captures Doremi in her next lie.Now in math class, Doremi shows Aiko a picture she drew of a ticked off Majorika. Aiko is fine but when Doremi tries to read it, the killer chalk is thrown at her! Of course Aiko catches it, as usual. Now outside during break the trio are discussing a idol group. Aiko doesn't seem to understand until Hazuki explains how they watched them on television the previous night. The Ojamajo tell each other who they prefer then Nobuko shows up once more, telling them they barely know anything about the group. Aiko ask how she knows this when Nobuko claims to be a relative. This pleases Aiko, especially when Nobuko mentions she can get a autograph for her. So the two girls decide to be friends!

[31]Lies!Added by Chrismh

In class now, during lunch. Aiko is informed of Nobuko's lying. Hazuki and Doremi tell her that she's a showoff who often lies and claims things to be true when their really not. Aiko isn't too happy for a moment, but she then comments on how funny they are and cheers up regarding it. Meanwhile, a fellow classmate noticed Nobuko not eating her carrots and ask her about it. She explains of a story she was told when she was a little, a woman showed up at a mans doorstep. He invited her in and made Carrot strew for her but she revealed herself to be a actrual carrot, who's destiny was to be eaten by a kind man. But the man couldn't eat her. So the boy ask if Nobuko's grandmother was a carrot and she decides to run with it. After class Tamaki is cleaning the board, Nobuko was supposed to help her but the female claims to be feeling ill to get out of it. Tamaki doesn't buy it, but somehow she gets out of it anyway. Aiko approaches her to see what she's doing, it takes Nobuko a moment to realize this but when she does she isn't happy. But Aiko taunts her, asking her if she's writing a love letter before changing the subject and telling Nobuko she doesn't mind

[32]Very pissed....Added by Chrismh

waiting for the autograph. After Aiko plays along with Nobuko's story, she then mentions how she doesn't have a mother when the female asked her. So to make Aiko feel better Nobuko lies and claims her father has been dead/missing for some years now.After the commercial break, Hazuki and Doremi confront Aiko again and tell her Nobuko's father was there on Parents Day (three episodes ago.) This makes Aiko very angry as she thought Nobuko knew better then to lie about something so serious. Due to this, Aiko proceeds to chase down Nobuko while Hazuki and Doremi are trying to calm her down. However she runs into the schools nurse and the two go to the office to discuss the problem. Miss Yuki points out that Nobuko really likes Aiko and was most likely trying to relate to her.Now at the Maho-dou, everyone is watching Aiko vent while throwing around some of the magic clay used for their crafts. Even Majorika and Lala are surprised by this. Majorika comments on how Aiko shouldn't have been tricked to begin with but this only enrages the blue ojamajo more. Skipping outside now, Nobuko is shown walking. She can't figure out what to do since Aiko's angry at her now. She tries to think of something funny and soon realized it wont work when she happens to stumble by the Maho-Dou.

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Aiko is too angry and decides to leave work. So without another word she heads outside, only to see Nobuko there outside the door. After glaring at her Nobuko tries to run but ends up tripping on the steps. All of her books spill out from her backpack and she hurriedly picks them up and runs off. However, she had dropped a couple, which Doremi and Co. Pick up the forgotten books. One of the books is of a story Nobuko was writing of a male who resembles her somewhat, a elementary student detective.Now reading the story, the episode goes into it and explains how the detective has fallen into the evil clutches of the Bone Bone Army. With the detective is Professor Hazuki! After the comments of a bomb going off, Doremi stops for a minute to point out the Professor is Hazuki. Suddenly back into the story, Aiko and her assistant, a puppy Doremi burst in. Doremi gets very upset that she's the dog, which cause Hazuki and Aiko to laugh before they continued to read. Just in time the group manage to escape the hideout right when it explodes. It is then they put the connection together and this part of the story is about Nobuko and Aiko's friendship. This seems to hit Doremi and she begins to cry... only to reveal she's stll upset she was the dog. Its then Hazuki gets a idea on how they can talk to Nobuko. Transforming into their witch forms the Ojamajo fly up to go find her. It doesn't take long and they locate the sad female walking down a pathway. Aiko uses her magic to turn everyone into Nobuko's story book characters, with her being the detective. Going to meet up with her, Aiko introduces thems as Nobuko's creations. But Hazuki cuts to the point and explains that Aiko is upset and they don't know what to do. She tells them what she did, so the detective tells Nobuko to go explain to Aiko why she said what she did. Convinced this will fix everything, Nobuko thanks her book characters and runs back to the Maho-dou.Aiko sees Nobuko at the door and the to female go outside to talk. Nobuko confesses to lying because she

[34]So cute~Added by Chrismh

wanted her and Aiko to be closer, as she has no friends. Aiko tells Nobuko that she doesn't want her friend to lie to her like that again and that doing so wont solve anything. The other girl promises and Aiko reveals she read the book. Nobuko seems surprised until Aiko mentions how much she likes Doremi the dog. About to make a rude comment, she suddenly stops as Doremi is giving them a look. Doremi them begs that the dog her isn't really just a dog and must be cursed. But Nobuko reveals Doremi isn't a ordinary dog and that she can do all sorts of neat things

[35]Oh~!Added by Chrismh

the ojamajo in training for their very first exam! Hazuki and Aiko so far have nailed it but Majorika thinks Doremi needs to practice too. She explains how after they pass, they get to move onto their next exam. Doremi doesn't want to and ask why they have to take exams. Majorika doesn't answer and just explains they have to go to the witch world. Hazuki seems nervous but Aiko reassures her that they will be fine. Majorika is getting upset and is worried they will mess up.As Doremi ask for more Magic Spheres, Majorika admits to not being worried about Aiko or Hazuki, its just Doremi as Doremi is the only one who can turn her back, and if Doremi keeps failing she will never return to normal. Doremi mentions it would be embaressing to Majorika if she failed, but Majorika mentions its very rare for anyone to fail. So this makes Doremi believe she wont need practice. As she had no choice Majorika hands over all the Magic Spheres to the three witches and tells them to make sure they save a couple come exam time.Lala then mentions that they will also recieve fairies if they pass, the ojamajo stop to wonder what kind they would get but Majorika starts to nag them over passing once more. Doremi reassures her it'll be easy, only for her to suddenly notice her bad grade... Now at Home Doremi is going over the problem when Pop appears and questiones how Doremi thinks its so easy when the female failed her math exam. However, just as she's ready to cry, Pop comes in and vaccums her sister out of the room! As Pop lectures Doremi, Haruka comes in and mentions Doremi was like Pop as a child. Skipping to that evening, Doremi is thinking things over now. She thinks of herself as a witch when Pop enters her thoughts and explains how doremi will be a failure. But all of this imaging has made Doremi sleepy.The next morning she's leaving when she noticed Haruka and Pop discussing Pop's trip today. She has to go to their grandmothers and Haruka is worried she will need assistance or run into trouble. Haruka secretly ask Doremi to trail after Pop as she's still worried about the little girl. Doremi isn't too eager about it until realizing she can practice as she follows her sister, so after changing into a witch Doremi flies after her. After turning

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into Aiko, Doremi runs into Pop, who is immediatly scared until she explains she is friends with Doremi. Pop leaves however, only for Doremi to run into both Aiko and Hazuki. Aiko scolds her for not talking right and tells her to turn back to normal as Doremi explains the situation and realizing she lost Pop, She leaves the other two behind and soon finds Pop has gotten herself left.Using her magic, Doremi helps Pop by making a sign. However, Doremi waste yet another magic sphere as Poppu just ignores the sign. She decides to not waste anymore until it seems Pop doesn't have enough for the daifuku they needed. So Doremi only sighs and cast magic to put money into the purse... however Pop ends up bargaining with the shop keeper and manages to get a discount. After Pop leaves Doremi is upset once more and it skips to Hazuki and Aiko practicing yet again. Skipping back to Doremi things seem to be fine now... until Pop realizes she has to use the restroom. As both females panic, Pop finds one but ends up wetting herself...Of course Doremi uses magic again! this time to make a machine that washes Pop's underwear for her and then the female is able to continue on her way. That evening everyone is sitting down for dinner and is having a chat about Pop's day. Then Doremi heads to the Maho-Dou and Majorika gets upset after its revealed Doremi has no Magic Spheres. When suddenly, a orange orb falls out. And with that in mind they head to the witch realm, which is on the opposite side of the hallway in a door. Now that their inside the females are trying to locate the booth in which Mota and Motamota are waiting. It doesn't take long for them to find them however and after some introductions they get right to it.

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Aiko and Hazuki pass easily, but when it comes to Doremi it becomes hard suddenly. She has no clue what to make! She's never heard of such a thing before! She tries her best but only a steak appears. As Aiko and Hazuki celebarate, Doremi and Majorika are very upset..... a couple walking into the maho-dou where Aiko convinces them to buy a charm.

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Meanwhile, on the higher floor where crafts are made. Doremi is moping with Majorika when the nearby chest pops open to reveal the Money scheming majo~! She mentions being there to collect money for the Register and Magic Spheres. To which Majorika explains they don't have the money after Doremi yells about having a headache they reveal how she failed the exam. Dela seems surprised to hear this, but then mentions she has information for them. However, She will only tell them if they pay for it. Majorika refuses until she realizes she has no choice. Dela reveals to the two that MotaMota is turning 999 years old. They use this as

[39]So far so wrong....Added by Chrismh

a make-up exam for the apprentices who have failed previously. Doremi is very happy to hear this but Majorika isn't too convinced she can pass. But when they decide to go for it, Dela leaves after handing over the Magic Spheres.In the backyard now. Aiko and Hazuki tell Doremi they will help to make sure she passes her exam this time. She gets right to it but so far she isn't doing to well. Everyone begins to worry, but Doremi claims she will give it her all at the exam and they decide to quit for the day. The following evening Doremi proclaims she will pass just as Pop bust into the room. However she notices her little sister is sleep walking and just ignores it. Momentarily it skips to Aiko and Hazuki, who wonder if Doremi will be able to pass. They decide to follow Doremi to give her their support as their yousei turn into them.
Majorika and Doremi begin to argue as Doremi tells her that she's only adding pressure, to which Majorika

[40]SO cute....Added by Chrismh

keeps yelling. When they arrive they don't see anything and begin to wonder if Dela lied to them. They go to Mota and MotaMota's house to ask her about the exam when Mota reveals MotaMota is sick and they should come back in another 100 years. Majorika then suggest that instead of waiting, why not send Doremi to fetch the herb? Mota agrees to this idea and sends Doremi on her way. Majorika and Lala stay back for some tea however.

While walking Hazuki and Aiko meet up with Doremi to explain they came to make sure she passes. Doremi explains what they need and how they need to get there. So now in town Hazuki is going over the tour guide booklet trying to find something that will help them. Upon finding the ramen shop, they wish to eat there but know they shouldn't. In the end they gave up and decide it couldn't really hurt... Hazuki is concerned about the prices until the witch gives them the ramen for free, if Doremi is willing to sign an autograph. Doremi is very famous there... for failing the exam....

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Doremi is upset that everyone knows about her losing but because of this, everything their getting so far has been free. They come to a Takoyaki shop, and soon a cake and tea shop. The witch working at the cafe tells the Ojamajo where they can find the Meadows and that they don't have much time left to reach it so they rush over until they arrive to a big tour full of broom like trees. Doremi considers taking one of the brooms when a witch suddenly stops them. Demanding to know what their doing there, she wont let them pass unless they can solve her riddle. It goes as, "Thin in day, thick at night, disappears when it sleeps, what is it?" Doremi manages to solve it, the answer being a Cat. And they continue on their way.Soon they find a doorway but as their too big, the ojamajo cast magic to turn small. Things seem fine until suddenly a pack of rodents run by! they almost run them over but luckily they escape just in time to return to normal size. Which scares away said rodents. The sneezegrass is right there! But just when they go to grab it, it hops up and runs from them! Doremi proceedes to give chase but realizing they wont catch it like this, she makes a lasso/tied rope from what she could find and grabs onto it. Hazuki and Aiko congradulate her as they head back, then hide by the window outside as she goes in and gives them the herbal grass and soon MotaMota feels much better, so she passes Doremi. It's then revealed the location of the Sneezegrass was right behind the house! Majorika asks Doremi how she could have possibly missed it, when she explains she didn't bother to actually look and had just gone into town. After Dodo is "born", Aiko and Hazuki are caught outside of the window when they cheer for Doremi and everyone soon returns to the Maho-do. Everyone is celebrating Doremi's success when Majorika scolds the three of them until Lala tells her to calm down. Dodo flies by just to hit her head on the nearby wall. They muse she is a lot like Doremi, Causing Doremi to complain as everyone else laughs.everyone throwing a party for Doremi as a way to congradulate her for passing her

[42]Added by Chrismh

exam. Doremi thanks them, but upon commenting on a lack of food they are soon told that Majorika thought they could try to cast Magical Stage now as they are no longer new apprentices. She continues to explain that Magical Stage is a strong form of magic a group of witch or apprentice can cast together. Doremi is already convinced and soon her idea's become greedy as the others just give her annoyed expressions while Majorika has to keep yelling, "If it works!" Now in the backyard, Majorika explains in order to cast Magical Stage, the apprentice must clear their mind and focus. However, despite how Doremi is only thinking of steak they managed to cast it. As they stare in aw at the lights now forming, Majorika tells them to hurry up and say what they want and in a flash of light, the nice table full of food appears. Doremi examines the steak to make sure its real. But before she can eat it,

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Dodo just swallows it up!

While this goes on, Aiko and Hazuki notice that Magical Stage takes more Magic spheres. Majorika warns them not use it unless its very important as it consumes a lot. Now back inside Lala is telling the yousei how to hide so people don't see them. Dodo is upset as Rere and Mimi are getting support, but she isn't because Doremi is upset with her. Dodo can't do it however as everything vanishes except for her hair. Doremi complains about this and Majorika goes to say that Dodo is a lot like Doremi.

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At her place now, Doremi is practicing with Dodo. First its her buns, then its her body, then finally her face. Once again Doremi insults the poor Yousei. Which is only upsetting it further so it flies into the Crystal Ball. Doremi demands to know why Dodo is upset, but Dodo shrugs her off. About to yell, Poppu suddenly appears to tell Doremi that dinner is already. Wanting to see what her sister is hiding, Pop lies and grabs it from behind her back. But she only sees a glass ball in her hands.Doremi wonders why Pop didn't see Dodo before it skips to the next day in school. She runs up to Aiko and Hazuki, then mentions everyone can see Rere and Mimi! But Aiko and Hazuki explain that only they can see the yousei. Upon being asked where Dodo is, Doremi just explains she left her home. To which Aiko lectures her, explaining that they are supposed to bring the yousei with them as they have a lot to learn and are still babies.Back at home, Dodo is watching Haruka excersise and does it with her. She stops to check her weight and panicks when she realizes she's been putting on weight. As this happens Dodo runs into the laundry detergent box and falls into the washing machine! Haruka runs from the room and increases her speed in the program. But warn out she soon quits and as she opens the door, all of the laundry soap explodes from the room. Doremi soon returns to see the mess, to which Haruka explains what happened. Doremi already assumes it was Dodo and running to her room to see its a mess, she rushes over to a soapy Dodo.Scolding her, Doremi picks up the sphere and is about to leave when Haruka comes in and tells Doremi with

[45]the one time not being able to see the yousei screws you over....Added by Chrismh

such a mess she isn't allowed to leave until she cleans and does her homework. While pointing to the Crystal Ball Doremi tries to explain she didn't do it. But of course Haruka doesn't buy it. Before she leaves, Haruka leaves Doremi a snack which consist of a piece of cake and a drink before attending to some errands of her own.Doremi is trying to do her homework and is struggling, Dodo tries to offer help but Doremi doesn't want it and tells her to stop bugging her. Suddenly hearing Poppu, Doremi explains her snack is on the bed. But hearing her sister cry out Doremi turns to see both snacks and drinks are gone! Pop calls her mean and goes to tell their mother on Doremi. Suddenly Doremi has had it and yells at Dodo, telling her off and saying that she doesn't care about her if she's just going to keep that up. Because of this, Dodo gets very upset and runs away...At the Maho-Dou Majorika insults Doremi and scolds her for doing such a thing. Lala and Majorika explain that since Dodo is still a baby she has to be trained and it will take time for them to grow up to be like her, and more powerful. Realizing the errors of her ways Doremi decides she must go and find Dodo. After changing into their witch forms the Ojamajo fly off. Rere and Mimi want to go too but Majorika tells them not to. They split up and while doing so. Doremi begins to worry about Dodo, as this is her first time out in town. Dodo meanwhile is wandering around town and comes across a birds nest. She gets inside, surprising the bird who brought the meal to her babies and she is soon tossed out.

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Soon enough Dodo is found by the Mean Cat who chases her around until it eventually loses the poor Yousei. The Ojamajo meet up and become increasingly worried as nobody had caught witness of Dodo yet. Majorika, Lala, and the two yousei are searching for Dodo and Lala soon locates her. But when Dodo notices them she flees the scene and runs into a bridges metal support beam and falls onto a red van passing by! As Majorika and them fly to the scene they cant find her anymore but run into Doremi and Co.

As they have no choice they cast Magical Stage. But all that appears is a... baked sweet potato?! Right away Hazuki and Aiko accuse Doremi of being hungry when she cast it. But she insist she wasn't and that it must be a food Dodo likes~! As they have to lead to follow, the Ojamajo decide to just roll with it and see if anything happens. They walk around town with the potato, trying to lure out the yousei. But nothing seems to work until suddenly Kotake comes by and swipes it! To make it a fair trade though he gives Doremi chocolate. She insist that Dodo must like this more then a potato and once more they resume to follow it. As this occures, Dodo falls off the truck and into Haruka's shopping bag!

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The Ojamajo pass a crying boy who wants chocolate, so of course they make another trade. This time gaining a lollipop. As its getting really late the Ojamajo have no choice but to go home. It's then Pop steals the Lollipop as revenge for "Doremi" stealing her snack earlier. Rushing home past Haruka in the kitchen, they watch as Pop devours the candy within two seconds in the living room. As they have no choice, they head up to Doremi's room and decide to try again the next day since there's no more time left today. Doremi collaspes onto her bed Lala points out Dodo is sitting in her crystal ball on the desk near Doremi's math book. Dodo is still upset but when she notices Doremi cry she comforts the Ojamajo.

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Doremi explains that she had no idea she would do such a thing and had no clue that raising Dodo was such a responsibility. She apologizes for all the mean things she said and did and the two cry together. Dodo shows that she did Doremi's math work for her and Doremi thanks the yousei and offers to let her share beds with her... however the next morning someone has peed in Doremi's bed. Haruka and Pop stare in shock as Doremi cries about it someone taking pictures of things including: The Maho-dou weather vein, inside the

[49]Dun Dun Dun!Added by Chrismh

shop, girls walking out of the shop, Items, Aiko closing a door, Hazuki at the cash register, the wall, a big group shot, and customers standing outside. After the title clip, The Ojamajo are heading to school when Hazuki notices Doremi seems to be in a much better mood then usual. She explains it as being happy they can continue to work now and improve their magic.At school meanwhile, is Shimakura showing pictures she had recently taken. When asked why she took them, she claims they were for a report their doing on the journalist team. Its then one of the girls notices in the pictures, Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko are there. Tamaki swipes the image to confirm this and after a exclaimation, all the other students seem to be aware of it as well.

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Its then Doremi, Aiko, and Hazuki enter the class. But when they see everyone looking at them they instantly notice something is wrong. Made even more clear by how Tamaki is suddenly acting as she leaves the room. Nanako and the other girl from earlier rush over to ask them.Skipping to class as its going to Study Hall, Seki-Sensei calls for the three ojamajo to come see the principal. As they walk, Doremi asks why the principal wanted to see them and she explains that someone showed the Principal photo's of them working. Doremi then realizes thats why Tamaki got so smug earlier and they try to deny it. As Seki-sensei ask them about it. Hazuki hurriedly comes up with a excuse while Aiko adds their not getting paid or doing work, its simply helping.Now in the Principal office the Ojamajo try to explain they weren't working there. Seki-Sensei tries to recall what she was told, Hazuki hurriedly finishes the statement and she continues to say the Grandma is ill, so the Ojamajo are helping her out until she feels better. The principal doesn't seem to mind it, but the Vice Principal is still unsure. However, they agree to it and the ojamajo are very relieved. Meanwhile in Class, the boys are playing with a ball while the girls are discussing among themselves. Tamaki seems pleased but all the other girls are unsure/upset by this turn of events. Its then the ball is thrown and hits Tamaki, who threatens to tell on them. This leads to Kotake calling her a blabber-mouth. Tamaki ask him if he's on their side, to which Kotake blushes and insults her.

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Once they return to class, the Ojamajo confirm that they are alright after everyone ask. Tamaki is not at all happy though, Kotake seems to be secretly happy however. School soon comes to a end and the Ojamajo rush to head over, Tamaki and Shimakura are discussing what they can do in order to get the Ojamajo int otrouble. Her friend doesn't seem too happy about this but Tamaki ignores it and tells her to find proof to prove otherwise.While rushing away, Seki-Sensei soon stops them and they come back for her to reveal they plan to stop by the Maho-dou later. The Ojamajo, seeing as they have no choice rush back to get there before the adults can so they can talk to Majorika. Tamaki, who had witnessed this thinks this may be her chance to find some solid proof when Seki-Sensei suddenly stops her. Scolding the female for going to the Principal instead of her, saying it was rude and inapropriate. She also scolds Tamaki's friend, then leaves. Because of this however both females yell at each other, then decide its all Doremi's fault.Meanwhile, Doremi rushes home, then runs to the Maho-Dou. Leaving her snack behind as Pop comes out to ask about her not wanting her snack. The three Ojamajo meet up outside of the Maho-Dou to discuss the issue with Majorika. Inside however, is only a letter that explains Majorika won a trip to the hot springs and took Lala with her. So she left all of the work today for the Ojamajo to handle. They begin to worry about what they can do when suddenly they hear someone singing and the flower pot begins to shake. Dela appears and begins to sing when she notices she's stuck inside the pot still.After yanking herself out the Ojamajo quickly dress the wholesaler witch and explain the plan to her. She doesn't want to do it but they manage to convince her otherwise, seeing as they really have no choice and have to do it. Of course, she requires a little more pay~

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Now that they have found the place, Seki-Sensei and the Vice Principal stand outside the Maho-Dou. Examining it for a moment before they proceed to enter. The three girls greet the adults before they allow them to look around and explore as much as they want/need to while explaining they made all of the items there, then sell them to the customers while thinking of happy things. Aiko even tries to convince Seki-sensei to buy a ring that will help her meet the guy she's destined to be with and she almost is convinced until she tells Aiko not to lie to adults before all of the females have a laugh.The vice principal meanwhile comes across Dela, the "Grandma" that owns the shop. But the ojamajo quickly explain that she has a cold and cant really speak in order to avoid contanimating others. After some questions they decide its enough when the women suddenly gets up and runs into the nearby room. Aiko explains she has to use the bathroom a lot while Hazuki and Doremi follow after her to ask why she got up like that. She explains that she has to see her other customers and leaves down the drain before Doremi or Hazuki can stop her. She also took the outfit with her!

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With this in mind, Hazuki transforms Doremi into the Grandma while Aiko is trying to keep the adults from going to look inside. Doremi rushes out but as she is the Grandma now, Seki-sensei ask where she is. Hazuki claims she's in the bathroom before explaining to Aiko what happened. Seki-sensei is suspicious but tells them that all the Grandma needs to do is sign the paper claiming the girls aren't in a part time job and that their working there to help someone. But suddenly Doremi notices the magic is fading and is forced to leave. This time they decide to turn Hazuki into grandma... however, Doremi messes up and instead turns Hazki into a old man! Trying again Hazuki becomes a overweight man with a kimono on.Aiko goes to see whats wrong, questioning the sumo getup before she changes into a witch and turns them both into Grandma. One goes out to sign the booklet and the ojamajo are good to go now! However the magic is fading and once again the Grandma rushes to the bathroom. This time, Seki-Sensei makes the Vice Principal leave and she decides to handle it for herself. As she confronts them, all three girls fall out of the bathroom. After explaining to her whats really going on, Seki-Sensei decides its okay and that she wont tell on them. But then its revealed their mothers (and in Aiko's case dad) are outside to see them.The adults are shown around and Seki-sensei explains everything to them. After she ask them if its okay for them to keep working. The parents decide its okay and that their all very happy the girls are so responsible and helpful to help a older woman run her shop. As everyone cheers and laughs a bit over this, Majorka flies in with Lala and they see everyone celebrating.Hazuki coming into school. She changes shoes and heads to class, but stops at the

[54]Added by Chrismh

door upon seeing a classmate inside. She watches as Marina opens the windows, puts out a vase filled with fresh flowers, then begins to clean off the desk when she notices Hazuki there. Soon the scene skips to everyone in class. Hazuki is telling Doremi and Aiko of what she saw, to which the three look forward to their schoolmate. Who smiles back to Hazuki.The next morning Hazuki comes in once again to see Marina doing the same things as yesterday. Hazuki explains since a recital is on Sunday, she wanted to practice more. After the females discuss how much they've been learning about each other now. Hazuki heads to the music room and changes into her witch form in order to make a audience. After some playing, it skips to class where everyone is currenty reading. Seki-Sensei silently thanks Marina for the flowers after she comments on them. Hazuki is also very happy as she witnesses this.During recess/break, Marina is pulling weeds from the flowers as Doremi and Co come to see her. She explains that the flowers she is tending to are her favorite ones, Daysies. Suddenly a soccer ball comes flying by, hitting one of the flowers and bouncing off the wall. The four females stare in shock while Kimura and the guys come to get it back. Doremi yells at them for allowing the ball to ruin the flowers but is only angered further as the guys question where she gets off telling them this. When Doremi and Aiko demand a apology, Kimura refuses to give one. Claiming he shouldn't have to apologize to a bookworm.

[55]Added by Chrismh

This greatly upsets the female, who gets up and runs away from the group. Hazuki tried to chase after her but its of no use and she's forced to stop running. She manages to catch up the girl but Marina doesn't want to hear it and the episode soon skips to the next day and Hazuki is sad to see Marina isn't there. She continues to wait and around ten after eight, Aiko and Doremi show up. Hazuki sees Marina and goes to talk to her once more. But Marina tells Hazuki she quit and that she doesn't want to be the first to class anymore. Kimura glances to her, but says nothing of it before the episode skips to recess once more.Doremi is then yelling at Kimura, blaming him for what happened to Marina. Aiko too yells but Kimura doesn't seem to get it. Panning to the flowers Marina is shown to be spying on them from behind the wall. Hazuki sneaks up on her though and tries to talk to her again. Marina tries to put the blame on her mother, who suggested Marina could come into class early and brighten up te room, since she liked flowers. But Marina denies that she liked doing this and runs away from the ojamajo. Now at the Maho-dou, making objects the Ojamajo are discussing Marina once more. Hazuki and the yousei

[56]Happy~!Added by Chrismh

believe that like Hazuki, who was also forced into something but now likes it, that Marina must be the same way. While continuing to chat, a customer suddenly arrives and the Ojamajo hurriedly go down to greet them. They stare in shock upon the reveal that its Kimura. Doremi immediatly gets angry with him but he claims he's just checking out the store. Trying to figure out why he is there, Kimura randomly picks up a charm which happened to be the one made by Dodo.After the commercial break, it is now night time at Hazuki's. Before bed she is practicing her violin until Rere seems to notice something is wrong. The two females try to figure out if there's a way to make Marina come back to the flowers when Hazuki gets the idea to go talk to her the next morning. However, Marina just tells Hazuki to mind her business and heads back inside. Later in the day, its gotten very dark out and windy. Its during class when Hazuki notices how bad it is outside. During break everyone is noticing this now and Kimura notices Marina is once again hiding while staring at the flowers. He becomes concerned, hearing its supposed to rain today and can see how bad the flowers are handling already.

[57]Added by Chrismh

Its the end of the day and the rain is pouring down rapidly! Aiko suggest everyone heads home quickly but Hazuki has other ideas in store. She tells them she's going home with Marina and leaves to see Kimura trying to help the flowers by covering them with a tarp. Marina tries to tell him he doesn't need to do this however but he wont listen to her and she insist that she has nothing to do with the garden anymore and leaves. Suddenly the tarp blows away and to make matters worse. Kimura is sick! Hazuki takes him to the nurses office but is told she can leave. Hazuki knows she has to do something though, as kimura really does care for Marina and the flowers.For a moment it shows Marina taking the flowers inside when she thinks about Kimura trying to protect them. She discards this however and heads back inside before it switches back to Hazuki outside with the flowers again. The ojamajo quickly transforms and decides to use magic in order to save them. She summons a miniture Greenhouse but it only last for a few seconds. Back with Marina the female tries to leave, only to be stopped by her mother who thinks its too dangerous for her to go out in this storm. Hazuki has no clue what to do when suddenly Rere appears with Doremi and Aiko!They explain that Doremi tried to call Hazuki but she wasn't home yet. So they figured she was still at the

[58]Added by Chrismh

school and came to find her. As Hazuki's magic isn't enough, the Ojamajo cast magical Stage to summon mini-umbrella's that cover the flowers. They watch as it slowly skips to the next morning. Its a bit damp and puddles are everywhere, Marina leaves early and heads to school as the mini umbrella's are beginning to disappear. Marin stares in surprised to see that the flowers have bloomed when Hazuki appears behind her. She explains that because Kimura kept trying to protect them they bloomed and Marina begins to explain that at first her mom had her come early but then Marina began to really like it. After school has ended Marina is seeing with one of the recent flowers. She goes to see Kimura after she was informed he had a cold and missed school today. She hesitates before handing him the flower, as thanks for what he did for her. The two share a small laugh while Doremi and Co spy on them from behind a wall, only to fall over and run out in a panic to avoid being caught.the Ojamajo working in the store while trying to figure out why their barely having any

[59]Added by Chrismh

customers. Aiko mentions they cant help it, since there's a resession going on now. Suddenly they get a customer and go to greet them only to see a little boy standing there. He hands the ojamajo a flier they had handed out a few days back and ask them if what they say on it is true. The three ojamajo are very surprised and Doremi tries to explain that its a fifty/fifty thing.He ignores Doremi's explanation and locates a cute little Panda charm he seems to think is a Soccer Ball. No matter! He purchases it anyway for reasons unknown but then reveals he doesn't have any money to pay with. Instead he hands over the big shirt he's wearing. Majorika is shown to be very upset by this and yells at the girls but they explain how Misaki just took it off and ran before they could give it back. Majorika decides it may be worth a magic Sphere when suddenly Dela arrives!To find out how much the shirt is worth, she brings out a magic scale to weight the value. This very precious shirt is worth a lot! 20 magic spheres! After Dela takes it, Doremi collects said spheres before she ask why its worth so much. Dela explains that the more attachement to said object, the more its worth. So now the girls have to decide: Sell the shirt for the magic spheres, or keep the shirt and find out what the problem is. Majorika seems all for selling it, but after they throw the magic spheres at her, they tell Dela their going to keep it.

[60]Added by Chrismh

While they overlook the shirt, the ojamajo try to figure out what the attachement is to it when suddenly Dodo notices something on the tag. A name below a crossed out name, the girls try to figure it out. But Doremi seems to know! She explains that this shirt is a what siblings often do to one another. When the older sibling no longer wears something, they usually hand it to the younger one. A lot of families on budgets have to do this also.At Soccer practice, Misaki's brother seems to still be having trouble. He approaches his brother who instantly notices the missing shirt but after he says its nothing he makes his brother accept the Panda charm he bought, saying with this he will deffiantly score a goal.Now at Doremi's house, Doremi eavesdrop on Poppu and her friends. Misaki explains how he sold his shirt in order to help his brother and Pop ask him that since its a special shirt, was it really smart to just trade it? Doremi listens and learns his brother plays soccer at their school and figures out that this is why Misaki wanted the charm. He soon leaves after this, after being teased. Later the Ojamajo watch how terrible his brother just.. happens to be. Its not pretty to say the least.

[61]Added by Chrismh

Doremi just cant figure out what to do. Misaki really wants his brother to be in the game and at this rate there is no way thats going to happen. She also feels bad, as they techniqually lied to a little boy and later they continue to spy on them when the two brothers get into a big fight. Doremi is very angry the way he hurt Misaki's feelings and she is very hell bent to set things straight.

The Ojamajo try to figure out if theres a way to help Misaki's brother get better and train harder but only end up causing trouble. Including rabid dogs chasing after the soccer Team!

It seems after all of his training, a while later. Misaki's brother is finally improving! The next day in school Doremi is busy thinking about Igarashi once more, much to the annoyance of Hazuki and Aiko. As they wait for it to begin, The ojamajo panic when they realize that Misaki's brother is playing today! They have to hurry up and find Misaki! Dashing off the girls search and have trouble locating the small boy when Doremi manages to find him! However, she flies down while still in her witch form.

[62]Added by Chrismh

Thankfully after she tells Misaki she is a Genie of the Pendant he bought, she explains how his brother is actually playing in the game and he must hurry before its too late. Taking Misaki to the game, he arrives just in time to see his brother score the game winning goal! The two brothers reconcile with each other, and even hug when Doremi and Co show up. Everyone embaresses Misaki's brother and Doremi gives the small boy his shirt back. Saying he could have it and keep the charm before they leave. The two brothers continue to play and run around as Misaki keeps embaressing his older brother.Doremi in the middle of a nightmare. She rushes to the end of a pathway only to fall

[63]Added by Chrismh

inside a giant pipe and slide down it. She soon wakes up and heads downstairs and half asleep she falls down the bottom few steps. Haruka and Pop peak in on her, then Doremi's family go on about how Doremi Tripped and what not. Saying painful words reminding her of her nightmare. The entire walk to school Doremi is very upset, everything reminds her of the exam. Such as a boy sliding down a slide, A paper plane falling down, and a woman who drops her blanket/carpet.Now at School Hazuki and Aiko try to comfort Doremi but she is still not convinced. During class, when Seki-Sensei reveals her test score and jokes about Doremi having to repeat the third grade, its all poor Doremi can take before she faints! Rushing to her aid, Hazuki and Aiko explain Doremi is overworked from the abacus they were all taking and they take her to the nurses office where she is seen holding her test paper from earlier.

[64]XDAdded by Chrismh

Soon awaking, She assumes her test failing was a dream when she suddnely sees the paper in her hands and realizes it wasn't. But then Yuki-Sensei arrives to comfort her, explaining that Dreams and reality are opposite to one another. So if you have a bad dream, then good things will happen. With that in mind, Doremi promises to ace the exam.That following evening, Doremi changes into her witch form and gets Dodo to pretend to be her after hearing her family wake up and check on her. After they leave, Doremi heads to the maho-Dou where she meets up with the others and they head inside to see Mota and MotaMota waiting for them. Upon arrival, they are seated and stare curiously until they explain that this is part of the 8th exam and is vital. So the girls cannot continue until they comeplete this. After being asked what they hate, Doremi writes down Math while Hazuki writes down Ghost. Aiko who seems to be aware of the trick then write down Takoyaki.After they finish, it is explained that the ojamajo have three hours to run to their destination and stick a flag by or on the object they describe. None of them seem to know what this, Ten-legged thing is however. They also warn not to mistake is for a eight-legged and the three ojamajo fly off. Heading to a dark and creepy like forest area, the girls seem to think their lost.

[65]Aw~Added by Chrismh

As they fly through, Hazuki becomes increasingly nervous and even falls off her broom when Aiko mentions she thinks a ghost will appear next. They look to her when the female reveals she is terrified of ghost and that she wrote that down on her exam paper. Aiko and Doremi only laugh at her until they see her freaked expression, then turn to see Ghost suddenly appear!As they try to escape, The girls keep panicking and running into more and more ghost. Aiko seems suspicious however and ask Hazuki if she wrote down ghost as her answer to the Questionare. When the ghost suddenly come back though, the ojamajo use magic to scare away the ghost and continue along their way as Aiko discuss her theory. This makes Doremi very nervous as they soon arrive to the next challange and see a young witch female standing there.She explains you need at least 70 points to continue the exam. This makes Aiko and Doremi very upset but Hazuki is very confident that she will pass. As she is very good at math. It seems all hope is lost until they think if they turn into Hazuki, they will be able to pass the exam. Majopon reveals however that despite the fact they changed their appearences, they still have their own brains. Its then Hazuki gets a idea to switch with each girl, as they look like her now. So they distract Majopon and quickly finish the exams.

[66]Oh~?!Added by Chrismh

Motamota and Mota feel this is cheating, but Majorika claims that since it IS a magic exam, anything goes. After she examines the papers to see their all three 100% the ojamajo fly off. Leaving a very surprised Majopon as they continue to discuss what Aiko had wrote down. She refuses to tell them though, as to act as if she is upset about this and they soon find themselves by a stand. Majopon tells them that the 10-legged wont appear if they don't eat the Takoyaki.She then tells them that she will leave this next part to the octopus that runs the stand. Said octopus then comes over and hands the ojamajo a plate filled to the very top with Takoyaki. The ojamajo, being hungry did right in while making comments about how they "Hate" it. Then they ask for more and while he is confused, the octopus doesn't question it and soon the ojamajo are finishing their second plate when the octopus tells them that there aren't anymore and noticing his strange behavior, they decide to help whatever his problem may be.He tells them the story of his love and how the two of them cannot be together. As they were forbidden, and

[67]So sad....Added by Chrismh

now he cant swim due to the leader octopus' magic. His love. the squid is beyond the lake now. As he cannot reach her. Everyone thinks this is a touching story and the ojamajo dont have any idea on what to do. As it seems they don't have much time left but they would feel very bad to leave this sad octopus with his problem.The ojamajo soon cast magical stage in hopes to let the two lovers reunite. However, only a small floaty and a big red string appear through the water. The Octopus gets onto the floaty and as he pulls to the center of the lake, he sees the squid there and the two meet up and confess their feelings. Its then the ojamajo realize that the octopus is the 10-legged they were to find and put the flag onto the squids head before they leave. As they do, the witch queens carriage is seen high in the sky. Having watched the girls act of kindess.

[68]Added by Chrismh

Heading back, its revealed they failed the exam! They took too long and now Majorika is very upset. She yells at Doremi, telling her she should have just thought of herself and not others. But suddenly in a bright light the carriage once more appears. The queen talks to the girls and seems very pleased with their selfless act. She tells Motamota and Mota, to let them pass for this and soon leaves while the girls celebrate.Doremi and Co. in Gym class one day. The girls team is losing to the boys team as they

[69]Added by Chrismh

keep stealing the ball from them. However, its then the tallest girl in the class comes along and easily plucks the ball from the males just as they're about to score. With some team work with Marina the girls manage to win the game! The Ojamajo begin to discuss Okuyama, callling her cool and talented. Tamaki however, is unimpressed, stating that only girls popular with males are cool.After the title card, The SOS are in the equipment room cleaning up. The other two are angry with Sagawa, claiming he let Okuyama steal the ball. Angrily they continue until the Ojamajo and Okuyama come to see them. The boys begin to tease her which ends with them getting beat up and in a choke hold until they give up. Its then the SOS decide to run from the scene, Okuyama gives chase and the Ojamajo comment on how its only those two who seem to keep going and soon the scene changes to the four girls heading home while discussing how cool Okuyama is.

[70]Added by Chrismh

Okuyama insist she isn't cool, or good at anything else. Doremi tries to reason with this, claiming its very cool and stuff. But she doesn't see it, and wishes she was more normal. She outgrows her clothing every year! She mentions her birthday coming up, then after stating she doesn't have anything special to wear for it. The group comes with an idea, she can borrow something of Hazuki's since she has so many unique outfits. But finding the right outfit takes some time...After bringing out another dress, a very pink and sparkely one. The girls talk, Doremi andAiko hate it but Okuyama tries to be nice by saying it looks expensive. Aiko just yells about this, then they ask what she would like to wear after discussing skirts. Okuyama goes on to explain a dress she used to live to wear as a little girl. After Doremi ask that she draws a picture, the three stare in surprise at the doll-like dress she shows them. It's then Doremi gets an idea! She mentions that Hazuki has a dress that looks like that very one and rushes with Aiko and Hazuki to the nearby walk in closet. She then mentions how they can use magic to form the dress, in order to make Okuyama feel happy. So just as Doremi is about to cast the spell, Hazuki ask to do it instead. Much to an annoyed Doremi.So by using her magic, Hazuki makes a dress resembling the drawing that Okuyama had shown them. And then the time switches to the girls and girls from class attending her birthday party. Aiko and Doremi go on to say how different she looks wearing a dress as Hazuki goes and shyly hands Okuyama her present: A boquet of roses, causing a shocked Doremi and Aiko. Soon the party ends and Okuyama waves off everyone else until Doremi and co state they can walk themselves back home. As she ask if they're sure, the SOS suddenly appear! [71]Added by ChrismhThey seemed shocked by Okuyama's new look and Sagawa goes on to say the dress is digusting and doesn't suit her at all. This upsets Doremi and Co. But everyone suddenly stops seeing Okuyama begin to cry over their comments. Eventually she runs from the group while Doremi and Aiko lecture Sagawa for his rude comments.

The Ojamajo proceed to chase after the SOS, trying to get them to go and make up with Okuyama but they refuse to do so and run away. Later it shows them skipping and throwing stones into the big lake before them, complaing that its troublesome that Okuyama had to go and cry like that. After the break, it shows everyone at school the next day, The SOS notice how late Okuyama is, then when she shows up they seem to believe she's better now. As she is seen normal and smiling, she begins to talk with Doremi and Co when they decide to put on their routine. However, the girls aren't amused and Okuyama leaves. Hazuki suggest that instead

[72]Added by Chrismh

of jokes, they should go and apologize.

[73]Added by Chrismh

from the frogs who follow them quickly. During this, the two run through janitorial equipment, a skeleton, and other objects until the two of them are cornered at the top of the school building.As the two come to a ladder leading higher, the two of them quickly run up them just as the frogs are vanishing. On the nearby roof, Doremi and Co are watching the scene from nearby as the other two SOS members show up. Nobody can seem to figure out whats going on until Okuyama sees how Sagawa looks and begins to laugh. Soon Sagawa begins to laugh also and while the Ojamajo can't figure out. They're just happy the situation is finally resolved..The next day at school the SOS trio begin to once again try to be funny. Resolting in Okuyama chasing after them quickly. The ojamajo are happy everything is fixed, but note how everything is exactly the same as it was.

[74]Added by Chrismh

Poppu is rushing home, she gets inside and realizing she's late carefully states she's home before she goes to get up stairs. Only to be caught by Haruka who ask where she's been. Pop tries to explain that she had stayed behind to help Mika-chan since everyone else left but Haruka doesn't believe her and gives her a week of trash duty when Pop suddenly ask why Doremi doesn't get punished for staying out late. Haruka states she's helping an old woman with her shop before Doremi herself shows up. Pop is very upset and sits down to mope for the time being...Later at the Maho-do the Ojamajo are sitting around when Majorika tells them to get back to work. They explain how nobody is there to shop so they shouldn't have to be there to work. But she doesn't listen and continues to demand they go back to work. Suddenly Pop shows up! Doremi ask why she's there as the younger girl looks around at the strange items.

[75]Added by Chrismh

Doremi is less then pleased due to this, as Pop examines the works and compliments both of Hazuki and Aiko's. She then locates Doremi's "raw" crafts and goes to stop when Doremi suddenly begins to chase after her. The two sisters run up the steps where Majorika and Lala had been hiding so they move over the edge, holding onto it when Pop runs down the steps and Majorika slips. Bouncing onto the floor and into the air as her Crystal Ball rolls away.

[76]Added by Chrismh

Staring at Majorika for a moment as the Ojamajo and Lala panic, Pop turns to them to say how cute she is! She ask how much Majorika is, after stating how plush she feels as Doremi and Co try to talk her out of purchasing Majorika. So Doremi randomly exclaims "1000 yen"! Having recalled that Poppu is paid 200 yen for allowance. Its then Pop pulled out the money to a very shocked Doremi.With that in mind Pop wishes Doremi to work hard and runs from the shop with "Plush-chan" in hand. The Ojamajo discuss on how to get Majorika back when Lala points out that if she should get into trouble she has her Crystal Ball. And that she can always come back if she doesn't like it. So with that in mind everyone decides to take the day off and just have the fun they desired to begin with!Before it skips to following evening however, its revealed that Majorika's Crystal Ball had rolled under the table...That night, Doremi is heading up the steps when she notices noise coming from Poppu's room. She peaks inside to see the girl tossing Majorika up and down into the air while laying on her bed while trying to pick a name for Majorika, until picking Plush-chan. Doremi taunts Majorika for her new name while Majorika is trying to make Doremi realize she dropped her Crystal Ball.Back in her own room now, Doremi opens the window to talk with Dodo, asking "Does she really like Pop so much?" Very unaware that Majorika needed her help. Back in Pop's room, Majorika is very wide awake as Pop is fast asleep. She tries to sneak to Doremi's room when Pop grabs her in a choke hold with her legs until she eventually passes out.

[77]Spelling error on Subs partAdded by Chrismh

The next morning, the Ojamajo are heading to school while they discuss whats going on with Majorika. The ojamajo still see nothing wrong with it and it soon skips to Poppu's kindergarten. Where Majorika is having a very bad time! A slide, swinging, jump rope! As she plays in the sand she lets her friends see "plush-chan".


[78]Doremi and Majorika witch frogs

[79]The first time Doremi transforms

[80]Rarely seen: inside the tap box

[81]Pucker up!

[82]Doremi's first of many heartbreaks!

[83]Dub edit: Reading book

[84]Dub edit: The trash cans


[86]A useless costume

[87]Ojamajo Butterfly!

[88]Doremi panics as Aiko and Hazuki figure it out..

[89]The new signs

[90]Edited paintcans

[91]Is Lala a good fairy?

[92]My Doremi.. what a big mouth you have....

[93]The skirt is missing a dark colored leaflet.

[94]The amount

[95]Doremi half asleep

[96]Majorika the red faced witch frog

[97]Waiting... Waiting.... waiting....

[98]cute older girls~ Note the one resembles Onpu vaguely.


[100]Doremi's the perfect temperature <3

[101]Mad Majorika is Mad....

[102]Original and dub edit.

[103]Hug <3

[104]Whats this~?

[105]Error: Hazuki's skirt.


[107]How can you resist that face~? very easily....

[108]To the Bakery~!

[109]Shame Shame Doremi....


[111]The case of the missing Magic Spheres~!

[112]Majo Train....

[113]The restroom Poppu encounterd on her trip.

[114]What's wrong, Poppu?

[115]Oh no! Poppu wet herself!

[116]Majo Majo Majo~


[118]From the Cut Scene above~! Looks like a Tamagotchi ^.^

[119]Harukaze Nameplate

[120]Ramen Bowl~?


[122]Dub Clock, Takoyaki sign original.

[123]That was a close one!

[124]This wasn't a flash glitch, it lasted two-three seconds.

[125]Kitty Kitty~ Nyan!

[126]Original on top, dub on bottom

[127]the laundry Soap

[128]The Math book

[129]One of Doremi's funniest face defaults...








[137]Dub Edit: Music sign

[138]Error: Brown eyes!






[144]Dodo Dodo~!

[145]Not really scary....




















[165]Error: Doremi's pjs lacking their music notes

[166]Error: Originally both hearts were pink. One is now yellow.

[167]Pop's "Aiko" friend

[168]Poppu's "Onpu" friend